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November 15, 2022

Is There A Past Life Connection To Your Psychic Abilities & Intuition UYT351

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Are There Past Life Connections To Your Psychic Abilities?

Could there be a link, a past life connection, between your psychic abilities and your past lives? And if there is, what is it? What might the relationship be between past lives and your intuition? There are different ways that you could approach this. But first, let’s examine past lives, psychic abilities, and how they mesh together.

Is There A Past Life Connection To Your Psychic Abilities & Intuition

The Differences Between Your Psychic Gifts And Your Past Lives

Psychic abilities belong to you, the high-vibration spiritual consciousness. So, in essence, you are not your body. You are an eternal multi-dimensional being that can create multiple realities. And this lifetime is just one of those creations, one of those realities. Your higher being, your Spirit, communicates not through language like you, as humans do when you are in your bodies, but through psychic abilities.

So as Spirit, you communicate through pictures, symbols, visual phenomena, auditory things, and many other ways. So these special abilities are part of who you are at the level of your soul and your higher being. So that is where they come from. They don’t come from your body, brain, or emotions. They come from one place only, and that is you as your higher being.

And your higher being, your soul, has probably created more than one lifetime. This is not your only lifetime and not the only source of your psychic powers. The source of you has created in multiple realities. These multiple realities include, but are not limited to, past lifetimes on Earth.

And, sometimes during those lifetimes, you might be, what can be considered, relatively unconscious. But, on the other hand, sometimes those lifetimes might be where you are consciously awakening. And in the lifetimes where you are consciously awakened, your psychic abilities may appear and develop.

Your Cosmic And Psychic Path your past life connection connects to your psychic powers

Let’s take a small step back. You are all on a pathway of ascension. This is a pathway of awakening where you are spiritually evolving. You are forming and strengthening your connection back to God. As you go through this awakening process, your psychic abilities are also awakened. They are part of the whole process.

Is there a past life connection to your psychic abilities? Think about your presence here right now. You are obviously interested in things metaphysical, spiritual, and psychic in nature, including intuition. You may have a passion for it. And perhaps you have had some experiences of your psychic abilities. If not necessarily a passion for you, it may be a theme. If that is the case, it’s not a big surprise, nor a significant leap to say you have probably explored this theme in other lifetimes.

What Is Holding Your Past Life Connection To Your Psychic Abilities

One factor in your connection to the psychic prowess of your past lives could be the type of life you lived. Some of those lifetimes could have been really positive. And some of those lifetimes could have been traumatic.

Some of you may even be afraid of psychics or afraid of being psychic. Something is holding you back from your intuition and your intuitive capabilities. When you examine this in more detail, you may find you have had some past lifetimes where you were punished for having these special abilities. This is quite common.

There have been a few 1000 years, at least, where a very patriarchal society is present. And where some of the metaphysical activities have tended, not exclusively, but tended to be cultivated by women primarily. Fields such as herbalism or healing. And that kind of thing has been suppressed in some manner.

Your Past Lives Explained

Get Your Past Life Guide

Are You Suffering From Fear Of Using Your Special Gifts

So you have got things like the Spanish Inquisition. Many of you may have worked with herbs or performed psychic readings during this period. Today we recognize these, for the most part, as all very innocent activities aimed at helping and supporting people. But back then, people were accused of being demons or working with demons or the devil for the same activities.

This sentiment was widespread throughout medieval Europe during times like the Spanish Inquisition. People would be punished and burnt at the stake or drowned in the dunking pool to test their demonic connection. Many different spiritual groups were targeted and exterminated because of practices around these metaphysical specialties.

So if you are interested in these practices today, you most likely have been in one or more of those circumstances and have explored these gifts and abilities. You may have done so in many lifetimes. And you might have been punished for it.

A famous example of this persecution is Joan of Arc. She was burnt at the stake because she had visions and premonitions and received guidance from Divine sources.

Suppose you have an aptitude for being psychic in this lifetime. In that case, you may have been in lifetimes where you were also expressing your gifts.

Your Past Life ConnectionTo Your Spirituality your psychic powers are connected to your spiritual nature

So throughout history, there have also been these great mystery schools in different traditions. Schools in ancient Egypt, Tibet, Atlantis, Lemuria, and India.

There have been esoteric teachings throughout the mystery schools of these ancient cultures. These schools trained people in what is called metaphysics and spirituality. But the training was not only to develop your psychic abilities but to find and travel your unique spiritual path.

