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July 25, 2016

Is Astral Travel Real, Astral Projection Dangers – UYT009

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Is It Done With Mirrors?

Many people have come to me to ask, “Is astral travel real?” Many others that I have worked with have experienced out-of-body experiences, also known as ‘astral trips’ or ‘astral projection’. During these excursions, they stated that they would float outside of their physical form and could watch themselves sleeping or meditating.

Is Astral Travel Real, Astral Projection Dangers

What Is Astral Travel?

Our Reality, as many would say is a holographic project that each individual creates. It is accomplished using thought projection, basically. This type of projection can also be called consciousness. We experience this reality as REAL, for lack of a better word. Astral Projection is when we leave this reality, and the conscious mind actually separates from the body to roam freely wherever it may. Remember that you are not your physical body alone. You are mainly Spirit having a physical experience. Spirit is not bound by time or space.

Astral Travel Experience

While you astral travel, you are actually fully aware of everything you confront while being out of your body. Whether you know it or not, everyone Astral travels in one form or another during their lifetime. Many people can accomplish this while fully awake or in a state of meditation generally, an astral projection guided meditation for beginners. The most common out-of-body experience, however, is while you are asleep. You can call this a dream if you would like to. During lucid dreaming states especially.

The notion of astral travel is not unique to what we would call our enjoy an astral travel experience beyond realityMetaphysical realm. It has been around forever. It was quite prevalent in ancient China. Most people do not always remember their dreams. Because of this, Astral Projection experiences are not necessarily recalled or recognized, and this is one of the reasons that it is still not a widely accepted reality.

Most of the Astral experiences that the majority of people experience is visiting what they would consider a real place. These areas can be very much like places in reality, with normal people occasionally doing extraordinary things like flying or morphing. The vision itself can be very clear or less so.

Another area that Astral travelers may access is the Akashic records, a repository of all information, present, past, and future, including all your past and future lives. This is where Psychic receive their information during readings in most cases.

Is Astral Travel Real? The Spiritual Perspective

Now for the proof of the question of ‘Is astral projection real.’ A group of scientists sought out and located an individual who was known as an astral traveler, who could do so whenever they pleased, and who volunteered to be studied. So they hook her up to their equipment and found something amazing.

The subject was monitored while she traveled outside of herself. The fMRI that was monitoring the brain wave activity showed activation in the left side of the brain. This is linked with several regions related to kinesthetic imagery, which includes mental imagery of bodily movement. This part of the mind enables us to get around in reality. It actually allows you to physically feel where it is in relationship to the material world.

This was the first time this type of study was done. So did it prove that astral travel is real or not? Even though she did sense and see her body from outside of it, and the equipment agreed with her, the scientists still did not attest that it was her spirit doing so. We know better!

You can learn more about this study in an article written by Jordan Kushins: Scientists unlock the mystery of out-of-body experiences (aka astral trips)

Is Astral Travel Real? The Metaphysical Perspective…learn some new astral projection techniques

Astral projection or Astral travel is real and fun. As I mentioned earlier, it happens when your astral body, some may call your consciousness, spirit, or soul, willfully leaves the body, otherwise called an out-of-body experience or O.B.E. Some consider this a form of telepathy. Since the astral body is not part of the physical anatomy, it is not bound by space or time and is capable of navigating the universe, time, and reality. This can be accomplished when you learn all about astral projection for beginnersare sleeping and astral travel in dreams. This is very common. Many people also have OBEs in a meditative state, often using astral projection trance music to assist in the relaxing of the mind.

An Out Of Body Experience using your astral body on the astral plane can be exciting and fun. It can offer an expanded playground for conscious experience in a realm where you have no limitations of the physical form. You can also travel out of your body as pure consciousness, which is your true nature, your core being, or in other bodies, such as your light body.

Dangers Of Astral Projection

Some people feel that there are astral projection dangers that will encounter if they are not careful. There are lots of Myths about out-of-body experiences that are just not true. Even though astral projection for beginners is best mentored by an astral projection guide, who can teach you useful astral projection techniques. There is no need to fear any astral travel dangers. This will save you lots of trial and error. Many books and websites discuss how to astral project step by step.
I have led many people on these spiritual excursions. They can be fun and rewarding as well.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Types of Out Of Body Experience (O.O.B.E.)
  • Fifteen (15)  clues that you have had an O.O.B.E.
  • Myths about out-of-body experience.
  • Easy astral projection techniques for beginners.
  • Astral projection benefits.

If you would like some astral projection proof, join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Astral Travel Real, Astral Projection Dangers, as we discuss the question and much more.

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  1. Dear Dr Lesley,
    I have not been able to remember my dream., except for rare occasions and the dream is always the same.
    I am somewhere unknown amongst people, decide to leave (not sure why) and start traveling become frightfully lost anxious and alone. I wake up feeling bad and confused.
    Is Astral l projection possible for me

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