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May 24, 2022

Taking A Deep Dive Into My Intuition Book, Intuition And Chakras UYT332

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Intuition And Chakras A Special Instructional Intuition Book

Intuition And Chakras is an intuition book that explains the relationship between your psychic abilities and your chakra system. This is the first installation of a multi-part deep dive into the connections between as many as 22 psychic powers that make up your Psychic Blueprint and your seven primary chakras.

Taking A Deep Dive Into My Intuition Book, Intuition And Chakras

The First Chakra, The Root Chakra, And Developing Psychic Abilities

So, where does intuition come from, and which is the most essential chakra related to awakening your psychic powers? They are all important; however, it is definitely necessary to be familiar with your first chakra for several reasons.

So most people, when they begin to become interested in how to develop psychic abilities, are fascinated by the third eye, or the gateway to higher consciousness, the crown chakra. And they believe that that is where it’s all happening. And for sure, there are lots of things happening there. But if you really want to access your intuition in a way relevant to right here, right now, you have to be connected to your first chakra. This connection energetically creates a grounding chord between you and the planet.

Intuition Blueprint

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Spiritual Grounding

Whether you are using one of your psychic gifts to uncover something for yourself or another person, you must be grounded through your first chakra to the planet’s center. Your first chakra contains your information about your physical reality about the physical world and how to navigate the physical world. And on one level, that means it contains all the information about your physical body, your physical body right down to the DNA, the cells, the physical organs, and the systems of the body.

These are all first chakra-level information on how to create a physical body. All of that programming about life in a physical form is in your first chakra. And also, from a psychic perspective, what you call survival instinct. Simply it is how to stay alive and thrive in this physical environment.

When you start your incarnation cycle on a planet such as Earth, you first have to orient to the planet and figure out what it’s all about. And then, as you go through multiple incarnations, you start to understand how you relate to the world. For example, you understand how to relate to the other forms of life within the world, other humans, how to be part of a human community, etc. And once you have got the survival stuff figured out, you can begin searching for greater meaning in life.

And finally, eventually, you figure out who you are, why you are here. What is your greatest excitement and passion? Then you can begin to express your unique vibration, all the way down at the physical level.

Your First Chakra And The Worldthe first chakra and the survival of the species

Once again, your first chakra is significant because it connects you with this reality. This reality includes things like; this incarnation you are experiencing, some of your income, worldly information stored in the planet, and whatever is being experienced and lived on the planet. These and more are all part of the planetary Akashic Record. And so, by grounding into the center of the Earth, you are connecting with, in essence, you are plugging into all that information about you; about everything that you know about the physical reality, the physical world, and how to survive and thrive.

So you can connect to all of that specific Akashic Records. You do so through communication with the Earth and through your first chakra. So and it also allows you to communicate with the physical planet itself, the Earth, which is your larger body. Your body is made of the Earth. In the Bible, it speaks to the idea that God made Adam out of the clay of the Earth.

And literally, there is a truth in that. You are made of the atoms, molecules, and physical components of the Earth. Your bodies are created from it, and they go back to it after you have completed your lifecycle. And, of course, your first chakra contains programming all about the human life cycle. It includes cycles of growth and changes that you go through from conception to gestation; being born, being a baby, and all about that developmental cycle of the human body and the human species. So they are all programmed into the Earth.

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Spiritual Development And Your First Chakra

One important connection the information in this intuition book makes is that of your spiritual development and your first chakra. And so, if you are involved in your spiritual development and your spiritual evolvement, you can’t ignore your first chakra. Your first chakra is your primary source of connecting to critical information.

And your first chakra is actually heavily involved in the idea of healing because it contains all that information on the physical level. Healing is all about balancing energy. Your First chakra connects your physical system with the Earth, relating to the planet herself. And the planet is a master at balancing energies.

So, in earth sciences, you talk about homeostasis, which is keeping everything in the perfect balance to support life. Not too hot, too cold, too acidic, or too alkaline. Not to this, not to that, but just perfect. It is a perfect balance of conditions to support life.

So you are plugging into the planet. You have access to all the healing information and balancing information that exists on Earth and the cornucopia of abundance that this planet is. All the plants, the animals, and all your healing properties are contained within the Earth. There’s such an abundance of nutrition and other healing components within the bounty of the Earth to keep the body healthy.

