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August 1, 2016

How To See Your Aura – UYT013

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What Is Aura Energy?

Have you learned how to see your aura? Are auras real is a question many people ask until they actually do see them. Being able to see these energy fields is a psychic gift. Even though we call it a psychic ability it is still available to all who seek it and not that difficult an ability towhat are auras acquire. The reason is that auric fields are not something unique or ethereal in nature. They are an actual part of nature and science.

Everything in our universe is made up of electromagnetic energy and has an aura. This includes human beings. Yes, you included! There is a field of this special energy surrounding you at all times. This energy formation is called your aura. It is “the book of you,” as it contains everything about you and is sometimes referred to as the “Fingerprint of God”.

These emanations include your memories, beliefs, emotions, and state of mind. People with intuitive abilities can read your aura and reflect this information to you and at that point, if there are any issues with your, mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual health they will be exposed and you can make alterations.

Ideally, your auric field goes all the way around your body and encases you like an eggshell. This is the unique electromagnetic signature of who you are right now. It is the reflection of your Present state of being, such as whether you are healthy, your emotional condition, and the concepts and beliefs you are operating from. Everything inside of it is your personal domain. Everything outside of it is somebody or something else’s.

Your aura defines the limits of your personal creative universe. You see the world and the world sees you through this energy field.

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How To See Aura Colors Easily

The human aura can is visualized clairvoyantly as colors. You see aura colors easily when you know how to tune into your intuitive ability. You will see it comprising interpenetrating layers of energy. Each layer emanates from a major energy center called a chakra. Each of the seven major chakras is a repository of spiritual information and relates to a different aspect of you and your spiritual and psychic nature as well as your physical body.

Can You See Aura Colors Easily?

The aura can be visualized clairvoyantly as colors. You see aura colors easily when you know how to tune into your intuitive ability. It comprises inter-penetrating layers of energy. Each layer emanates from a major energy center called a chakra. Each of the seven major chakras is a repository of spiritual information and relates to a different aspect of you and your reality.

Because each layer of the aura interpenetrates every other layer, your aura in its entirety looks like clouds of fast or slow-moving multi-colored lights. However, each layer of the aura has its own unique vibration, or color, which can be seen separately by an experienced clairvoyant.

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A Little About Auras For Beginners

The awareness of the state of your Aura is beneficial in healing, communicating, and creating your reality. Once you understand the true state of learn about aura colors and meaningsyour being you can alter anything you need to heal. So how do you know if you have a healthy aura?

If the aura is bright and clear it means that the energy is moving and there is health present. If it is dark and cloudy then there is a disturbance. The energy of the aura is in constant flux. Each individual has their own unique energy composition, which is always changing. Today the 2nd layer of your aura maybe green, tomorrow orange, and next week red. Depending on your current experience of reality and how quickly you are processing your experiences. There is no correct color for any chakra or layer of the field.

Lower vibrations can cause a disturbance in the reality of the experiencer. If they remain for a long time, they may manifest as physical disturbances. Luckily, by having an aura reading, from someone who knows how to read auras, you become aware of what is flowing well within your aura and what requires your attention as a healing project.

How To See My Aura

Learning how to see your aura or having your aura read will help you get clearer about your life, anything from how you make a living, to relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. As well as how you direct your energy and abilities to fulfill your life purpose.

It provides a snapshot of you. It is a precise record of your state of being and throws light on your circumstances. It covers your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences and delves deeply into your concepts and beliefs. It also seeds your consciousness and helps you take the next step forward on your path.

You can learn to look clairvoyantly at your own aura. The color and its quality has meaning and can be translated into language. This can be helpful for you to read and understand the true state of your being and it allows you to alter anything you need to heal yourself. The first step in seeing your aura is to learn to meditate. Meditation quiets the mind and filters out external stimuli so that you can tune into yourself.

How To See Aura For Beginners

Once you begin your meditation practice and receive some advice on moving forward a couple of techniques can come in handy to start. The first and very simple activity is to learn how to see your aura on your hand. Focus spiritually on your own hand and watch the aura appear and what color it may be. The second is to learn how to see your aura in the mirror. These wonderful emanations can be seen in this way and you can work on your own fields of energy.

In this podcast, How To See Your Aura, you will learn:

  • Why it is called the fingerprint of God
  • How it acts as a filter for how you perceive the world
  • Witness an actual reading on air.

In this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To See Your Aura we will look at learning how and why you should learn about seeing your auras and do a special meditation to help you do so as well as actually do an aura reading live on air.

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