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July 5, 2011

I Hear Voices In My Head, I Need Help!

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Am I Going Mad?

Are you hearing someone call your name when no-one actually did or even talk to yourself regularly? You may ask yourself, “Am I going mad because I hear voices in my head?” You could drive yourself to insanity if you don’t understand why this is happening. If you went to see a doctor they could have You taking medication for this issue but you may not have to. There are cases where there is a true psychosis or even schizophrenia but with most people, it can simply be a spiritual awakening.

Why Do I Hear Voices In My Head?

Hearing voices is not such a funny experience if it is new to you but once you have a spiritual perspective on who why do i hear voices in my headyou really are it may become clearer why you do! For many people hearing voices is synonymous with severe mental illness so there is definitely a stigma around it. But is this always the case? Many of you when you were young had an imaginary friend. This wasn’t a psychotic event.

It is true, that auditory hallucination or hearing voices, or auditory hallucinations are attributed to people suffering from a broad spectrum of psychiatric diagnoses. But there are those as well who have no medical issues whatsoever. It has been noted that as many as 13% and as few as 5% of individuals will experience this phenomenon at some time in their lifespan. These events happen in situations that can be linked to spiritual experiences, grief, ordeals, auditory issues, as well as emotional and mental difficulty.

What Is The Treatment For Hearing Voices In Your Head

Regardless of these different stimuli, many individuals and groups, especially professional health care workers, still consider hearing voices as an early stage of some form of schizophrenia. The assumption is made that these voices are all negative and harmful to the individual.

This should not come as a surprise considering that the largest part of the study into acoustic hallucinations is set in clinical surroundings and the people beings studied are already considered to have some form of psychosis.

Why You Are Seeing And Hearing Things That Aren’t There

Being in the Metaphysical community for so long the question that I often ask is if there something that is being overlooked about this whole study, and diagnosis. Of course, the medical professionals are just not aware or simply not on the lookout for something other than a pathological issue.

Weare all born with over 20 psychic abilities of which one of the most commons is Clairaudience, “clear hearing”. This could explain why so many people actually do Hear Voices. There is a simple clairaudient test I have located on my website that can give you an idea if you have this gift. You can find the link below

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

Generally these random voices you would hear as a clairaudient are good in nature. They do not go against any moral standards that you as a human possess. Generally, they are spiritual being just trying to communicate with the living to pass on information that could help people.

What Are The Voices In My Head?

Mostly you will find that there are basically two sources of voices that you are experiencing; those seemingly come from outside of you or those that are occurring within your head.

The external voices would seem to be coming from a source outside of you. Many times these sounds will register from a place unseen like another room or even behind you. However, they are more discernable as not being of your making.

The internal voices are a little more difficult to differentiate from your own mind chatter. This is especially true if you have a vivid imagination or you’re susceptible to daydreaming.

Developing Your Clairaudience

Everything we do in life takes practice. This true with your psychic abilities. You really do not have to question whether or not you are psychic and have special abilities because the answer is simply yes. As stated earlier you are born with them. So the idea is that you need to focus on awakening your spiritual gifts. Clairaudience is all about natural talent and practice as well as learning some coping skills for hearing voices. There’s nothing more to it than that.seeing and hearing things that aren't there is not necassarily bad

  • Meditation… The first thing that you could do to enhance your intuitive abilities is to meditate. When you meditate you are essentially getting in touch with your spiritual nature, your higher self the actual owner of these gifts. Your Spirit being is not bound by time or space so as your spiritual self you can see things not visible to the eye, hear things without using your auditory system, feel emotions of others and visit other places and even planets without leaving your home.
  • Focus… As in the use of all psychic abilities, your focus is key. Learn to pay attention to what you may be hearing or seeing. Close your eyes and open your heart.
  • Don’t Resist... Many people become afraid when things out of the ordinary happen., This is common nature for mankind. However, as you rekindle your abilities become aware that unusual things will happen. Resist the urge to move into a place of fear. Voices you hear cannot hurt you. Be open to the experience.
  • Mentoring… Another thing you can do is seek out a teacher or mentor that is experienced in the area of psychic abilities. I call myself a spiritual coach and one of my favorite things is to help people open up to their gifts. I have a special webinar I created to help you do just that and assist you with listening and accepting these spiritual voices. It is called Awaken Your Intuition Webinar And Learn The 7 Blocks To Psychic Development! The name should explain it all. I have included the link below. I can also help you turn off your clairaudience and show you how to stop hearing voices in your head if that is your choice.

Awaken Your Intuition Webinar

Learn How To Follow Your Intuition, Free
  • Keep A Journal… Journaling is a wonderful way to keep track of your experiences, whether it is hearing spirits or astral traveling during dreams.

You are spirit and your body is your creation and vehicle to experience life through. Different aspects of you, the spirit, relate to your physical body. Your inner voice, or hearing voices, maybe you the spirit in communication with yourself and it allows you to hear your own information.

The inner voice sounds like you and is located in your fifth chakra, also known as the throat chakra, in the cleft of your throat. It is a source of information that you can trust. Oftentimes other people around us think they know what is best for us especially if we tell them we hear voices. They may want you to take treatment for hearing voices in your head. It really may not be necessary.

If you are uncertain about what you believe, want, or need, talk to yourself and get your own answers.

I Hear Voices In My Head And It’s Me

By learning to talk to yourself you will get to know yourself better and that can only be a good thing! Plus the i think i talk to myself too muchperson we are most fascinated with is usually ourselves. You will also know what is right and true for you, instead of what is true for others.

You can learn to ask yourself questions and listen to your answers. At first, you may find this a challenge, especially if you have an active intellect. But in time you can learn which voice comes from the computer in your head and which one comes from you the divine essence or spiritual being.

Hearing voices in your head is not uncommon. I’m proud to say that I talk to myself all the time and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You may require the training to cope with these gifts. Any proficient clairaudient possess the ability to block random voices. This holds for all the abilities especially the four Clair-abilities which tend to awaken alongside each other. Whether or not you are proficient I hope you enjoy your gifts.

Join us on this episode of I Hear Voices In My Head, I Need Help, when we discuss how it feels and that hearing voices may be a good thing.

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  1. I have been reading your site…and even stopped to send your link to a friend I think might find it helpful..I love your writing and knowledge. I too love to talk to myself and often recommend to those I help to talk to themselves. I was tickled when you recommended that. 🙂

  2. Intuition allows for downloading the insights in general not available to our senses.
    Call it a still voice, a hunch or a gut feeling – once it begins happening you will comprehend that it’s no fluke.!
    Dowsing is a method one can use to access the intuition employing dowsing pendulum as well as divining rod.
    I’ve been using it for a long time and I believe any individual can learn it.

    1. Hello Concetta – Yes indeed! Dowsing, pendulums and divining rods are all tools that you can use to tune into your spiritual senses. This can be a great help when you a just learning the difference between your physical senses (touch, taste, smell, sight and sound) and your spiritual senses. I use dowsing rods in my aura awareness class because they are really great for detecting the boundaries of the aura and to have a visual confirmation of this is great for the students. I also use a pendulum as a practical to help me tune into foods and supplements which are beneficial for me to eat. My body might be saying it wants that chocolate cake full of flour and sugar, but my trusty pendulum will always steer me on the straight and narrow. Thanks for your comment!

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