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May 30, 2023

You Can Have An Intuitive Personality And Still be Playful UYT374

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Does Your Intuition Make You Too Serious?

Do you know you can develop your intuitive personality and still be playful? So why are you not playful with your intuition? And what is meant by being playful with your intuitive aptitude? So why aren’t you playful with your intuition?

You Can Have An Intuitive Personality And Still be Playful

Why Are You So Serious Regarding Using Your Intuitive Abilities?

Well, you find you approach employing your intuition with a level of seriousness because you usually want to access your intuition when you feel desperate. Often it is when you have a problem, feel challenged, or put yourselves under pressure. This often happens because you have to decide or choose between one thing or another, and you feel torn. And, like most people, this is when you put pressure on yourself, take life seriously.

These states of mind can cause you to become desperate. This is when your intuitive personality can kick in, and you turn to your internal intuitive compass for direction in the way of an intuitive answer. You can consider this to be personal intuitive counseling.

What Can Cause You Real Stress?what can cause you real stress

Another option is to seek out someone you think has these amazing intuitive abilities and ask them what you should do. Many life and spiritual issues can cause the type of stress you may be facing.

Looking back on when Unlocking Your Truth first aired, over seven years ago, you could go to our website and get a complimentary card reading. Then, you could ask any question you like. And that question could be answered on the radio show. There were over 1000 people over the first couple of years who asked for help.

And the kinds of questions that were asked were all very serious. Yet the questions fell under some general themes:

  • career
  • life purpose
  • relationships
  • finances
  • health

People usually ask these questions because they have a challenge, a struggle, or a problem. Of course. If things are going well, why bother consulting a psychic source or working at accessing your intuition?

The adage, “desperate times call for desperate measures,” holds true. Of course, there were times when people might ask questions for entertainment purposes. They would ask things like:

  • who’s my spirit guide
  • what’s my past life
  • what’s my best psychic ability
  • future predictions because they were not happy at that specific time

Many of you struggle to access your intuition or seek answers elsewhere because you have put yourselves under so much stress and stress. You are looking for some form of a fresh start. You might hope that there’s a magic wand that says things will get better in the future.

Other times you might be in grief and want to know that your loved one is okay. A little later, we will review some of the top questions people used to ask.

Why Take The Road Of Awakening Your Intuitive Personality?

Over the years, I have educated people so they don’t search for the answers to these questions elsewhere. Instead, they have an intuitive awakening and learn to follow their psychic guidance.

Telling The Futureyour intuitive personality may see into the future

When you think of psychics and psychic readings, do you think about being told about the future? Future time questions are one of those things people want to be answered. Here is the issue with “telling the future.” It is possible, but mostly because you create your reality. And someone telling you what MAY happen in the future can actually cause you to alter your projection in life.

Here is a quick example. If you met with a reader and they told you that you fell to your death in an elevator, what effect would that have on you? Would you begin avoiding avoid elevators? You have been controlled. Your future has been directed by some who is not you. Edgar Casey stated that a prophet is only a guide. Someone who may tell you what could happen in the future so that you can alter it. The future is not cut in stone.

Empowering people to create their own reality is the best route. So any future time questions and answers it’s up to you and your energy. But yet, people want the work done for them. It does not function that way. That is not why you are here.

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Book Your Psychic Reading Today

Questions Regarding Career And Life Purpose

Here are some of the top-tier questions I have been asked.

Career: It could take one of two forms; career or why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing in this life? What am I meant to be doing? Should I be in this career? Should I change to another career?

Will I get a new job soon? Will I have a successful career on the path that I am following? Will it take me into a good future?

Life Purpose: What’s mylife purpose? What’s my soul’s mission? Why am I here on Earth? It feels like there’s a reason, but I don’t know what it is. Why am I blocked from my destiny?

That tier of inquiries comprised about 40 to 50% of the questions from the card readings. These were serious matters for people, life’s big questions.

Questions Regarding Relationshipslearn how relationships and how the chakras influence them

The second severe type of thing people would want to consult intuitive guidance about is relationships. You’ll quickly get the tone of these the most common questions asked about relationships.

Relationships: How does so and so feel about me? Is so and so cheating on me? We broke up; will we get back together? Should I stay or should I go? When will I meet my soulmate? Is so and so my soulmate. Is so and so my Twin Flame? How can I improve my love life? Do we have a future together?

And so you can tell from the tone of those that they’re founded around desperation, powerlessness, and uncertainty. Because the people asking are not feeling empowered by their self-perception and self-guidance.

