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July 15, 2011

Moving Objects With Your Mind, Is Telekinesis Real?

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The Wonderment of Telekinesis, Mind Over Matter!

Do you think moving objects with your mind is possible? This psychic ability is called telekinesis! It is not one of the more common psychic abilities like Clairvoyance learn about your telekinesis superpowerand Claircognizance.

The favorite vision that comes to mind when we think about Telekinesis is the old bending of spoons. All of us, that are old enough, remember seeing Uri Geller on the television in the 1970s doing just that bending spoons with his mind among other phenomena.

Most of us who saw him probably pulled out our mother’s cutlery draw and tried to do the same, with limited success in most cases. My family was no exception, yet despite us all sitting in front of the TV frantically rubbing spoons, we didn’t seem to have much luck, although my father was very good at getting watches to stop working.

But how can we explain his amazing psychic ability?

The word telekinesis literally means “distant-movement” and refers to the spiritual ability to move or change the state of an object using one’s mind and without using physical force on the object. It can include causing an object to move, shake, vibrate, spin, break, and to create heat or cold in an object via the speeding up or slowing down of the atoms the object is made of.

How To Do Telekinesis, Moving Objects With Your Mind

The information around telekinesis energy and that which is related to using this skill is reached by accessing a combination of energy centers or chakras. One is located near the base of your spine, called your first chakra, another is in the brow, your sixth chakra; another is located on top of your head, your seventh chakra, and two more are located in the palms of your hands.

These are the same combination of chakras used by healers when they are doing energy healing work. Both healing and telekinesis involve transforming energy from a faster-moving frequency to a slower moving frequency on the physical level. Many students want to know is telekinesis possible to learn.

How To Develop Psychic Abilities

So now, what if you are interested in how can you go about learning how to do telekinesis? What is the next step for learning how to move things with your mind for beginners? Before learn how to use your telekinesis energyyou start running basically awakening your psychic powers let’s do a couple of basics.

One of the things you can do first is to take a psychic abilities test to determine which of the 20 main superpowers from the psychic abilities list are prominent in your being. Find out if the telekinesis superpower is in your array of special gifts.

All psychic abilities including moving objects with your mind are spiritually based gifts. You are Spirit in physical form and spirit is not bound by time or space the two main conventions of this human reality. The best way to access your spiritual nature is to meditate. You can find a couple of basic meditations on my website to help you activate your gifts.

Learning how to use psychic abilities can be fun and actually rewarding in so many ways. Learning how to rely on your own intuition is so much better than having to source information about your own life from a stranger. If you do have challenges however turning to a guide or spiritual teacher can be helpful. Either way, the main thing is to make sure that you love yourself and do not self-judge.

Unlock Your Psychic Powers Guided Meditation

Get Your Free Psychic Development Meditation

Developing Psychic Abilities

Well, there is the adage that practice makes perfect. Like all spiritual abilities, we need to place our focus on awakening them and this can take some time. A simple telekinesis exercise is to practice moving objects with your mind is to work with a pendulum that you have hung from a hook on the ceiling; then you visualize the pendulum swinging or use the sheer force of your will to make it move. This telekinesis training is simple and easy to set up. Alternatively, if there is a group of you who wishes to learn why not have a spoon-bending party!

What you can learn from this podcast:

  • The power of psychic abilities.
  • The difference between telepathy and telekinesis.
  • How to awaken your psychic abilities.

    Take A Psychic Ability Quiz

    Your Free Psychic Ability Quiz

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  1. Thanks! I can really make a pendulum move all over at higher and lower speeds, as well as in different directions, but I have been wanting to move on from there and expand my skills. I am also a healer, so have seen amazing things happen using energy work.
    The pendulum from the ceiling is something I will do.
    I also remember lifting people using a circle of friends around a person sitting in a chair. You slide two fingers under the sitter, take three breaths in unison, then lift. It is amazing. We did it with different people and included lifting the chair. We were at a stone sculpting symposium, and the next day a grabbed a couple of those friends to see if we could do the same thing with a 100LB stone. It easily started to lift with six fingers under it when one of the people began panicking. He could not deal with the fact that we could have lifted the whole stone up. My answer to Easter Island… ; D

    1. Hi Anastasia – Thank you so much for this post. I loved reading about your experiences with telekinesis. I agree with you that this is how some of the ancient monoliths and buildings were erected. I played that game as a kid too, it was a lot of fun. It seems when we are kids we believe we can do anything – then we loose our self belief as we get older to fit in with the consensus beliefs of those around us.

      I’m currently working on my new book and some on-line courses which will cover each of the intuitive senses including telekinesis. So stay tuned!

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