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December 6, 2022

Intuitive Thinking – Your Intuition And How You Fit In The World UYT355

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You Are Unique

Intuitive thinking, intuition, and how you fit into the world is this installment in the series about “my perspective on psychic abilities and psychic development.” Everyone has a unique perspective on every topic because you are a unique individual. No single one of you is precisely the same.

You look different, don’t you? You have all got different fingerprints. So on a physical level, not one of you is the same as another. So why would your life be identical to anyone else? Why would your intuitive and psychic gifts be identical to another’s?

Intuitive Thinking – Your Intuition And How You Fit In The World

Is Intuitive Thinking And Intuition Similar?

On a spiritual level, you are all snowflakes, unique sparks of divine consciousness. You are unique aspects of God, of Divine Source energy. And so, one way to conceive of this is if you imagine an infinitely large jigsaw puzzle. Let’s call it the image of God. And this is a great big image, including everything to do with God made into a jigsaw puzzle.

So each of those jigsaw puzzles could be one of you and totally unique. Together you make up the image of God. And as individuals, you are also a reflection of the image of God. This point is worth repeating because it is easy to forget or ignore. You are one with divine consciousness, an individuated spark of that divine consciousness. you are part of god

Another metaphor for explaining this vital fact could be considering the ocean and the individual drops of water that make it up. When the ocean waves come and go, the water splashes and droplets of water reside on the shore. These drops of water are all drops of ocean water. And each drop of ocean water has a life of its own as it flies out into the air and plummets back into the ocean. It then becomes part of the ocean again.

And you are a little bit like that. You are an individual in the ocean of consciousness. You individuate yourself to experience yourself in the density of physical reality if you are talking about yourself as a human being.

How Do You Fit In With The Rest Of Humanity?

How does this relate to how you fit into the world? So instead of talking about God, which is all that is, which is everything, consider Planet Earth and humanity. Each of you is part of the population of this lovely planet. You are a human being living among other human beings having a physical experience.

As well, you are individuated aspects of the collective consciousness of humanity. One way to look at it is to think about an orchestra. When everything is working well, all of the instruments are perfectly in tune, and they are all following the score, you have harmony and beautiful music results.

However, if some of the instruments are out of tune or someone is having an off day, you have disharmony. This results in poor music quality. Not enjoyable for anyone. So each of you in this metaphor is like one of those instruments in the orchestra. You fit within and have a place within that orchestra. You express your unique self. Whether you’re a violin, a clarinet, a bassoon, or a flute, you fit. And together with all the other instruments, you have the potential to make harmonious music or a discordant cacophony.

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Why Are You Here?

Each of you came here to play your special note, your unique energetic frequency, as part of the symphony of souls together on this planet. And when you fit, expressing your particular note, then you can help create harmony in the world. This is when you can feel as though you fit and belong. Because to feel as though you fit in and belong, you have to be true to your own being. So you have to align with your higher being and play your unique frequency.

You are human. Sometimes you feel on, and sometimes you feel off. Sometimes you feel aligned, and sometimes you feel out of alignment. And that’s part of the human journey. But that’s also an inbuilt indicator that helps you realize whether you are in alignment with your higher self. Are you playing your unique note, or are you out of alignment?

How You Fit In The World And Your Intuitionlearn to trust your gut feeling

Now let’s bring intuition into the fold. How does intuition help you to integrate into this world? Your intuition helps you realize if you are in or out of alignment. By examining your chakras, you can read your energy and how you connect your human experience.

There are 7 chakras involved in this exercise but let’s begin with the heart chakra. Your heart chakra is where you feel passion or attraction to a person, an activity, or a subject. If you follow that passion, you feel good. You feel in alignment. If you go against that feeling, you will probably feel disappointed and unfulfilled. That is your affinity. It’s an intuitive aspect of the heart chakra.

The forms of intuition within the heart chakra are affinity and oneness. Oneness is the interconnectedness of all things. And affinity is what you love and feel drawn to and passionate about. It is a magnetic force of compulsion and attraction that draws things together, things or people that are in sync or have matching frequencies with you.

For example, in your heart, you feel a passion for sailing, and you’re drawn to sailing. Suppose you listen to that affinity within your heart. In that case, it’s like an learn to trust your psychic compass and intuitive thinkingintuitive compass, guiding you in the direction of your soul’s authentic, your authentic expression of your higher being. It tells you what you love. You are in alignment if you choose what you love and follow it.

