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November 22, 2022

How Life Challenges, Spiritual Growth And Intuition Are Interwoven In Your Life UYT353

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Have You Ever Been Challenged By Life Lessons?

Of course, you have had life challenges. Everyone has had life problems in some shape or form. Life challenges can come hand in hand with every aspect of your journey through every reincarnation you experience. Facing challenges in life can be rough in many cases. However, there is a way to mitigate the experience. This is where your intuition and spirituality may come into play.

How Life Challenges, Spiritual Growth, And Intuition Are Interwoven In Your Life

Intuition, Spirituality, And Personal Challenges In Life

So what is the relationship between your spirituality, intuition, and facing challenges in life? Most of the common challenges in life can seem overwhelming. Yet, everyone will eventually face some of these issues.

Think about some of the significant life lessons that you are aware of. Either those you went through in the past or you are in the middle of now.

Life Challenges Examples

Let’s look at some examples of challenges in life.

  • One could be your mind being foggy. You can’t seem to focus on what you are doing.
  • It could be that you have problems with boundaries.
  • Maybe you are constantly arguing with your partner.
  • Some of you may have struggled to hold down a job.
  • It seems you never have enough money.

overcoming life challenges can be made easierJust anything in your life that feels uncomfortable can be considered a challenge if it is holding you from personal or spiritual progression. They do not have to fall within the previous life challenges examples. No matter the issue, you probably were unaware of why you were ‘put‘ through it. And even though you most possibly have some awareness that it was some lesson, you just don’t know ‘why.’

As Spirit, you have chosen to experience life as a human being here on earth. One of the goals is to feel the feeling of spiritual growth. To accomplish this, you need to be fired like metal. The process, in this case, is life lessons and life challenges.

The Interweaving Of Mental, Emotional, And Spiritual Growth And Development

When you are alive in this present reality or any other life, you will go through many cycles of growth and change. And those cycles of growth and change can be experienced as a challenge, a struggle of some kind. They will feel that way until you transcend that challenge. And then you can look back, and you can go, oh, that’s what you were learning. As a result of that experience, that is how you grow.

So what is meant by the statement spiritual growth and intuition are interwoven? When you think about life struggles and life challenges, you might not see any connection with your intuition. Then you might feel that you were simply in the middle of this dreadful situation and didn’t know what to do. And you didn’t even have any intuition about it.

But as you examine some of the following examples of common challenges in life, it will become more apparent to you. And you will realize they are very much connected.

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How Life Challenges, Spiritual Growth, And Intuition Are Interwoven In Your Life

The first point of the intersection between life challenges, spiritual growth, and intuition you will recognize will be the root source. After that, any life situation, challenge, or struggle you’re going through can be mapped to the chakra system. how challenges in life and your chakras are connected

So you can look at a particular struggle or challenge and say, “that’s relating very much to the third chakra,” or “that’s relating very much to the second chakra.” And as you gain mastery over your chakras, cleanse, clear, and balance them, you will become overseer to the energies they represent.

The flip side of the coin of the challenge you are going through is the gifts of that chakra. And the gifts of the individual chakras include your intuition and psychic abilities. So let’s take an example.

Human Problems In Daily Life Exposed And Clarified

We polled a few listeners and had them share some of their personal life issues. Then I psychically looked at all these life challenges and struggles and related them to intuition and the chakra system. (for brevities sake, I have included only one here. Please listen to the podcast or watch the YouTube video to obtain the rest of the live examples)

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Sharon – “As a younger woman, I struggled with being true to myself, sticking up for myself, respecting myself, and even acknowledging what I wanted/needed in my life. I went through several rocky and abusive relationships. I am still learning to be a priority in my life.”

Dr. Lesley’s response – “Okay, yes. There are a few different things I see here. You could map this to a few different chakras. All right, so let’s take a look at this. So you can also talk about this in the context of the second chakra, but probably some more. So let’s start with the second chakra or even the heart chakra.

And what you are talking about here is how you are being programmed. We will look at it because it could be a few different things. For example, you could be programmed to be a people pleaser. And so often, you are trained that other people are more important than you. You should put other people first and take care of their needs before you take care of your own needs, and so on. And so that’s what it sounds like.

