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October 20, 2020

How Do You Listen To Your Inner Voice, Your Spiritual Inner Voice UYT260

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My Inner Voice Talks To Me

Does everyone have an inner voice? The simple answer to that query is yes. So now that you are aware that you have an inner voice, the question becomes, “do you listen to your inner voice.” So why can’t you hear it? Or maybe you do but not very often, and do you pay attention to it? It may be because your 5th chakra your throat chakra is blocked.

How Do You Listen To Your Inner Voice, Your Spiritual Inner Voice?

Constant Inner Dialogue

If you sit and take notice, there is a constant inner dialogue that goes on every day, every minute, every second of your life. Sometimes this voice is supportive telling, just like the Little Red Engine, “you can do it.”

Other times all you can hear is that critical inner voice which is the voice that nags at you. It can tell you that you are not worthy, that you are too fat or too skinny. It says you are a failure and you should do better. If the voice you are listening to is not supportive, it is your ego that is speaking. If you have noticed, the ego is centered on logical thinking, extreme emotions and is all about your physical nature. It likes to tell you a story that is not true and can cause confusion. It is the voice of doubt. Whereas your authentic inner voice is that spiritual, supportive, and kind inner talk that you can trust.

You need both of these, the louder ego, some call the voice of reason, for protection in the world and that still small voice to help you grow and stay in the frequency of love.

Inner Voice Examples

Suppose you’re still unsure how to identify which you can start by sitting quietly and listening. One of the signs is that you may hear a roar telling you all kinds of things, mostly that you are wasting your time just sitting there. However, keep listening. Keep feeling. Your authentic inner voice comes with positive emotions as well as positive inner speech. Keep feeling, keep listening.

At some point, that quiet voice will come through. It may be accompanied by what could be called a gut feeling, a hunch, which is your intuition. Maybe it is telling you to be careful that there is danger close by, or even that there is an uneasiness in “the force’. Something is just not right, and you can feel it in the pit of your stomach or your chest.

The more you can tune into these feelings and listen to that voice, the more you will recognize the difference between it and the negative voice inside your head, the egoic voice.

Inner Voice Nameslearn to access your spiritual inner voice

Your inner voice may be known by different names:

  • Spirit
  • inner wisdom
  • spiritual guide
  • inner guidance
  • inner guide
  • still small voice

Regardless of how you refer to it has always been with you. Your spiritual inner voice may have offered gentle direction and occasionally not so peaceful but excited or compelling communication requiring some form of action. Whether you listened or ignored it, it was still there lovingly trying to get you to listen. It is concerned about your spiritual well-being and happiness.

Get Your Chakra Intuition Guide

Get Your Chakra Intuition Guide

Just like anything that you do or have done in your life, it takes some practice. And at first, it may have felt uncomfortable. Occasionally it may cause you to be afraid. This practice holds with listening to your spiritual inner voice.

Here are some of the ways you can learn to become more proficient:

  • Decide to be mindful of the company you keep. Like-minded people who have your best interests in mind will support and aid you in your endeavors to become more spiritually attuned.
  • Be present in the now, at this moment. The future and the past only bring concern and stress for the most part. This concern is just another name for fear. Staying in the present will ease your ego and release the pressure.
  • Be mindful. This new buzzword has been around in the metaphysical community forever. Mindfulness is all about maintaining a non-worldly focus. Tap into your spiritual nature.
  • Physical body management. Stop being idle. You know what they say about idle hands, so exercise and stay healthy. Take a walk in nature and listen. Nature has a way of infiltrating your spirit and releasing the peace in your heart.
  • Create a regular daily meditation practice. Meditation can be your most potent tool in tuning in to that still small voice. When you meditate, you are getting in touch with your higher self, your Spirit, which genuinely wants the best for you.

Understand that no matter who you think you are and where you are in your life path, no matter the challenges that you are facing, no matter what your ego is trying to tell you, you are the light of the world. So listen to that still small voice within you and let your light shine.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How Do You Listen To Your Inner Voice, Your Spiritual Inner Voice, while we discuss how to mute your ego and tune into your real inner voice, that of your spiritual nature.

A Free Chakra Reading

Get Your Free Chakra Reading

Here are a few of the questions and responses from our listeners during this broadcast.

  • D.L. – ​Hello. Thank you. Is there a way to distinguish between “the voice of God technology and actual Clairaudience?” it is a technology that transmits voices into peoples mind in which people believe that they hear “the voice of God” It is a proven technology used to manipulate
  • J.T. – I hear a male’s voice when falling asleep. Could that be a spirit guide or family member?
  • D.L. – ​ I have awoken into that twilight space and have heard the next-door neighbors having a conversation as if it were in my living room.
  • J.T. – Can you receive information from your higher self through a gut feeling? My answers always come in the form of a gut feeling.
  • J.T. – Is ringing in the ear connected to clairaudience?
  • K.K. – My inner voice always gives me pins and needles, and it is weird everywhere
  • K.PW. – I often get the ear ringing too. I always stop and listen to the ringing and try to receive but never really get anything
  • R.A. – How do you strengthen the connection with the voice of God? How do you channel the guidance from above? Why the buzzing in the ear gets louder and doesn’t stop
  • K.K. – I receive messages in meditation, and my body is pins and needles, and my muscles relax, and I feel restored. I kind of like the violation if it is that.
  • B.C. – Dr. Lesley, I’ve had a good deal of anxiety lately and what could be a panic attack. Is that normal with everything going on in the world? Or is something else going on healing or some expression of energy, or anything I need to know?
  • K.PW. -Is Running cosmic energy meditation daily an excellent way to raise vibration?
  • T.F. – Can you explain a little better how to raise your vibration to hear the message you are receiving from the buzzing in the ear?
  • L.A. – When I see psychic mediums that tend to have a lot of skill or can easily access many different aspects of their intuition, as I look further into it, I find those people were able to put much of their lives into the study of intuition much as you did. I am not able to travel the world or study at exciting places as you have. Is all hope lost for me significantly developing my intuition?
  • T.F. – Do you meditate while the buzzing is going on?
  • K.K. – What about guided writing? Maybe you felt this when you wrote your book and words pour out, and the message is so much better than a cognitive piece.
  • D.L. – re Clairaudient experiences, the information that is heard- such as in my hearing my neighbors.. what would prompt the info heard? I did not intend to listen to their conversation. I heard it and thought, “oh my gosh, I hear things.” Lovely cover for the book, by the way.

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