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June 21, 2022

Pineal Gland Activation – Third Eye Opening And Your Psychic Gifts – Deep Dive Part 5 UYT336

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Have You Had A Third Eye Awakening?

Many of you are aware of your third eye and that it relates to psychic properties like Clairvoyance. But did you know that the third is ineffective without a pineal gland activation? The sixth chakra and the pineal gland are being examined in this edition of the deep dive miniseries. This information relates to some of the subject matter in my book, Intuition, And Chakras. Intuition And Chakrasis about the many different psychic abilities and their corresponding chakras. This is a journey through your chakra system, which is the communication channel for psychic and intuitive abilities, also known as extrasensory perception or ESP.

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Pineal Gland Activation – Third Eye Opening And Your Psychic Gifts – Deep Dive Part 5

Third Eye Opening Secrets

Your third eye relates to your sixth chakra, also called your brow chakra. This energy center is situated in the center of your forehead. This chakra is a continuous swirling vortex of energy. And if you look at you it from the front, it looks like a Catherine Wheel, a spinning wheel of multi-colored fireworks.

Looking at it from the side, it looks like a sideways spinning funnel, and the sixth chakra energy center goes all the way through your head. So your third eye is actually located where the pineal gland.

So your sixth chakra looks like a spinning disk or funnel. Both views go through the center of your forehead and continue through your head. And the center of your head is known as the Third Eye. Why? Because this is where your pineal gland is situated.

And the pineal gland, in esoteric or metaphysical circles and in the western tradition, is known as the seat of the soul. In Eastern tradition, it’s called the Upper Dantian. And it is where you, the spiritual consciousness, can sit within your physical system.

Why Is The Pineal Gland Called The learn why the pineal gland is called the third eyeThird Eye?

So the pineal gland is called the third eye because it contains photoreceptor cells like a gland that is a receptacle for light. And scientists don’t know a lot about that gland. But they do know it is involved in the sleep-wake cycle. It produces melatonin and detects if it’s daylight or time to sleep.

But esoterically speaking, you, the high vibration being, the pineal gland, acts as a receptacle for your spiritual light. A place where the spiritual you can sit within your body and experience yourself as Spirit while in human form.

And one of the ancient mysteries is being able to understand the pineal gland. So to learn to access and experience a pineal gland activation and consciously understand how to use and operate your Clairvoyance. This is how it was known in the ancient mystery schools.

And if you research the term pineal gland and Eye of Horus, you will find all sorts of diagrams that show you the Eye of Horus superimposed over those structures in the brain. As the ancient Egyptians knew about the pineal gland and to access their consciousness there. So when you focus your energy in the center of your head, you are activating that pineal gland, as well as the psychic ability of Clairvoyance.

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In other words, the seat of the soul is the seat of your ability to see as Spirit. And, and so Clairvoyance is such a precious gift. Because one of the things that it does for you is it gives you neutrality. As Spirit, you are neutral. But, as your body personality, you tend not to be neutral. This is because one of the aspects of the human experience is dealing with your emotions, your intellect, and the other characteristics of your ego.

For this reason, it’s so common for humans to be in a state of judgment. Whether that is judging somebody else, judging yourself, or feeling critical about something. And in fact, in a way, the role of the intellect is to be quite critical by putting things in boxes to understand them.

This constantly being in a state of judgment and non-acceptance can get you into trouble. However, if you can learn to focus and seat your consciousness in your pineal gland, your third eye, you activate your Clairvoyance. And using your Clairvoyance, you become the neutral observer of your reality. You can be an impartial witness to what is going on in your life. You can observe yourself and your life creations from a state of neutrality and nonjudgment. So why should that be important to you?

Pineal Gland Activation, Clairvoyance, And Manifestationmanifestation techniques

For several reasons, being an unbiased observer of your life is beneficial. One reason is that when you judge something, you generally don’t like it. You may wish it would change. But you can’t change anything in your life while you are still in judgment. So first, you need to accept it.