And you know, whether you are on the spiritual path because you want to heal yourself and connect to God or to access these psychic abilities, each one is part of the other. They are interlaced.

So the pathway to God includes opening your psychic abilities. The pathway to opening your psychic abilities includes opening yourself to God. The path also includes healing yourself. So, for you personally, this is something you can explore.

How To Explore Your Past Life Connections To Your Psychic Gifts And Powers

So how do you find out about and explore your past life connections to your psychic abilities? One of the main ways you can do so is through past life readings. A past life reading or past life regression session can open these doors to an amazing awareness. Many people go this route just for entertainment purposes. They want to find out who they were in a past life. They sometimes are looking for a past-life soulmate connection.

There is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do. More power to you. But when you sit with a psychic who can clarify why you feel the way you do or do the things you do, your life can and will change.

Past Life Meditation

Another way to learn about your past life connection to your psychic abilities is through past life meditation. Learning to meditate on the past and identify the reincarnations that you had is very helpful. It will clarify where you were using these abilities. Where you used it for positive reasons, and where you had some issues. This, however, is a meditation practice. A definite level of dedication is involved, and it is only for some.

Understanding Past Life Experiences Through Educationpsychic development courses can help you with understanding your psychic gifts and past live connection

Some people do not like the aloneness of meditation. You can also take courses or workshops on this topic.

You can join others in your exploration of this particular ability. These psychic development courses are specifically focused on your past lives, where you used your psychic abilities. You can find some courses to help you with this in the link below.

Regardless of how you go about it, the endeavor is very much worth it.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Is There A Past Life Connection To Your Psychic Abilities & Intuition. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you discover.

Past Lives And Between Lives Workshops

Learn About Accessing Your Past Lives And Between Lives

Here is the remainder of the questions from listeners during the broadcast of Is There A Past Life Connection To Your Psychic Abilities & Intuition:

  • Corry – One may presume that psychic abilities haven’t changed from day one of the universe till now. No matter where you are in history and your past or future life, there are only so many psychic abilities. We have discussed there being 22 of them. We know that this is in the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm is more or less eternal. Is it likely that Spirit is learning new ones in the spiritual realm that we don’t know about yet?
  • Maryana – Is it possible to discover psychic abilities later in life, not right away from childhood? Can Dr. Lesley sense if I have any? I am going through my spiritual awakening and believe I have Claircognizance. According to my natal chart, I am psychic from a past life. I had a past life regression, but psychic abilities did not come up.
  • Lori – Hi, Dr. Lesley. What past life am I drawing on right now?
  • Katie – Do our past life psychic abilities transfer and build in future lives? For example, if someone was clairvoyant in a past life, are they likely to be clairvoyant in this life or future lives?
  • Sharon – I have recently accomplished Deathwalker certification. One ceremony series was to make journeys to find 10 past deaths so I could experience some of the many ways of passing over. It was very unusual because we didn’t learn anything about those lives other than how I passed. In other journeys, I learned of a few lives that were significant to my purpose in this lifetime. Many of them showed I was a healer and very positive. Yet, many were negative because I was highly suppressed and not valued as a woman. It appears I keep living that cycle, but how do I stop that negative cycle?
  • Rhea – Past 4 months have had lots of changes for me. Is there a past life connection to my spiritual awakening?
  • Brian – Are there consequences or side effects in our lives blocking certain psychic abilities? For instance, say someone saw an entity or ghost when they were a child. It scared them enough that they blocked a natural ability to see spirits. I’m sure seeing spirits, etc., in reality, rather than just the mind’s eye, is part of a psychic ability.
  • Jennifer – Is it that some attributes will come through into this life to assist us in our soul’s ‘lessons’ for this life? Are you saying that it is possible to go beyond the aspects that have been prevalent from past lives to assist in this one and select from other previous lives?
  • Victoria – Hi, Dr. Lesley and Corry. We all have a soul group. How can we recognize someone from our soul group? And do we interact with everyone from our soul group every lifetime?
  • Roslyn – I’m spiritually strong to repel dark blockages, but how do I discern who to help and who not. To not be attacked. I know I was psychic in a past life. But don’t understand my true abilities.
  • Rhea – Why is my Kundalini awakened by itself. I can feel other people’s energies and hear voices. I wake up at night and see visions. I see memories that I don’t know. And two birds keep coming to my house and trying to talk to me, but I do not understand. Please.
  • Lorraine – Dr. Lesley, once again, you’ve given me answers and solutions to what I’ve been working on this week. Thank you.

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