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February 21, 2023

What Is Blocking The Advancement Of Your Intuition Skills

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Learning How To Listen To Your Intuition

Are you interested in developing your intuition skills and psychic abilities, but you feel somehow blocked? Of course, you all have psychic gifts. But just like any learning skill, it takes work, persistence, and overcoming the blocks in your way. Learning how to develop Intuition is precisely the same. Blocked Intuition can be very frustrating.

Can Intuition Be Improved?

Your intuition skills are exactly that, skills. And skills are susceptible to improvement. Your intuitive aptitude itself has different classifications. Before you can improve on something, it is a good idea to understand the subject.

Find Your Intuition Style

Your Free Psychic Ability Quiz

Your intuition skills are the same. So where do you start? Simple, learn how to test your Intuition. You can take an intuition quiz to determine the strength of your psychic gifts and which are most prominent.

For instance, forcing your Clairvoyance when your Clairsentience is more predominant may waste your energy. This search for psychic abilities is also when intuitive counseling or intuitive coaching with psychic advisors can be beneficial.

Psychic Ability Blueprint

Get Your Psychic Ability Blueprint

How To Adjust Your Intuitive Compass

One of the best ways to understand where you may be stumbling concerning your psychic and intuitive abilities is to ask questions. That is when a strong intuitive counselor like Dr. Lesley Phillips comes into play.

She can and will answer your tough questions about your intuition skills, like what is blocking it, whatlearn to trust your psychic compass direction should go with your psychic abilities, and what intuitive training, courses, or programs would benefit you. This Q&A session will answer some of your more pertinent questions about your personal psychic development and psychic experience.

Questions And Answers About Advancing Intuition Skills

Jeanette Asks – Yeah, I don’t know. Like, I’m trying to decide. But that is probably part of the reason. But, as you know, I’ve got my business. And, so, I’m feeling a little blocked with that.

I was getting those intuitive hits, right, and that guidance. But, recently, I have yet to receive anything. And nothing’s happening with my business, too. So, I’d like to know if I am blocked intuitively and energetically.

So my question can be that I’ve got a problem with my business, my relationship. But ultimately, what I am seeking is some higher guidance to help me know my purpose and weave a path forward.

Dr. Lesley’s response for Jeanette – Sounds like your question is, Why? Why might I be blocked? So you received some guidance about what to do concerning your business? And then you’re not getting anything happening?

Jeanette – Yeah, pretty much so. So we connected? I remember it was maybe a couple of months ago. I am trying to remember. But yeah, like I was, I was getting some intuitive guidance, you know, in terms of doing the podcast and just ways to approach the business.

Dr. Lesley – So one of the things that can happen when you have a business is you almost always have to manage the business’s energy. So often, if you have insecurities, it spills over onto the business. So if you’re feeling doubt in your ability to create it, feeling fear that you won’t be able to earn enough money from it, that’s your personal vibration. It can affect your business.

It would help if you managed your vibration. And you need to ensure you can treat the business as a separate entity and keep the vibration clear. I will share 7 Tips To Strengthen Your Intuition with you because it’s relevant to your question.

These are seven common intuition blocks. In my experience teaching this Intuition and psychic ability content for a long time, there are seven common blocks to people accessing their higher guidance. Any of this will get you out of the zone, out of the vortex, as you were saying. So the block you were talking about was doubt. Is that right, Jeanette?

Jeanette – Yeah. And, while I feel like I’m on the right path, and I’ve had confirmation of that. But, now I wonder if it was real. I feel like I’m giving up. And, like, I’m losing my drive right to do it.

Dr. Lesley – So yes, there’s almost an eighth block. I’ll go over them all in a minute. If there were an eighth block, it would be once you’ve overcome all of the seven other blocks, you have to take action steps. You have to trust your Intuition and do it. And often, this is where people trip up in their manifestation of things. They take what they deem are all the steps. They are doing what they think they need to do. Yet they are not getting the results.

So then, because they feel they are not getting the results, their vibration goes down. They do not getis your belief system holding blocking using your psychic abilities those specific results. Instead of holding the vibration and holding the belief long enough for the external reality to shift to match the new vibration, they give up and negate the whole process. Does that make sense?

Jeanette – Yeah. And I’ve been trying not to have it affect me. If something doesn’t come to me, then that’s okay. Because something better is coming, and I’m doing my best not to get attached to it. But I don’t know if maybe, subconsciously, I’m freaking out a little bit.

Dr. Lesley – Yeah, it sounds like you’re looking at the immediate results and saying it’s not working. Instead of holding the faith and the vibration long enough. Because you definitely can make changes as Spirit. But it takes time for that to catch up with you in physical reality.

So that would be my suggestion. I do have a Manifestation Mastery Course. https://drlesleyphillips.com/manifestation-mastery/

, by the way. It is ten (10) weeks fully immersed in focusing on and managing your vibration, keeping it up, and creating your reality. So that is because, ultimately, whatever is showing up in your reality, it’s coming from you. It’s emanating from you. It’s not some random external thing.

