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July 1, 2011

Precognition, The Psychic Ability To See The Future

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How Can The Psychic Ability See The Future Threaten Your Free Will?

The psychic ability to see the future is called Precognition. You have also heard it called Clairvoyance or extrasensory perception. If you have ever had the experience of knowing what was going to happen, telling the future, before it how to unlock your psychic powersdid you were using this very special clairvoyant energy. If you have had this experience or any other occurrence of awakening your psychic powers you may well have felt a sense of shock and awe. Many people have these things happen and really do not recognize what is going on. You could be completely unaware of what is really going on. You were using your clairvoyant abilities, one of the many Psychic abilities also called spiritual gifts or ESP.

Precognition allows you to know future events before they happen. A premonition, or telling the future, refers to the information you receive through this ability whether in a precognitive dream or flash precognition. Your information about precognition is reached through two major energy centers or chakras. One which is located in the brow called your sixth chakra or brow chakra and another which is located at the crown of your head, otherwise called your seventh chakra or crown chakra. These two chakras work together to allow you to clearly see and know future events.

Groups who have studied extrasensory perception (ESP) report that precognition is the most frequently reported ESP event. They also say that most of these experiences occur in people’s dreams and relate to events very soon. More often than not they concern a close friend, relative or intimate partner.

Seeing The Future In Dreams –

Precognitive Psychic Abilitiesdreams and how to unlock your psychic powers

Precognition in dreams helps you see future events that can also pertain to the world. There are many famous precognitive dreams recorded. When this precognitive dreaming ability awakened within me I wondered “What is the purpose? Why do I have precognitive dreams?”

Here are a couple of my experiences. I remember seeing a plane crash in the Netherlands in a dream a few days before it happened. At the time two friends of mine were living in Holland. They were in the dream standing in front of a burning tower block and there was the silhouette of an airplane against the backdrop of the plane. A few days later an Israeli 747 crashed into some tower blocks in Amsterdam.

On another occasion, I dreamed about another airplane crash at an air show with lots of people watching, this time two fighter planes in a head-on collision. Again within a couple of days, two Russian MiG-29’s collided at an air show in Farnborough in the UK

I have also been introduced to new people who come into my life in dreams before I actually meet them in real life and have seen various events from my own life played out in dreams before I experience them in my waking life.

How To Unlock Your Psychic Powers

Many people come to me intending to learn how to become clairvoyant and how to use psychic abilities. The first thing I can tell you is that you don’t have to know how to develop psychic powers. You are already psychic. You and everyone else is born with over twenty psychic abilities. All you need is an understanding of how to unlock your psychic powers, basically, know how to tap into psychic abilities.

Types Of Psychic Abilities Test

One thing that you can do that is helpful is to take my psychic abilities test. This will give you an idea of which of the four Clairs, the four main psychic superpowers that are most common.how to unlock your psychic powers of precognition

  • Clairvoyance… clear seeing the past and the future.
  • Clairaudience… clear hearing voices or sounds or even music that are not present for others.
  • Clairsentience… clear feeling or empathy.
  • Claircognizance… clear knowing events of which you have no previous awareness.

If you would like a list of psychic powers and abilities that you have and just how prominent they are for you, you can find out during a Psychic Abilities BluePrint. This will give a full picture of all your gifts.

If learning how to develop psychic abilities, with a focus on Clairvoyance, is your goal, recording your dreams is a great first step. The best thing to do is start to keep a dream diary. This will give you the ability to look back and prove to yourself that you actually did see the event before it happened. Also, whether you write down your dreams or record them electronically, it will help remember more of your dreams and they will be more vivid as well. The smallest of details can be very important.

Meditation is probably the best psychic development exercises you can practice. It is more than just an excellent way to be still and quiet the intellect. It is the direct path to access your spiritual abilities. Meditation connects you with your true nature which is Spirit. This is where all your psychic gifts and abilities come from. You as Spirit is not bound by time or space. You can move through what we as humans call time and visit your past lives and even future lives. Premonitions that you receive come from your Spirit reality.

