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September 29, 2020

Passionate Feelings, Heart Centered Feelings And The 4th Chakra UYT256

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Who And What Are You Passionate About?

The 4th chakra, the center chakra, the heart chakra connects the physical world with the non-physical. One of its main traits is affinity, which is all about the passionate feelings for everything, anything, or anybody, including yourself.

Passionate Feelings, Heart Centered Feelings, And The 4th Chakra

Passion Is Energy

Just like all emotions you may experience, passion is energy. This emotion has a specific frequency. When you feel the same vibration from another person or thing, you resonate with that person. This resonance causes your heart chakra to have the sensation of being open, and joy will occur. The opposite is true as well.

If you do not experience this resonance, your heart chakra will feel closed, and you will feel sadness or a fundamental lack of joy. Your heart chakra can focus your path towards that, which makes you feel good.

Affinity is passionate feelings for everything and helps you move past that natural physical feeling, the illusion of separation that you will experience. This illusion is not because you are different or have an unusual emotional body. It is because you are simply Spirit having a human experience.

You connect with all of humanity. This connection includes everything in the universe, including the Universe itself, also known as God. You can easily experience compassionate love, even a consummate love for all, including yourself, if you can open to what your 4th chakra has to offer. The interesting thing this is all based on your belief system. Whether you believe you can experience this love or not, you will be correct in either case. As you believe, so you become. Of course, you have heard of this. It is called manifestation. And it is real.

What Causes Are You Passionate About?

Affinity is not a base emotion, and it is not intimacy or desire or even affection. It is the heart-centered vibration that occurs as you resonate with anything. When you experience this, it may appear as passionate feelings. The two can be challenging to discern. Yet if you examine the sensation of affinity, you will find that it is much more profound. There is no judgment, no uncompassionate feelings, no sense of separation, just true love.

You may feel this compassion while holding your baby in your arms. Or being in a fantastic relationship or even playing with a puppy. As you think about and allow your heart to open, you will most probably be able to think of a list of things to be passionate about. Just the exercise of thinking about these things will begin to create the vibration of affinity within you.

Affinity, An Intense Love Synonymdo you have a list of things to be passionate about

As you begin to open your heart, you will find that the Universe provides relationships, outlets, and occasions for you to allow yourself the permission to love openly and sincerely. The exciting thing is that these were always there, and You were just not aware. A different frequency, love vibration, was running.

One of the beautiful aspects of affinity, these passionate feelings, is that you will enjoy them whether you are with someone or completely alone. Also, you do not have to search for people or situations that fulfill your affinity. They occur. It is all drawn to you because the matching vibration causes the attraction.

Stop looking for love. Start being love.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Passionate Feelings, Heart Centered Feelings, And The 4th Chakra while we discuss how opening your heart will change your life.

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Here are a few of the questions and responses from our listeners during this broadcast.

  • A.A. – I woke up, and I said I’ll join in. And the heart chakra is a great topic! I am being called to love myself because I chose fear and closed my heart due to traumatic childhood experiences in this life and past lives. How do you work on opening the heart portal?
  • K.L.- How would someone clear their heart chakra?
  • J.S. – How can you help someone else with a closed heart against herself?
  • L.P. – ​Beautiful meditation! That was extremely helpful. I enjoyed it. My tears flowed as I listened with joy and visualized the heart expanding. Thank you, Dr. Lesley.
  • L.P. – ​I have an exam coming up in 10 days, and I’m trying my best to maximize my score by using my intuition to study what is most useful in the next couple of days. Do you have any advice, please?
  • B.C. – Dr. Lesley, could you take a look at my heart chakra and let me know what may be going on there? I’ve done some work there, but there may be more going on?
  • D.R. – ​Hi, Lesley! I’ve been following your 3 part courses about intuition on Vimeo thanks. It was very informative!
  • S.G. – ​I have a tough time using my intuition, especially when making important decisions and seeing what feels best for me. I’m torn between two decisions right now or not making a move at all. ​Can you see what’s going on with my heart too?
  • A.A. – If Dr. Lesley has time, I would love a Reading or guidance on what I can focus on today that will heal my heart 💗. I am also working on loving myself first to be able to attract my romantic partner. Thank you.
  • B.C. – Thanks, Dr. Lesley, that helped!!!
  • D.R. – ​Yes, right on! I took so many notes! I loved your teachings! ​Question: Any insights on any blocks I have to be more clairvoyant?
  • L.Z. – I have a new job opportunity, any information about the Universe I should know?

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