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November 12, 2019

Manifestation Techniques And Your Psychic Intuition UYT222

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You Too Can Learn How To Manifest Your Desires Quickly

You have heard people talk about manifesting abundance but it doesn’t seem to work for you. What are the manifestation techniques that you are missing to create love, health, wealth, or anything else in your life? Yes, all your dreams can come true.

Manifestation Basics: Why Does Manifestation Work?

Setting intentions and the resulting manifestation of this intention is a basic law of the universe. You can even find it in the bible as gifts of the holy spirit which has people talking in tongues and creating other “miracles” as they were called.

You can imagine that in Spirit form you can go where and when you want. There are no boundaries. As Spirit, we have a direct connection with the source of all.

This great force called the Universe or God if you so desire is ready to give you everything, and I mean everything that you want or need. All you need to do is ask.

You have earthly parents. If you had a basically normal upbringing your parents would have given you anything they could for you to have a happy, fulfilled life. Agree? So how much more would the Universe want for you as the source of perfect love?

Manifestation Techniques And Your Psychic Intuition

How Manifestation Works

So how does manifestation work and why does there seem to be such an aura of mystery around it? You have most probably heard about the Law of Attraction or the book The Secret. Both of these refer to manifestation as being an ancient powerful manifestation technique only known by mystics and ancients.

First and foremost let me make it clear that the law of manifestation has nothing to do with magic rites or rituals. It is not a secret that is known by only a few special people. It is not complicated and you do not have to belong to any special club or organization to create amazing things in your life. Once again all you need to do is ask.

Simple Law Of Attraction Manifestation Techniques You Can Use

Manifestation is a universal principle and it is unchanging and unwavering as well as nonselective of who can use it. Whether you know it or not you use the principles outlined in the Law of Attraction every day and are mostly unaware you are doing so. Let me give you an example.

One day you think you would like a “new whatever”. It could be a physical object or experience like a vacation or maybe a new lover in your life. Let’s use a vacation to an exotic place. You think deeply upon it.

You pick a location because you see the picture in a magazine you are thumbing through at work or the Doctors office. What a coincidence that it just appeared in this manner. So you begin to get deeper into your fantasy about being in this lovely place.

You tell people about the dream you have of going there. Maybe you collect some information about the location or even some pictures to hang on on your corkboard. Then one day you are reading through a magazine or other journal or maybe watching television or walking by a travel agency and low and behold there is your dream vacation. And it is in a sale. It is affordable. Wow… what another amazing coincidence.

Actually, it isn’t so. You manifested it. Just like you manifested the burrito you had for lunch or the movie you went to see. All these things are a result of setting an intention, visualizing it, and having it come to fruition or manifestation as we are calling it. You actually create your reality each day. So what is the most powerful manifestation technique? Many would say it is outlined in the Law of Attraction which is touted to be the most effective manifestation technique.

What Does The System Of Manifestiuon Look Like?

So let’s take a look at why the Law Of Attraction may be working for others but not for you. And Use law of attraction manifestation techniques to manifest your desiresthen I will give a very special tool to use that to do so that most people, even avid followers do not know about.

Some basic parameters may be considered to be the best way to manifest. It could be called a formula of manifestation, manifestation techniques as they may be called as well.

Passion or Desire: you must deeply want the thing you are looking to bring into your life. Now be very care full about what you focus on because the law of manifestation works on “EVERYTHING”, positive or negative. If you are focusing on illness it may bring that into your life. Like the adage states “be careful of what you pray for because it may appear”.
Now here is the secret sauce I was talking about earlier. Use your psychic abilities to really understand what it is you want in your life. Your gift of intuition will make it clear and concise for you.

Visualize It: Bring your desire, as your intuitive senses laid out for you, to your mind in full detail. The more detail the better.

Use Affirmations: You can use regular, positive manifestation techniques affirmations to help make things real in your mind. The critical point here. Make your affirmation in the positive. If you use a “not” statement such as “I don’t want to catch the flu this year” the Universe does not hear negatives. A much stronger statement is “I am healthy and well and will remain so throughout flu season.”

Focus On The Present: When you visualize your desires and affirm them do so as it is already a real occurrence. Make it in the present as in the earlier statement about health, “I Am healthy”. It is a little like when you are hungry and manifesting what you want for lunch. You think about what you would like; you see the food and maybe salivate a little because you can almost taste it. You may think about your favorite restaurant and how much you enjoy their meals. Then before you know it you’re munching away on it. Yes, even this is using the law of manifestation. Remember I stated that you have been using it withing being aware of it.

Believe: Belief is a big part of manifestation. You must have no doubts or no thought that you don’t deserve something that you specifically want. Nor should you think that it can’t happen to you. It can and it will as long as it is in your best interest.

Be Grateful: Express your gratitude now. Live in a state of gratitude for what you desire. You have learned to see the fulfillment of what you are setting your intentions on. Doesn’t it make sense that you would feel grateful for it at the same time?

The last step in using your manifestation techniques to create your reality:

Recognition: Keep your awareness open to having your desire appear in your life after all. most effective manifestation techniqueMany people will tell you that it didn’t work for them but it is because they didn’t see the forest for the trees. Depending on your description of the things you want. How detailed you were. How strong your conviction was may alter the actual fulfillment. An example would be you want a new car. You describe everything but the year or color. After all, you said new right? And then a car shows up but it is an older version of what you were hoping for. It didn’t work or did it? I will leave you with that to determine.

The law of manifestation is no different than the law of gravity. It exists. It is real. It is working constantly in your life as well as that of everyone else in the world. It will even work on aliens or someone anywhere in the universe. It is unalterable. Learning how to manifest is actually not that difficult. On the other hand how to manifest quickly maybe a little more challenging but does come with practice and time.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Manifestation Techniques, And Your Psychic Intuition, and learn how the law manifestation and your Psychic Intuition go hand in hand.

Awaken Your Intuition Webinar Replay

Learn How To Follow Your Intuition, Free

In this podcast, Manifestation Techniques And Your Psychic Intuition; you will learn:

  • Real manifestation examples from our lives.
  • Is manifesting physical healing possible?
  • What is Spiritual Manifestation?

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  1. Dr. Lesley thanks for sharing your ideas and views. This is really great and praiseworthy. Some techniques are really great and I applied them all. I enjoy reading it and learning new things. This is like healing power.

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