Free Healing and Intuition Course

Free Healing and Intuition Course

Questions Regarding Health

And then another common question is about health. And if somebody asks a health question, they’re not feeling playful. They’ve reached a point where they’re feeling desperate in some way. And often when people will come to somebody who’s intuitive because they’ve exhausted all of the conventional approaches to health care. And now they’re very desperate because they’ve been through the conventional stuff. They are far down the road and do not know what to do. So, in fact, they’re feeling very serious about that. They need to feel more playful.

Heath: Why is this happening to me? Why am I so unhealthy? What’s the cause of this disease or that disease? Or am I healthy? Will I get pregnant? (Which is funny.) Because there’s such a thing as a pregnancy test kit that you can get from the pharmacy.) This is because they’re looking for problems. And so that person’s reached the stage of desperation. And in some senses, they haven’t listened to the earliest signs of things. And they’ve got all the way down to a physical emanation. And then, they go for help from an energy healer or an intuitive, and they are in a serious state.

This is all very real. This is the status of humanity, of most people on your planet. They’re out of touch with their own intuition. They’re out of alignment with their own higher being. And you feel desperate. Yet with some understanding of the power of their intuitive personality and powers, they could intervene in their own lives. Sense and even stop the health issues early, mend the relationship, and understand their life purpose.

Another word that you want to include in there is self-responsibility. Many people who ask for advice from a psychic or intuitive are afraid to take on the responsibility of making their own decisions and doing the work. For example, with the relationship question, “Should I get back together with them?” that’s your responsibility to develop that answer yourself. You can’t go to somebody else and ask them. They can’t feel it all nor understand all the quirks of your relationship. That’s something your base intuition can do.

Responsibility is key, with many of these people looking for outside answers. And that makes it all such a serious thing. And they can even want somebody else to create their reality for them. So they’re letting go of their power and responsibility for themselves and their self-created life.

Questions Regarding Moneyyour intuitive personality and the law of attraction

Career life, purpose, relationships, and health are some of the top questions. Financial issues and money are other strong life concerns that cause stress and desperation.

Financial: Why am I blocked financially? When will I get some money? When will my luck change? Tell me the winning lottery numbers. (People used to write in with that question) Will such and such a person give me my money back? So people who’ve lent money to friends and maybe family are then let down because of it. So these are pretty common questions around money.

Some of the other questions are about home life. Fairly often, I used to get asked: When will I move? Or where should I move to? Or what country should I live in? Or what city or what town should I live in? Life sucks here. So if I transplant myself somewhere else, surely life will get better. But it’s that saying, “Wherever you go, there you are.” So it would be best if you worked internally to change things externally.

And then some other common questions, many of which are oriented into future time.

Future Time: What does the future hold for me? Will my life get better?

And, of course, some people will make that prediction for you. Occasionally I do as well. But if I do, then I

will say it’s based on your energy as it is now. And if you don’t change anything about your energy, it will keep its direction.

None of you are ever that stuck that you can’t change. So based on that, the likely probability is that if you don’t like this future time trajectory, you can change it. If you do like it, then you know, hold the vibration.

Questions Regarding Spiritualityhow to become a spiritual person

And so those questions about a person’s life are predominant. And then occasionally, you would get somebody who would ask:

Spirituality: Who is my spirit guide? Who was I in a past life? Is my deceased loved one who’s on the other side okay?

You understand that people often don’t want to consult their intuition when they’re in a challenging situation and feeling very serious. And so it’s very hard to be playful with your intuition if you have a serious disease, if you are broke, have relationship challenges, or don’t like your job and want it to change.

You are not playful with intuition because you feel disempowered. An excellent psychic will empower you to be self-reliant. A bad one might make you reliant on their services. Your intuitive personality may not be playful, but you can change that through work and by being playful.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, You Can Have An Intuitive Personality And Still Be Playful, and learn that you do not have to be serious to use your playful intuitive abilities.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of You Can Have An Intuitive Personality And Still Be Playful:

  • Njeri – I love this topic!
  • CK – Generally, when people are learning something, they are pretty serious about it. How can you be playful when developing your intuition?
  • Penni – Meditation is hard for me. Do you have any tips? I try to embrace universal healing energies to improve my health. https://drlesleyphillips.com/meditation-in-vancouver/free-meditations/

Take A Psychic Ability Quiz

Your Free Psychic Ability Quiz
  • Kam – How did you develop your psychic abilities? Any systems you recommend?
  • Katie – I love to learn about any- and everything. I enjoy discovering more about my intuition and psychic abilities by trying new things, staying open to possibilities, and letting go of attachments and expectations. So, I am playful when I stay curious.
  • Penni – Makes perfect sense; when you get older, you seem to get more cynical; would that be a reason for losing your intuitive ability?
  • Denise – I hear psychic music 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. What is that?
  • Krystal – Is there an ideal way to dispel pain or heal a condition by communicating with the body’s consciousness to align their body and spirit?

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