So being in the center of your head, your pineal gland, allows you to change things you want to change in your reality. The main reason for this is that it immediately puts you into a state of acceptance of what is. From this point, you can then use the Law Of Attraction to attain your desired life. You must be open and accepting. You also must be in a place where you are positive and can actually see the thing you are in the process of manifesting. They must seem as being authentic and already in existence in your life. You cannot attract anything to you from a place of lack, want, or judgment.

What Happens When You Open Your Third Eye?

So why work towards learning how to open your third eye? A standard third eye-opening experience is that you activate your psychic ability of clear-seeing, Clairvoyance. This is not only a wonderful gift for yourself but can also help others.

Many people search for a Clairvoyant reading for one reason or another. You and they will have a much better experience if you are neutral with them. Coming from a neutral place is much better than being in a state of judgment and superimposing any ideas upon them.

So the pineal gland, the third eye, the center of your head, is this extraordinary place where you can sit and have that gift of neutrality. It also helps you focus on the present moment, just like grounding. The reason for this neutrality focuses on the energy in your body. Your body is in the present moment. And so when you are in the center of your head, you are in the here and now. And you are focusing your energy on the here and now.

Being fully present makes you a compelling presence and a powerful creator of your own life. The more diffuse your energy, the less powerful you are and the less connected you are with reality.

The 3rd Eye And Clairvoyancewhat do clairvoyants see

So you now understand that the pineal gland activates your psychic gift of Clairvoyance. So what exactly is Clairvoyance? The first point you learned was it allows you to see things from a neutral position without judgment. Also, pineal gland activation allows you to see as Spirit.

Another ability of Clairvoyance is it allows you to see energy, including spirits. So when you are focused and in the seat of your soul, the pineal gland activates a unique ability. This ability is seeing energy like Auric Fields and the different chakras spinning. You can also see your spirit guides and other kinds of energy phenomena.

As a Clairvoyant, you can look in somebody’s energy field and see different packages of energy and the information they have stored there. These energies can look like a symbol, a picture, a little movie, a little memory, or a little vignette. It also enables you to see geometric patterns connected to mathematical formulae. And all these things contain information that Clairvoyance allows you to unpackage and translate into a special meaning.

Like other chakras, the sixth chakra is a conduit for spiritual information. But unlike any other chakra, the third eye is critical when you want to delve deeply into your psychic abilities. Without access to the neutrality offered by this chakra, you will not be able to function fully as a Psychic. Also, that level of neutrality gives you a form of protection. For example, if you sit in the heart chakra, you are more likely to go into sympathy and merge with somebody.

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Pineal Gland Activation – Third Eye Opening And Your Psychic Gifts – Deep Dive Part 5 and take a trip into the center of your mind, the pineal gland. Learn how a pineal gland activation can change your life.

Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Pineal Gland Activation – Third Eye Opening And Your Psychic Gifts – Deep Dive Part 5 :

  • Amanda – Could someone’s eyes look different? My partner’s energy shifts regularly. There was an “Intimate” moment when her eyes looked very different.
  • Lorraine – Do you use meditation to get into the third eye?
  • Julia – The only time I’ve accessed this has been when not trying to! Any tips for doing this without meditating?
  • Carol – Does it take time and more practice to see things more clearly? Things are still a bit blurry and not like a clear image, which leaves me feeling like I’m guessing what it is.
  • Man – Do we use our third eye to see our dreams when we astral travel?
  • Dee – Hello. That was what I thought she meant too. I have seen people whose pupils enlarge when they are in a deep trance. Her eyes looked very dark because her pupils were enlarged.
  • Julia – I’ve had out-of-body experiences too and looked down on myself. Is this altered state my natural ability coming through?
  • Brian – A little off-topic, but wondering if you could look at something quickly for me, Dr. Lesley. I had a business transaction, a sale I made, but the person concerned me after the fact. Seems like buyers’ remorse. I don’t know if the feeling I had was intuitive or just fear based on past experience. If it’s just a general concern or is this someone that could be trouble for me, I was hoping you may have some clarity? What’s your read on the situation as it stands now?
  • Lori – Could you please talk about reading the future through dreams? I have had some dreams come true, and now I have some repeating apocalyptic dreams.

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