7 Tips To Strengthen Your Intuition

Many of you believe you have Intuition but feel a bit blocked.7 steps to overcome your intuition blocks

These are the seven most common blocks. And most of you may recognize yourself in three or four of them.

Block One

The first one is being busy. You are so busy in the physical world running around here, there, and everywhere, taking action, doing things. But if you don’t take time apart from that, to focus on yourselves and meditate to clear your energy, that interferes with your accessing your Intuition. This block is because your Intuition is not in the physical world. You access it by turning within and quieting the noise of the external physical world. So your Intuition and your higher guidance are in the non-physical reality. And if you’re constantly distracted by all of these things in your physical life, it will detract from your ability to listen to your higher guidance.

Block Two

The next one is the Monkey Mind. And that means your thoughts. And most human beings have thoughts jumping around here, there, and everywhere. The Buddha said the human mind is like a barrel of drunken monkeys. And so most of you can identify with not having a still mind. You sit to turn your focus within, and your mind is jumping around all over the place.

Your mind, intellect, brain, and thoughts are not your Intuition. And so if your focus is on that, then you’re focusing on an aspect of the physical body, and you are separate from your Intuition. So it would be best if you cultivated a quiet mind.

Block Three

The third common intuition block is emotions, emotional overwhelm, and emotional roller coaster.emotions can feel like a roller coaster ride That can be your emotions or the emotions of other people around you. So when you are in that emotional state, it comes from the body. It’s the body reacting to your physical reality. I’m enjoying this reality, or I’m not enjoying this reality. Either way, that’s not you.

The spiritual consciousness becomes the body’s consciousness level. So you need to quiet the mind and calm the emotions to get still and turn within ann access your Intuition.

Block Four

The next intuition block is called the uphill struggle. It means being in a state of effort, and everything the physical body does requires effort. But nothing you do as Spirit requires any effort whatsoever.

And so if you are in some form of effort, you are trying to access your Intuition, your spiritual nature, through the body levels. And this is why you can go to hundreds of workshops, read loads of books, get all sorts of paraphernalia to help you with your Intuition, and still feel stuck. So if you’re approaching it through effort, something else will be needed. If you’re approaching it through your intellect, it won’t work. So it would be best if you released effort.

Block Five

The next block is being in a state of judgment, opposition, seeking to live up to expectations, or having expectations about what Intuition is, and then feeling like you’re not living up to it. So you need to be in a state of non-judgment, neutral acceptance to access your Intuition.

You can access all these things I’m talking about cultivating through Meditation. They will come through an inner focus. In the earlier diagram, 7 Steps To Overcome Your Intuition Blocks, all of these things on the outer ring are related to a body focus.

Block Six

The next block is being in fear. And it can be being afraid of being called crazy. It can be being afraid ofreduce the effects of fear using intuition skills what you might see, digging up the past, seeing a ghost, or having a premonition. It can be a fear of all sorts of things. But fear will keep you stuck and will stop you in your tracks. So it would be best if you banished it.

Block Seven

And then the final one is often you will doubt yourselves, and again that comes from the intellect. Your intellect’s job is to compare things. Weigh out the pros and cons. The intellect questions and categorize things. It will stop your Intuition in its tracks because your Intuition comes from your higher self, and it is instantaneous. You don’t have to struggle in any way to figure it out. It’s an instant knowing, instant seeing, instant hearing. There is no need for physical proof. You know whatever you are experiencing is the absolute truth for you.

7 Common Intuition Blocks Wheel

This wheel gives you the key to accessing and revealing your psychic abilities or at least gives you a big clue. Your intuition skills and psychic abilities have nothing to do with your physical nature. The 22 psychic abilities are gifts of the Spirit. They all enter the world with you at birth. They stay with you all of your life. Then, they go into the next stage of being with you.

The problem is that the physical world drives to the background. Whether you or any of the things from the 7 Common Intuition Blocks Wheel can hold them back, peer, family, and social pressures can make you feel you imagine all these beautiful gifts. All of these would question you speaking to your invisible friend. This friend could be a Spirit, a Spirit Guide, or even an Angel.

What are you willing to do to eliminate those blocks and enjoy the gifts of the Spirit?

You can tune into the rest of the question-and-answer period by listening to the Podcast.

Psychic Ability Blueprint

Get Your Psychic Ability Blueprint

Psychic Abilities Q&A Periodlearn how to develop psychic powers and psychic senses with me

On the third Thursday of each month, Dr. Lesley hosts an open office call on Zoom.

It’s a complimentary 60-minute group coaching call at 1 pm Pacific Time (time may be subject to change, so please register at the link below).

The call is so that you can ask me about your intuition blocks and psychic abilities and discover if you qualify and are a fit for my Psychic Development Training Courses.

There are a few provisos:

  1. Questions will be answered on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. This is NOT so you can get a free psychic reading from me.
  3. I will mention my School of Intuition and Psychic Training courses.

In return, you’ll learn from the answers to your questions and those of others.

Here is the registration link: https://drlesleyphillips.com/free-third-thursdays/

P.S. – It will be recorded, and the video clips may be uploaded to YouTube and included in a Podcast.

Open Your Intuition Meditation

Free Open Your Intuition Meditation

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