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August 3, 2021

How Living In The Now Affects Your Intuitive Abilities And Spirituality UYT303

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The Power Of Living In The Moment

Are you living in the now? One of the most potent metaphysical dogma that has appeared in the last couple of decades is the revelation of the Power of Now. This is the power of being in the present moment, which was graciously presented in the Eckhart Tolle books. It is pretty amazing how beautiful things happen as you shift your consciousness to focus on being present in the moment. How this precept impacts your life, your happiness, and even your psychic abilities as well as your personal spirituality.

How Living In The Now Affects Your Intuitive Abilities And Spirituality

Examining The Living In The Moment Meaning

So what does being in the moment, present moment awareness really mean? Your physical body is in the moment. It cannot be anywhere else. Your physical system is always right here, right now. Try moving your body into the past. You can’t do it, can you? I tried many times. It doesn’t work. Neither does moving your body into the future. You can’t do that either. Can you? Try moving your body instantaneously to Hawaii? That would be handy, wouldn’t it? Your body is always here and now. And actually, if you did manage to move it to Hawaii, it would still be here and now. No matter where or when you are is always where and when you are.

Now Spirit is different. Spirit consciousness can be any time, any place. So what is meant when you are talking about being in the now and being in the present moment? You are actually talking about bringing your physical body and spirit body together. When you connect your two selves, physical and spiritual, you become very present, awake, and aware. This is noticed within that point of focus called your body. That connection has tremendous implications for many things. So, because now you can start to relate to your body and relate to your physical life. You can start to relate to your life creations and manifestations.

Practicing The Power Of Nowbeing present in the moment

What really happens when you join your two bodies, right here, right now. Think about it for a moment. It might seem like a strange thing. But are you always right here right now? No, of course not.

You spend a lot of time somewhere else. You are often focused on things that have already happened? Maybe you had an argument with your partner this morning, and you can’t stop thinking about it. Maybe you made a fool of yourself at work, and you’re obsessed by that moment. So often, you are projecting your consciousness into the past, which is not where the body is.

Maybe you are focusing on your to-do list or some event in the future that you will participate in. And when you are doing those things, you are not here and now. You are not where the body is. Yet, your body is the point of power. It is your point of focus as a spiritual being in the realm of physical reality. If you are not focused in the here and now with your body, it’s actually much more difficult for you to manifest. It is also more challenging to create and achieve the things you authentically wish to achieve in a focused way.

So it’s one of the keys to creating the reality that you want is to be right here right now. It also focuses your awareness very acutely, to be in the present moment. So just think of the difference between what you were just read. About how sometimes you have your energy, so very, very scattered. You know, you were not in your body. You were partly in the past, partly in the future, partly in somebody else’s brain trying to figure them out, you know, your energies can be very scattered.

The Power Of Living In The Nowhow to live for today

If you are not present in your body, you won’t have that focus and acute awareness. This is not just in terms of the physical senses but also in terms of your spiritual senses. So if you are here and now, grounded and present and centered within your body, you start to step towards a level of mastery over the physical realm. As well as a level of much greater awareness about yourself. Energy, your energy state, and what’s going on in your body. And you can start to take control of any situation. And you do that through your psychic senses. You do that through your intuition.

Your intuition will be much more acutely focused on who you are, what you’re doing, and what’s going on in your life. Your psychic abilities are more accessible when you are present and grounded than when your energy is scattered and unfocused. Hopefully, that makes sense.

So being right here, right now, is an exciting place to be. And it’s the only place your body is. If you are not here, and now then you’re wasting an opportunity. What did you create your body for? You created your body actually is a vehicle for you to create and manifest spiritually through the physical realm. You created your body as a focal point. You did this so that you could focus your light here in the physical realm. So you could bring the light of consciousness in Divine Divine Source Energy, all the way here in the outer reaches of reality. So if you are not here, and now then you are not doing that.

Open Your Intuition Meditation

Free Open Your Intuition Meditation

How To Live In The Present

Grounding – One way to be really present to be right here and right now is to take some deep breaths and focus on the process. Now focusing on your breathing brings you into the present moment because it is your body that is breathing, and it is your body that is in the present moment.

While you are breathing deeply, focus on the energy center from your first chakra near the base of your spine. Create a flow of energy from there to the center of the earth. This is called a grounding cord. And it helps focus your energy in the present moment. Because it helps you, the spiritual consciousness, come in and be present within the physical system. It helps make it safe for the body to channel your very high vibration energy.

