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May 10, 2022

How Your Living And Work Spaces Can Affect Your Intuitive Abilities UYT330

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Are You An Intuitive Person?

You all have intuitive abilities. But are you using them to the utmost of their capacity? So, if not, what is affecting your unique psychic gifts? And in particular, is your environment negatively impacting your intuition? And are you having any issues recognizing your abilities? If any of these questions seem to resonate, you will find the answers below.

How Your Living And Work Spaces Can Affect Your Intuitive Abilities.

Why Some Are More Intuitive Than Others.

The level of intuition, recognizing and using your intuitive abilities, may seem to vary from person to person. However, everyone has the same access to these psychic abilities. So why the discrepancy?

I don’t ever want to present it like a hard and fast rule, “you must do this,” and “you must not do that,” to develop your psychic abilities. But I would say from my experience in teaching intuition for over 25 years now that certain things can help you hone your skills.

What Affects Your Intuitive Abilities?how to help your psychic kids with developing psychic abilities

The first thing that can help you access your intuitive abilities, especially when you are first starting out, is creating a daily meditation practice. Meditation is a process used to connect you to your higher self, your Spirit. Intuitive abilities are gifts of the Spirit, and you bring them with you into this life. However, you lose your connection to these gifts somewhere along the way. One thing that happens is negative energy enters your inner being.

This negative energy needs to be released, and the easiest way to do this is through meditation. A grounding meditation, to be specific. When you first go down this path, a guided meditation works best. It removes much of the responsibility of doing everything right from you. This allows you to reap the benefits.

Free Guided Meditation To Help You Ground

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding

It is an excellent idea to have a quiet space to create a relaxing meditative state. But, of course, that doesn’t mean that you always have to be in meditation to access your intuition. But suppose you are committed and devoted to awakening your psychic abilities and developing your intuition. In that case, the correct meditation is the easiest and fastest path.

Creating Your Meditation Zone

And so, it can be an idea to have a meditation zone in your home. Choose a space somewhere where it’s comfortable. Your meditation spot should afford some semblance of privacy. This can be someplace quiet and secluded, especially if you have a big family, where you can shut a door. Something that allows everyone to know you are meditating. Even a “meditation in progress” sign might be handy.

Equip your meditation refuge with a comfortable chair or some comfortable cushions and even a meditation blanket if you so desire. In addition, many people like to include some artwork that is conducive to meditation and live plants. There are also things like little ornaments, ceremonial objects, or crystals that can be added to make this your personal space. All to your own taste. how meditation can help you answer life's hard questions

The general idea is somewhere where you can be left alone, feel relaxed, peaceful, and quiet so that you can easily go into and remain in a meditative state. The idea is that you can turn within and meditate and practice accessing your intuitive gifts.

So number one, I would say a meditation space. And meditation is the way I teach intuition. So you access your intuitive abilities through meditation and working with that spiritual energy.

A Special Environment To Help Aid In Developing Your Intuitive Abilities

Another idea for a really supportive environment for meditation and accessing and developing your psychic gifts is to be out in nature. Somewhere like a park with beautiful trees and plants. Someplace where it’s lovely, green, and verdant. A place where you can hear the bird song or water trickling from a stream or a pond. These are all perfect places to meditate. Most often, out in nature, the energy can feel evident. You can also meditate sitting by the ocean, on a rock, or on the beach. Rocks and sand can be quite grounding.

The energy at the seaside is lovely, or by a waterfall, a lake, a river, or running water of some kind. Waterfalls are my favorite because the motion of the waterfall can also be very grounding. And also, the movement of water can be very cleansing. It can clear your system for releasing the negative energy you don’t want into the waterfall or stream.

Out in nature, sitting at the base of a mountain or on some kind of rock like granite can be very grounding. So there are different energies out there in nature that you can explore. You can select what works for you regarding what is conducive to getting into a meditative state.

There are other notable places you can go to connect to your intuitive abilities. Over and above nature, there are zones and areas around the planet where powerful energy vortices are found. These powerful sources of positive energy can be sacred sites that you can visit and have a meditative experience connecting you to your psychic gifts.