Precognition And Free Will

One thing that I would like to touch on is free will. Each of you has free will and this free will is what creates your reality. You have the gift of being able to choose how you live your life. What you do and how you do it. It may not seem that way but it is the way it is. Once you set an intention it can easily manifest in your life. Negative intentions are especially subject to manifestation.

I do not recommend having a psychic reading with some that tell you your clairvoyant energy is used in readings, precognitionfuture. What someone does when they tell you of an event that will happen to you they are actually programming your free will in a way and if you are not fully aware you can fall prey to this control.

Let me give you a quick example. If you had a session with a reader and they told you that you will have a terrible fall in an elevator that will cause you grievous injury how would you react? You most probably would avoid taking elevators. Yes, you will never have a fall in an elevator but your life would have been altered.

You Create Reality

You create your reality. Every reality is possible. Only so many are probable and they all fold into the one that you experience in this instant. Don’t let anyone else take over the responsibility of planning your life. Also if you begin expanding your wonderful gift of Clairvoyance please give others the same benefit of creation.

When someone comes to me asking about the future I will definitely work with them. However, I will tell them what they can choose to do to make their desires come true. A quick for instance. If you came to me wondering when you will meet your soulmate or the like I would read you and then let you know what you could do in the present to attract that person to you. Meeting that ‘tall dark stranger’ well that is not helpful but letting you know that you can A, B, and C which will make you attractive to that person can really be helpful in most situations.

Remember always you are precious, unique, and very powerful all on your own. Whatever the reason maybe I hope that continue on your path of exploration into the wonderful realm of your psychic nature and enjoy it.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Precognition The Psychic Ability To See The Future, and learn how to bring out psychic abilities especially this wonderful gift Clear-Seeing.

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Dr Lesley

Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips is the founder of the School of Intuition, where she teaches online psychic development classes. She is the host of the Unlocking your Truth Radio Show and Podcast. She has also written quite a few spiritual books.

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  1. I really enjoyed your article. Very helpful! I too have precognition and it is always a joy to hear others experiences. That is interesting that you see plane crashes. I told to get more mundane things for the most part. lol. Such as knowing when someone will visit that day, when my father’s coming to cut my grass…occasionally I get things like a death of someone famous and I get this weird thing with my ears when an earthquake is going to happen.

  2. Please let me know if you’re looking for a author for your site. You have some really good posts and I think I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d really like to write some articles for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine.
    Please send me an e-mail if interested. Thank you!

    1. Hello Shayne – I am definitely open to guest bloggers writing articles on my site. Although the subject matter should be in keeping with the spiritual content of this site.

  3. What if you don’t want precognitive dreams and desire to stop them? I practiced Transcendental Meditation many years ago and began having -mundane yet too specific to be coincidences – precognitive dreams. This terrified me as I was in fear of dreaming something not so mundane and being powerless to do anything about it. I stopped TM and the dreams stopped. 30 years later I began meditating again for my general well being and just had a dream of another mundane but specific occurrence that happened the next day. How do I stop this? I’d like to continue TM, but I’m afraid. Any words of solace?

    1. Hello Greg – Great question & thanks for sharing your story. The astral plane (a place we go when we sleep) is not limited by time and space like physical reality is. So one of the ways we use it in our out of body state is to view different perspectives and even different ways situations can turn out before we bring the one we actually wish to manifest into the body (a true deja vu experience). We don’t always bring all the experiences we have when we are asleep into the body. But what is happening is you are more aware of what is happening in your out of body state and in other aspects of your consciousness because of the spiritual focus through meditation. You can pre-program yourself before you go to sleep to say I will not remember my dreams. Or I will not remember precognitive dreams. There are also advanced techniques I can teach you to clear your astral memory as soon as you wake up. As for being powerless – you are the most powerful creator of your reality. These experiences are giving you an insight into how we create our reality. All experiences you have and observe are created by you. If you see a mass event in a dream like the twin towers on 911. The trick is to realize you are not responsible. You are an observer – like someone who is standing across the street from a car accident or altercation. The best way to help humanity is to awaken yourself and become the conscious creator of your reality and operate from love and compassion rather than fear.

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