Your Intuitive Compass Or Intuitive Thinking

But if you choose what you don’t love, you are not living in alignment. You can feel this strongly. However, lots of people do this. Many do so out of misplaced obligation or responsibility. These burdens are generally programmed within you from an outside source.

These programming levels like to please other people first, pulling you out of alignment with your higher being. Then your life doesn’t really feel true to you. You don’t feel like you are fitting in with the world. There is disharmony. You can feel your life isn’t all that you wanted it to be.

So you come equipped with this intuitive compass that will, if you follow it, helps direct you toward happiness and fulfillment. It keeps you in alignment with your higher being and what’s in your heart center that’s in your heart chakra.

This is like in the earlier analogy. You are like an instrument in the orchestra that’s in tune. Playing the part that was explicitly written for the instrument regardless if it is the clarinet, oboe, flute, bassoon, or anything else, even the triangle.

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Oneness And Your Heart Chakra

What is oneness? Another aspect of the heart chakra the interconnectedness or oneness. This is like the orchestra, the entire orchestra, all the orchestras, and you are a specific part of them. It’s all of everything and how it connects and how it resonates. It can all exist and coexist together in harmony.

Like the first analogy of the image of God, the great giant jigsaw puzzle, you, as one of the pieces fitting with all the others perfectly, is oneness. Whether you are a corner or middle piece, you are meant to be that distinct piece. Obviously, you cannot force your corner piece into the middle. It doesn’t work, making you feel out of sync with your life. You are here in this physical world to express the unique aspect of divine energy that you are. You are the light of the worldyou are the light of the world.

You fit within the world, full stop. Why? Because you are a unique aspect of divine consciousness. You’re an aspect of God. So there is nothing more worthy of belonging in the world than you?

This is how you fit in the world. And how you can do it is by listening to your intuition. It tunes you into your higher self because it is a part of your higher self.

So why do you sometimes feel that you don’t fit in? We have looked at two reasons.

Remember, if you’re out of alignment with your inner life alignment you will feel like you don’t fit in the world. You came here to express our unique divine spark. And that’s the game here. It is to bring the light of your soul and express it through the physical body and to go through a process of revelation of discovering who you are. You are here to follow your highest and greatest joy because your highest and greatest joy is the path that helps you to express your authentic self.

So if you choose anything other than joy, you will be out of sync with your unique vibration because the vibration of your soul is a vibration of love and joy. So by following your heart in the direction of what you love and what brings you joy, you remain aligned with your higher being.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Intuitive Thinking | Your Intuition And How You Fit In The World as we explore some people fit and some do not and how intuition and intuitive thinking will help.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Intuitive Thinking | Your Intuition And How You Fit In The World:

  • Katie – Corry, you bring up a great point! There are signs when we are out of alignment, but how do we know what to do to bring us into alignment? First, let go of what is not bringing you joy – whether it’s a situation, relationship, item, etc. Then manifest what you want by believing or visualizing you have it and how that feels.
  • Brian – Dr. Lesley, can we get intuitive guidance about a path to take and feel that excitement and joy, flow and alignment, and then that fear and lower vibration move in? I take it from the mind. Do we go with the initial reaction? For example, I have a chance to go home for Christmas. It seemed that it was in flow and alignment. Yet then, fear of dealing with my parents, being exposed to the different illness’s out there (not risking getting my family sick), finances, etc., came into play. How do I know what is right and resolve that since the two opposing views are present?
    • Yes, it makes sense. The initial reaction to going brought excitement and joy. That was my higher self, that was alignment, that makes it clear, I can see the difference, thank you!
  • BC – Those concepts of god and religion, initially presented to me when I was young, just never felt right. They didn’t seem to fit me until I understood it from a different perspective on spirituality, then it resonated!
  • Cole – What’s funny about that is that the Bible refers to psychics and seers. It’s such a paradox!
  • Budaj – I learned the “zoom out” method this week that takes you out of your head and ego. You Zoom outside your body to look at yourself from above or behind. You can view the surroundings – the room or immediate area. Zoom out again to the building or larger area. You become more aware of those around you, your role, and how you appear to others. Keep zooming out until you can see the whole world and beyond, the universe.

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