Open Your Intuition Meditation

Free Open Your Intuition Meditation

There are lots of these power spots. Some of them are very famous, like Stone Henge, Glastonbury, Mount Shasta, Kilimanjaro, and a unique rock called Uluru. Many of these high-energy places are teaming with fast-moving energy. This energy can accelerate and amplify your personal energy and ability to meditate and uncover or expand your intuitive gifts.

So even in your local environment, even in your garden, you might find a little power spot that feels good for you to meditate.

Deterrents To Developing Intuitive Abilitieshow to develop psychic abilities

All these areas mentioned are positive energy creators. However, there are also negative energy expanders that will interfere with your intuitive abilities. It is all about what is going on energetically around you.

For example, you move into a new house, and you feel like it’s haunted. Or maybe you share a house with somebody who is depressed, afraid, or going through some trauma. These things can cause enough negative energy to creep into your personal energy stores. This can really negatively affect your psychic resonance.

So what can you do in cases like this? First, you can ground the property. What is meant by grounding the property? Again, listen to those meditations that teach you to ground. But in this case, create a connection between the foundation of the property and the center of the earth. And then you are inviting all out of alignment energies to drop down that grounding cord. Imagine it like an energy flow, a waterfall, or just a big hole where the negative energy drops down into the earth.

And if you do that, you will instantly feel very different within your body because it changes the environment. It releases and lets go of all the energy distortions from the space. So tip number one is to give the environment that you are meditating in a grounding cord.

Clearing Your Home Of Negative Energygounding meditation clears negative energy

The second thing that you can do is create a column of gold light that flows from infinity, the Universe, through the roof of the building and flows through the building and down the grounding cord. So now you have this column of cleansing energy that is raining through like rain or a waterfall, constantly through the property. This is washing it clean. Cleansing it as it travels through all the atoms and molecules and electrons and washing away negative energies.

This golden light causes it to become unattractive to the dense, negative energies to exist in that high vibration gold energy. So if you are looking for an energetic way to cleanse the energy in your home, then that would be the way to do it. And you would find that your intuition would be enhanced when you do that. This is because now you no longer have to deal with distractions and interferences. That leaves the environment clean and clear for you to really focus on what you want to do, which is to meditate and access your intuition.

There are other ways to enhance your environment to help you bolster your intuitive abilities. Yet the central concept is the idea for you to stay constantly grounded. And the same thing for your home is to keep it constantly grounded. And if you are having that column of gold energy flowing through it, that is constantly washing and cleansing.

Now one other thing that you can do is you can assign some spirit guides to help maintain the vibration in your home and in your workplace. So there are specific guides and angels that you can have specialize in that kind of thing. These beings would be happy to fulfill your request and specialize in keeping the energy safe in your environment.

Open Your Intuition Meditation

Free Open Your Intuition Meditation

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How Your Living And Work Spaces Can Affect Your Intuitive Abilities, as we discover how to prepare your different environments to help us develop your intuitive abilities.

Here is the remainder of the questions from listeners during the broadcast of How Your Living And Work Spaces Can Affect Your Intuitive Abilities:

  • Brian – If we ground the home and add the column of light, do we need to refresh it often. I know you mention a person needs to ground several times as it’s easy to get off balance. Does it need to be done as often with the home/environment? Kind of reminds me of churches. Some of them you walk into feel really peaceful. The energy is different in some of them. It’s nice.
  • Tracy – What about a TV? Should you ground the TV to enhance your Psychic Abilities?
  • Ligia – How can you control your surroundings in a work office environment with other people?
  • Cole – How do you stay grounded; I know your meditation helps us ground and center, but how do we maintain it throughout the day? Are there tips/tricks to it?
  • Misty – What about people who take prescriptions or alcohol? Does that change or dirty their metaphoric window or their intuition?
  • SG – I don’t remember the last time I had a good sleep. I feel like it has been years. How can I get a deeper, more restful sleep? I feel like I’m always anxious. Also, I know my anxiety also blocks my intuition.
  • Melissa – Does cannabis use make us ungrounded?
  • BC – The centering meditation is fantastic; not always easy to remember, but I always feel an instant shift with it!

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