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how to send a telepathic message
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Have You Experienced Telepathy Between Lovers Or Friends?

Many of the students that come to me for psychic training want to learn how to send a telepathic message or receive one. Here is the interesting thing they all have done both and don’t realize it.

Learn How To Send A Telepathic Message In Minutes

What Is Telepathy?

The word telepathy is derived from the ancient greek. It is a combination of the word “tele” meaning distant or far away and the word for feelingpatheia“. There are two forms of telepathy; broadband and narrowband.

  • Broadband telepathy: an example of broadband telepathy is a speaker giving a talk. A good orator sends their messages to you not only vocally but also through telepathic communication. That is why you feel some form of emotional attachment to some of the statements made. Remember the greek tele/far and patheia/feeling.
  • Narrowband telepathy: As opposed to the more general broadband, narrowband is more personal and direct communication between you and another individual. It can also occur with another non-human living creature, maybe a pet.

No matter who you are or where you are at some point in your life you have had a feeling about someone or something that you later found to be true. This because you were born with this psychic ability along with a slew of others.

The old picture of the magician with his fingers to his temple and seems to be struggling with thought maybe conjured up in your mind. Telepathic communication is not all that uncommon nor difficult. Have you ever been thinking about someone and the phone rings? Low and behold it is the individual you were just recalling.

How To Use Telepathy

So how do you use your telepathy superpower? This ability is based in the 5th chakra, the& throat chakra, and is responsible for communication. The first step in learning to send or receive a telepathic message is to ensure that this communication is open, unblocked and its energy flows freely. You can learn more about this here Understanding Your Chakras.

Once you have established a flow of energy through your 5th chakra all you need to do is open yourself to receiving. Don’t force it. Just let it come. The same holds true for sending a message. Just see the person you want to send a message to and allow it to happen. Once you become more adept in controlling the flow of energy from your communication energy center, the 5th chakra the more success you will have.

Just like any other intuitive gift one of the keys is recognition. As I stated earlier you have all experienced telepathy power but just have not realized it at the time. Watch for the signs of telepathic communication.

Telepathy Examplescan i learn how to use telepathy

You can recognize the occurrences of telepathic communication with things such as specific statements like:

  • I knew you were going to say that.
  • I was just thinking that.
  • How did you know that?
  • Were you reading my mind?
  • I was just thinking about you. ( and many more)

As you can see learning how to send a telepathic message is not all that difficult. All you need to do is change your belief system around this amazing ability and watch it happen. It can happen not only in minutes but instantly.

Join us in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Learn How To Send A Telepathic Message In Minutes, and learn how to open yourself up to receiving and sending telepathic messages including those of love.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast:

  • Natasha – You are saying in your book, “Intuition And Chakras”, that broadband telepathy is connected with the 5th chakra and it is non-verbal communication vs., for example, your inner voice that we can hear through the more verbal form.

I have long experience in receiving broadband telepathy daily. It comes in verbal forms, full sentences download. My recent close look says it is connected with the 5th chakra, hearing organs (inner ears), speaking organs (vocal cords) and I found that the major portal for receiving broadband telepathy in my body is the energy center between the 4th and 5th chakra, at the level of the thymus gland and on the sternum that you also connect with receiving telepathy together with sinuses.

How do you explain my experience? In other words, if your own experience and experience of your clients is that broadband telepathy is nonverbal communication, is it possible that it also can be verbal? Or my experience is some kind of telepathy but not broadband telepathy you are talking about?

  • Curious Soul – ​Got ideas over the years, later I saw them on the market so I learned that I either stole the inventors’ thoughts or the inventors communicate with the field at the same time
  • N.K.B. – ​for months now, people that I went to high school with have been appearing in my dreams. my dreams usually are thoughts I have throughout the day. is the reason they are appearing because they are on ​my mind throughout the day? or could it be something telepathic?
  • Curious soul – ​I have the feeling that the Creator made so many people who have similar talents, so increases the chance to achieve the little steps of the big plan
  • Curious soul – ​what group of people is more interested in telepathy, the older or the younger? are the younger interested in this because of curiosity, development, or to know how to send/receive sexual thoughts?
  • N.K.B. – ​some days, I feel a wave of intense negative emotions out of nowhere, and later on, I will learn that someone I know was going through something bad. ​I felt awful last night for no reason and found out today that my brother broke up with his girlf. is something like this common?
  • LP – ​Is there a way to stop telepathic communication from people we don’t want it from? (eg., stalkers) LP – ​You answered it! thanks 🙂 but can you please explain how to stop getting that communication?

You can listen to the grounding meditation to help you clear and balance the energy of your chakras allowing your psychic gifts to awaken Starter Guided Meditation

  • W – I wonder how fifth chakra and thyroid work together. I am off my medication for thyroid, taking iodine drops instead, however, I feel tired around 3 pm. Meanwhile, I have also noticed that my ability to be telepathically connected has improved. How these two, tired but more telepathic is connected with thyroid ( if any?)
  • Curious soul​ – watching this with delay…interesting about the thyroid….when I don’t sleep enough and I am tired, I am getting “external” help and answers, not voices but thoughts
  • S.G. – ​I know we are talking about telepathy but I wanted to ask what can I do to feel more joy in life and like I’m headed in the right direction? I’ve been feeling down lately about where I am.
  • S.H. – ​I have discovered YouTube guided meditations and wonder what your opinion is on those that promise to heal and balance chakras, organs, etc.
  • K.K. – This may be unrelated but what about when you walk through a specific space and those around you are seemingly intimidated despite no anger in your heart
  • Lite Surfer – ​Re feeling others’ energy I was at the back row of the gods at the Albert Hall in London for the Dalai Lama once and I could feel his clear loving energy as soon as he walked on stage!

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