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March 30, 2021

You Can Choose More Than One From The List Of Psychic Powers And Abilities UYT176

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What Types Of Psychic Abilities Can You Develop And Use?

When most people speak about their psychic abilities, they usually limit themselves to selecting one from the long list of psychic powers and abilities. Generally, they choose from a small handful of them known as the four Clairs, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairesentience, and Claircognizant. In actuality, there are twenty-two of these wonderful gifts. The most amazing thing about this is that you all have them and have since birth.

You Can Choose More Than One From The List Of Psychic Powers And Abilities

Awakening Your Psychic Powers

What is it like to be psychic? What is it to be intuitive? And what are the different ways you can be psychic and intuitive because not all one thing is not all one thing?

You are probably wondering why, if you had 22 psychic abilities coming into this world, they are not apparent in your life now. Mostly because of peer pressure, family, and worldly pressures to suppress them.

People who do not understand these precious gifts are generally afraid of them. Or they are afraid for you if you are not what society deems “normal.”

A good example of this is when little children talk with invisible friends. Mainly they are only invisible to everyone else. Children are so spiritually present that they can see Spirits readily. You may have seen the movie The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis.

In this film, the young boy “sees dead people.” Everyone around him admonishes him that this is impossible. Yet you discover throughout the film that he does just that. Yes, this is a Hollywood creation, but it is not that far from what many people go through.

Understand that you are not limited in any way to which of the intuitive and psychic powers you choose. And more importantly, you can opt to develop more than one and even use more than one at a time.

Here is a list of psychic abilities:

  • Knowingness / Claircognizance
  • Trance Mediumship
  • Clairvoyance
  • Abstract intuition
  • Inner voice
  • Clairaudience
  • BroadBand Telepathy
  • Narrow Band Telepathy
  • Pragmatic Intuition
  • Affinity
  • Oneness
  • Energy Distribution
  • Out of Body Experience
  • Out of Body Memory
  • Clairsentience
  • Survival Instinct
  • Precognition
  • Psychometry
  • Healing
  • Telekinesis
  • Manifestation
  • Earth Energy

You can find this list on my website at https://drlesleyphillips.com/psychic-abilities-blueprint/, which is also the types of psychic abilities test, a free psychic abilities quiz.

Take A Psychic Ability Quiz

Your Free Psychic Ability Quiz

The simple truth of the matter is that you are physically multi-sensory, and the same holds for your Psychic Abilities. Some may be stronger. Maybe you can tune into a bit more easily to another. Right now, but Just as you have five physical senses and use your five physical senses to interact with the physical world, you also have multiple spiritual senses that you can use to interact with the spirit world, the psychic world.

For example, let’s take the five senses, so you have physical sight well, you also have spiritual sight, and that’s your Clairvoyance. You have a physical sense of hearing. You also have a spiritual sense of hearing, and that is your Clairaudience, and so it goes.

You have multiple psychic abilities, and they come together to create your psychic fingerprint. You know your fingerprints are unique to you. Well, your profile of psychic abilities is also unique to you.developing psychic abilities can be fun and easy

They are channeled through your chakras which are energy centers conduits of spiritual communication from your Higher Self, your Spirit.

Your chakras are unique to you because you are a unique aspect of divine consciousness, and only you have had and are having the unique experiences of life that you have had. Only you have had the unique experience of the lifetimes that you have had, so only you have the unique collection of knowledge and information and experience accumulated throughout them. This all comes together to form your uniqueness, and that includes your unique profile of psychic abilities.

This unique profile of psychic abilities maps directly to your purpose in this lifetime. This is what is referred to as your Psychic Ability Blueprint.

You came here, this lifetime, to learn and expand and experience the things that you came here to expand and experience by design. You know we often talk about being part of God, The Universe. That we are one. We are one, but in our human form, we are unique individuals, and together all of those unique individuals make the oneness. But there’s no one else like you who has your unique profile of psychic abilities and your unique life purpose.

You have a matchless gift that is just yours. It is as individual to you as your fingerprint. That is your unique profile of psychic abilities. And you can learn that it does not always show up in one specific manner like: “I can see my spirit guides, or I really instantly know everything I need to know.” An example would be a feeling (Clairsentience) and just absolutely knowing (Claircognizance) who will be calling.

It is not as much learning how to develop psychic powers but learning to reawaken them. Then just like with everything you have had to do in life learning how to use psychic abilities.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth; You Can Choose More Than One From The List Of Psychic Powers And Abilities. There is much more to all of this than just learning how to use telepathy and how to develop your medium abilities or even see spirits. You can use more than one of your 22 psychic abilities at any given time.

A Free Chakra Reading

Get Your Free Chakra Reading

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of You Can Choose More Than One From The List Of Psychic Powers And Abilities:

  • Could you tell me how to recognize a block in my intuition how to clear it out?
  • For the last several years or so, I have discovered that my strength might be Claircognizance. As I learned about it, I realized that these were the thoughts I had in my head even as a young child. Experiencing a rough childhood, I always felt I had people guiding me, and as a kid, I never questioned it. I just followed. As an adult, I’m trying to strengthen this. Could you tap into my energy and advise me in any way?
  • I feel I am truly Claircognizant. I try to use it in my reiki practice to help my clients more as well. Am I on the right path trying to strengthen this?
  • What is your take on a Vegan diet concerning psychic abilities? Do you think you need to be vegan to use them?
  • How do you overcome the fear of using psychic abilities?
  • I would like to know my personal psychic blueprint. Can you do that for me?
  • I sensed a lesser spiritual connection now than several months ago. Do you see a drop in these abilities due to the fear and anxiety caused by the media and Covid stories?
  • I do a lot of Trance Meditation and feel as if I am jumping time or something, but nothing ever seems meaningful. How do you make sense of the things that you see or helpfully use them? Can this lead to mediumship? I would really like to help people as a counselor in a mediumship capacity.
  • As a child, I realized having psychic ability wasn’t acceptable, which I believe is a block. How do I get past that?
  • I’m really enjoying the show tonight. I seem to be struggling with self-doubt a lot lately in general and my psychic abilities. I am not sure if you have any tips or insights?
  • Thank you for your grounding tip. It worked. I saw the dirt of earth swirling around like it was blowing past me in a while in a windstorm. Then there was a cloudy white ball at the center where I would normally see the center of the earth, and it appeared that my grounding cord went to it. When I asked it to connect to the new earth, as you told me to do, the white cloud ball grew and grew. And now I feel and see this new soft energy all around me, and everywhere I use it to calm down. It is beautiful. You gave me that information just as the shift was happening. It is interesting because my grounding cord is now anchored and no longer traveling like a loose rope behind a boat. This shift worked and allowed me to clear more quickly than before.
  • Can you clarify the difference between blueprint and akashic records?

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  1. I had no idea that spiritual sight was called clairvoyance. I had heard of the term before but never stopped to think about it. I've been having a lot of dreams about my deceased grandfather lately, and I would like to see someone with clairvoyance to help me figure out why.

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