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Do You Think You Have Children With Psychic Powers?

I work with many special people that are developing psychic abilities but the most impressive and unique is the psychic child. Psychic children are amazing. This week two of my students have asked questions about their highly gifted psychic children.

T.T.– Have you done any shows about parents that are developing their psychic abilities while noticing their children having psychic/energy experiences? And what the safe paths of exploration are for children who are significantly connected to the world of energy in several of its forms? My daughter is now 14. She has disclosed very specific and detailed clairvoyant ‘knowings’ since 9 years old. It prompted my personal journey into understanding how these experiences happen. Which turned into my personal intuition development. My daughter seems to be going through a new surge of awareness. Uncertain about how to pursue it with her while she’s still very young and trying to maneuver through the physical world, let alone all the rest.

K. – My son is 7 and when he was very young he went through a stage where he remembered his past life, specifically how he died and he would tell me about it very nonchalantly, about “when he was older”. He has also had experiences recently with seeing energy, but I never know what to say to him, sometimes I get too sophisticated with him and he quickly loses interest. I can also see he is influenced by kids at school saying “that’s not real”. “

How Can Psychic Parents Help And Support Their Psychic Children?

Do You Believe Your Child To Be A Psychic Of Some Variety?

All children are intuitive and in essence psychics regardless of their ages. Yet most turn this down before they are adults, as our culture is generally not often supportive. I wrote a book called The Midas Tree to help our children, our special little spirits, to recognize they are Spirit and stay connected with the Source. These wonderful beings can learn to embrace their uniqueness and cultivate each spiritual gift they have, learn how to develop psychic abilities, and ultimately stay on their path and fulfill their life purpose. I also wrote the book to help you as an adult remember your spiritual nature and psychic traits. This in turn will equip those who are parents and grandparents to better support their kids.

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

Signs Your Child Is Psychic

Psychic development for beginners can be very scary and in different ways and more so for your extraordinary little kids. Here are some signs that your child is psychic that you may want to stay attuned for:

  • Is your son or daughter particularly sensitive?
  • Have you noticed your child has spiritual experiences?
  • Is it difficult for him/her to connect with most other people?
  • Do you suspect you may have an Indigo, Rainbow, or Crystal child?

How To Use Psychic Abilitieshow to help your psychic kids with developing psychic abilities

The big question is would you like to understand him/her better and how do you do so? The first thing is to determine what abilities they have so you can understand further what they are facing. You can do this by having them take the “Types Of Psychic Abilities Test” which will determine the base you can begin from.

Once you determine whether your child is intuitive, consider having their Psychic Ability Blueprint chart done. This will determine exactly which of the 25 types of psychic abilities that may be hidden that each person is born with and just how powerful these are.

It provides a profile of their intuitive abilities and explains how these relate to their life purpose. Signs that your child is intuitive include hearing voices, being overly sensitive to emotions (theirs and others), knowing things they have no information about, seeing visions, having invisible friends, and more. In this reading, you will :

  • Review of 25 intuitive abilities related to your child
  • Understand how to support and cultivate their abilities
  • Understand what is hindering their development
  • Receive guidance to support their intuition
  • For more information, see my Psychic Blueprint Page for adults

You can also pick up my book Intuition and Chakras as it will help you understand what they are experiencing and going through.

Teach Your Psychic Children To Meditate!

If you love working with kids and are looking for a way to make a difference in the world learning to teach meditation to children is a great start.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding

Anyone could help children reduce the experience of stress, increase focus, and connect with their inner wisdom using these simple techniques presented in the Midas Tree. If you have read the book you will already have recognized how these simple tools can be life-altering and result in you or your children being more fulfilled along your individual life journeys and mission.

I developed a course including a training manual, videos, audio meditations, and color posters that aid in helping children cope. Topics covered are grounding, centering, earth energy, Cosmic Energy, creating and destroying, and manifestation. The meditations in this course present the techniques in more depth than in the book. The audiobook is included, so you can follow the story and learn in the same sequence. These can be considered to be simple psychic development classes anyone can teach and follow.

Regardless of who you are or what you know if you are the parent of one of these super psychic kids you may feel that you are facing challenges beyond your abilities. Not true. The love you have for psychic children will win the day. You just need a little guidance.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How Can Psychic Parents Help And Support Their Psychic Children and learn some of the techniques you can use to help guide your psychic kid to cope as they are revealing and awakening their psychic gifts.

Learn More About Your Energy

Get Your Copy Of Intuition And Chakras

Here are some of the comments and questions from our listeners about their psychic children during the live stream on Facebook and Youtube:

  • K.P.W. – I stumbled across some notes I took when my son was 3 years old, some things he told me…if you can give any insight into anything I can help him with (the day I commented on this topic I “randomly” found these notes. Note my son will be 7yrs old this weekend. Airk’s ‘when I was older’ stories: 29 years ago when I was older I had a pile of cars on me and got burnt, I had scars. When I was older there was a boat, water, and diggers at my work. When I was older a man hurt me.
  • B.T. -One of my goddaughters had another whole family, that was with her at many houses, one day they were moving house again and she told me they were not allowed to move with her to the new house, and she never speaks of them since. I think this was her choice. She was very standoffish about talking bout them but sometimes would start. If you engaged back with her it was like she would realize and want to hide it and shut it out. The shutting them out wasn’t projected on to her but she was naturally determined to at about age 4.
  • Anon. Any recommendations for younger? Like, ahem, 8?! Major challenge right now.
  • A. D.P. -Our kiddo seems extremely empathic. And is going through a dark time at the moment. Working on grounding is helpful. But she gets frustrated with ‘being slow’.

In this podcast, How Can Psychic Parents Help And Support Their Psychic Children you will learn about:

  • How to recognize your children’s special gifts.
  • How to help your psychic children with their gifts.
  • The challenges children have as their psychic gifts are revealed.

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