And so so this is all first chakra information; the physical world, the physical planet, healing, or the how-to balance opposites, homeostasis. Everything here has an opposite. Cold is the opposite of hot, and in between is balance. And so you are spiritual beings, and as Spirit, you don’t exist within duality. But when you create a body, you are projecting yourself into a physical form.

Your Dual Nature

The human body does exist within duality. And so you need to understand how the heck you balance that duality. And the whole of your life, that is what you are doing. The goal is to stay in alignment with your higher being and bring your spiritual energy down onto this earth plane of physical reality. Accessing all your consciousness down through to your first chakra level. At this first chakra level, you manifest and create consciously, bringing your energy here into physical reality.

But because of the duality and time and space that you exist in, you must make choices, and those choices reflect back on you. And sometimes, you find yourself in a situation where you are out of balance, and you want to or need to get back into balance now. And that is also how you expand and learn by having those new experiences about which you are making choices. And so your relationship with the Earth, your relationship with your first chakra, helps us do that.

You cannot be an Energy Master on this Earth without consciously understanding, knowing, unconsciously connecting, and operating through your first chakra. Otherwise, why could somebody like Jesus do the miracles he could do? He was a master of spiritual energy. He was a master of all his chakras, especially his first chakra.

So how do you walk on water? How do you turn water into wine? Well, that involves a high level of mastery over the physical environment. It involves the ability to change the molecular structure of something that is water into that which is wine. It involves the level of mastery to make something so heavy that it would normally sink in water to become lighter than water. And that is a first chakra ability.

Telekinesis And Miracleslearn about your telekinesis superpower

And it’s commonly called telekinesis. Telekinesis is the ability to alter and modulate the components of physical reality. So yeah, you think about Uri Geller and spoon bending and how entertaining that was. But it’s also the foundation of miracle healers and miracle workers. Teachers like Jesus Christ could do this by being a master of balance, energy, and their first chakra.

In the Bible, it’s talked about standing on a rock. I think Jesus talks about standing on a rock, a foundation. What is he talking about? He is referring to his first chakra and grounding. Right? You are like a rock when you are grounded through your first chakra. You have a firm foundation. You are strong and stable. You are not a pushover. You are more in control of your energy. If you are not in charge of your first chakra, you are not grounded.

For example, electrical appliances have plugs with grounding wires to dispel errant electrical energy. This is to protect you from an electric shock if the appliance malfunctions. The grounding from the first chakra to the center of the Earth is exactly like that. It helps your excess or negative energy to ground to the center of the Earth. And it helps make it safe for you to bring that high vibration energy, that is, you, through your body made of dense physical matter. So if you want to bring heaven and Earth together, your spiritual and physical, you need to be grounded. You need to know about your first chakra and heaven and Earth. This is the starting point of a powerful, safe psychic nature.

So we have touched on about five or six different chapters in the intuition book, Intuition And Chakras. Generally, when you teach, talk about a subject, or write about it, to make it understandable from your human perspective, it is best to do so in a linear format, right? Yet, with intuition and psychic abilities, everything is interrelated and interconnected. So all of your chakras work together as a system, in conjunction with your intuitive abilities.

Open Your Intuition Meditation

Free Open Your Intuition Meditation

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Taking A Deep Dive Into My Intuition Book, Intuition And Chakras, and learn the secrets to developing your psychic abilities using the information in this special intuition book.

Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of A Deep Dive Into My Intuition Book, Intuition And Chakras:

  • Regina – My thyroid was removed decades ago. How does the absence of it affect the 5th chakra?
  • Tracy – What kind of diseases will be found in the first chakra?
  • Romero – What does grounding mean? I’ve been told I need grounding. What chakra is that?
  • Njeri – How do the chakras align with the moon and or planets? There is a full moon lunar eclipse at this time. Do you have any insight into this?
  • Brian – I’m just in absorbing mode. Keep telling us more. Ok, so I have a question that is not entirely related. Is sleep paralysis a purely biological issue, or is there a spiritual aspect to it? Do people who seem to have out-of-body experiences/astral projections that are unexpected because they’re not well-grounded?
  • Frederick – Weather! Is that the same as when I ask the rain to stop because I have to walk in it and I don’t want to get wet, and it usually stops!!
  • BC – Maybe our Energies affect computers and electronics too. They always behave around me, and if someone has an issue with a computer, they ask for my help. I usually barely have to do anything, merely looking at it, and the issue seems to resolve itself! It always amazes people, and I can’t really teach them to duplicate it!

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