And then you actually eventually lose touch with what your own needs might be. You often don’t even know that you have needs because you spend all your energy looking after everybody else. So let’s take a look at what was going on.

This is also a level of disempowerment. There’s also a level of not speaking up for yourself. Not speaking up is related to the fifth chakra. So for you, the issue is between the second and fifth chakra.

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Okay, so speaking up for your needs and wants and desires. Second and fourth chakra. And also, maybe a little bit of powerlessness with the abuse.

Powerlessness, not owning your power, not feeling safe. Gosh, you could talk about all the chakras in this one; not feeling safe, not feeling secure, and not being in touch with your needs and desires are the first chakra issues.

Feeling disempowered and powerless are third-chakra-related. So all those things keep you shut down and keep you from being yourself. But as you work on that and clear your energy system, you reveal yourself to yourself. Then there’s also a revelation of your gifts. So you can reclaim your power, get in touch with your needs, and reclaim your voice.

Your Higher Self, Chakras, And Facing Challenges In Life get in touch with your own higher guidance to combat challenges in life

And so the voice relates to the fifth chakra. This is both on a physical level and also on a spiritual level. The inner voice, being able to hear your own higher guidance and being able to follow it. Being in touch with your power, your own energy, and your third chakra, and using your energy to listen to and follow your voice.

Being in touch with your body through your Clairsentience. Understanding what your body wants and needs and being able to talk about that. And getting yourself into a more stable situation where you don’t have to be frightened of what’s going to happen to you. This is the safety and security of the first chakra level. So hopefully, that’s making sense. You all have these journeys of life, challenges of life. And it all relates to the journey through our chakra system.”

Understanding the relationship between your chakras, your intuitive side, and your life challenges can be the first step on the road to a more relaxed and fulfilling life. It can make life more of a joy to live.

You can find more of the questions and challenges Dr. Lesley answers in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How Life Challenges, Spiritual Growth, And Intuition Are Interwoven. Then you can start down the road to trusting your intuition and clearing unwanted life challenges more readily.

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Here is the remainder of the questions from listeners during the broadcast of How Life Challenges, Spiritual Growth, And Intuition Are Interwoven:

  • Lorie – I’m attaching to the male second chakra for courage and want to disconnect.
  • S P – Hello! I struggle with being present in the world. I have to force myself to do grounding meditation due to this. Thanks!
    • S P’s response to her reading – Thank you so much. This is my first time here. Yes, I suffered many very traumatic experiences. OMGosh, yes, I was silenced, etc. (ex-nun). I don’t feel safe here in the earthly realm after all this.
  • Karen – I am going through a breakup which is making me see I have to let go of old patterns that were not working for me.
  • Misty – Work situation? Employee shortage and working too much? Is it the Root chakra? How do you correct it? Misty Fisher Yes, yes refocused, and spiritual aspect, thank you!
  • Katie – I tragically lost my mom and aunt when I was 17 years old. I wonder if this has anything to do with the challenges I have experienced in relationships, particularly unfulfilling romantic relationships. Katie Budaj Yes, I agree! Their energy is still very much around me. I do believe that I love myself and others unconditionally. I agree that is what I am missing in my current and past relationships. Thank you.
  • Karen C I developed Graves disease. Could this overactive thyroid issue be from fear of speaking out/abuse? Which chakras could this affect?
  • S P – I soo believe we are multi-dimensional beings. I actually became a nun because I thought I’d be safe after all the early life trauma. I am planning on making an appointment with you. Thank you!!
  • Samie – Feeling a bit caged/trapped… any connections with my chakras?
  • Sharon – It is becoming more apparent what I am here to do. For example, when I was a child, I had a huge interest/affinity for herbs, health, and nutrition. Still, I got distracted until recently when I got a diploma in herbalism. I now see that there were frequent instances when I was being ‘prodded’ to go in that direction but didn’t listen.
  • Roslyn – I have positive goals but have to fight harder because of a dark entity attached. Which chakra can help if it is strengthened?
  • SG – A challenge I face is with a specific friendship. We argue and have been going on and off again since we met. It makes me think maybe a past life of ours causes this. Also, I think this goes with 2nd chakra. What do you see?

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