And so, as you ground in this way, you will probably notice a distinct difference between when you are doing that versus when you are not doing that. And the difference that you are feeling is that you are coming more into the present moment. You are concentrating and focusing your energy on the here and now. You are making that connection with your body and your physical system. So when you ground like that, you start to become more aware of what’s going on with you. What’s going on with your body? What’s going on with your reality. practice a grounding meditation daily

Centering – Now, if you also focus your conscious awareness in the center of your head, you now can start to use your Clairvoyance. This will give you clarity about what is going on with you at this moment. From that perspective, you can notice your monkey mind and your thoughts. But, realize yourself as separate from that, that you are not that. And by being in the center of your head, you may notice your emotions, the emotional content of your life. And yet be above it and realize you are not that.

These are two simple but highly effective ways to practice how to stay present and begin to employ the power of now. You will definitely notice how it makes you much more acutely aware of yourself and your reality and creations. Also how it also empowers you to create those things in the form that you prefer them to be.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth; How Living In The Now Affects Your Intuitive Abilities And Spirituality. You can learn how the Power Of Now is available to you and will help you live the life you would choose. Learning the power of living in the now will also give you access to your psychic abilities.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How Living In The Now Affects Your Intuitive Abilities And Spirituality:

  • Does the body not like it when your Spirit or mind is somewhere else? Or does the body not mind?
  • I find it hard to listen and honor my body, often wanting to push it to reach whatever daily goals I have or things I want to do. To add context to my question – I’m aware that my body is often tired, wants to sleep, rest, etc. Still, I don’t honor that and use caffeine and stimulants, etc., to “push through” and do the things I had set out to do. I’m wondering if this is creating a negative relationship between my body and me.
  • Does the body try to bring you back to the present? Is that the basis of some illnesses, discomfort, etc.?
  • I have noticed that in the last few weeks, my neck has been cramping up/ feeling sore like it used to, especially in the morning. I have been meditating regularly (especially with taking your course), grounding throughout the day, and feeling present. I have also tried massaging the area, taking natural supplements, topicals, etc. A shaman once told me my chronic neck pain is a combination of a burden I’ve taken from a past life as well as a tragedy I experienced years ago. It has been a while since it’s flared up like this. Could this be an adjustment my body is experiencing with developing my intuition?
  • That explanation makes sense, I’ve been far more present lately, and I’ve had discomforts arising everywhere. Maybe my body is now talking more to me. I’ve tried many things to alleviate this, but with limited success. I wonder if you could take a look at this for me, provide some insight?
  • For years I’ve felt numb to emotions & to the present moment. It feels like I’m not fully absorbing life. It’s as if I’m just watching through a screen & not actually living. Have you heard of this before, and how would I go about healing this?
  • I had experienced an interesting feeling when I tried the grounding stuff a few weeks ago. Something works. I just went with the feeling but didn’t analyze it to understand what is going on.
  • It felt/feels very good to ground and be centered. I try to do it daily, as well I feel deep gratitude in various “moments” throughout my day, which also helps bring and keep me into a present state. Lately, my vision for the future has felt chaotic and unfocused. I am pulling myself in many directions and not really giving my body time to process and integrate what I am creating in Spirit (so not giving time for things to unfold). As a result, I feel more ungrounded and unfocused, and unsure. So I find the balance of envisioning the future and manifesting it while also staying present hard to navigate. Hope that makes sense
  • Thank you for your response. Is it possible that I may be misusing energy techniques? In other words, can I be misaligning energy or chakras inadvertently? or being counterproductive otherwise? I know my body is talking to me, but I don’t know what it’s telling me.
  • I actually have been grounding, not only spiritually but physically as well. I have been sending a lot into the earth. Yet, I forgot to send the discomfort and pain down that cord. I’ve basically sent everything else that I thought could cause it, so I’ll try to send the discomforts themselves.
  • I’ve always had a powerful startle reflex – meaning I jump up in shock when someone approaches me and don’t know they are there. One way I’ve understood that is that I tend to operate out of my body, “mind in the clouds,” etc. Or is this due to just operating out of my body? Or is there some earlier trauma that I’m not aware of that led me to operate out of my body much of the time?

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