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how can i llearn how to see my aura
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What Is The Aura Of A Person?

Before we answer your question “why is learning how to see my aura important” let’s look at what an aura is. The aura is an emanation, it basically is the representation of the human energy field. All material beings and things have auras. Basically, everything and everybody emits this energy.

The reason for this is that everything is made of energy at its core. When they all combine what is created is your aura, Your aura is the culmination of the energy of all your parts. In science, this is called an interference pattern, and in Metaphysics it is referred to as your auric field.

Let me explain: If you throw a pebble into a pond it creates a ripple emanating from it. usually, this is a perfect circle around it. Now if you throw a handful of pebbles into the same pond each of the single pebbles will create a ripple. However, the outside circumference of all of these individual ripples add up or subtract from each other creating one single ripple effect. This is called an interference pattern.

This is not unlike the auric field created from the energy of all your parts. The importance of this is that what are the aura color meaningsthe energy that is your aura is the representation of everything about you. It would be like each pebble was a specific part of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states. Depending on the specific health and strength of each of these areas of you, as a whole, will be represented by the color, strength, size, and thickness of your aura.

This is why it is critical to understand the answer to your question “why is learning how to see my aura important”. Because by examining your aura you can determine issues about your health and wellbeing mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Basically reading your aura colors, and understanding the aura color meanings can work as a diagnostic tool for determining things like:

  • Negative spiritual energy.
  • Poor general health.
  • Issues in your organs.
  • Negative emotional problems.
  • Mental state issues.

How To See Auras

You can learn to tune into auras using the Psychic ability called Clairvoyance. This is the gift of “clear seeing”. It allows you to tune into the energy that is not visible to the naked eye. You can think of it as your spiritual x-ray vision. Enabling this special gift will allow you to tune into such things as bioenergy, the prana or chi. You will also be able to detect and see chakras as well as into the spiritual realm, those who have passed through the veil.

How To See Aura For Beginners?

Here is the great part, you all have this ability. It may lay dormant within you but you do have access to it. This Clairvoyant gift can happen spontaneously or you may have to learn how to develop it. Regardless you can learn how to do an aura reading and see negative spiritual energy and then initiate an aura energy healing.

You can begin practicing and learning how to see your aura on your hand, how to see your aura in the mirror, and even how to see your aura in a picture. All of these are possible for you. You have had the ability since birth and you need to do is activate it.

How To Use Aura Information

Once you begin to activate this wonderful gift you will need to understand a little more detail about the human aura. Aura awareness is key to using your ability to the fullest. Here are just a few key points that will help you determine the state of your aura meaning:

  • If the energy of your aura is moving there is health.
  • If the field is bright and clear, there is physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.
  • Dark, cloudy, energy not flowing, not surrounding body indicates issues.

Not only does your aura represent your different states of being once you determine an issue you can how to see aura for beginnerswork in reverse. You can work on your aura, cleansing and healing it. Then, in turn, the issues that cause it will begin to dissipate. Once you begin down this great path you can practice with everyday experiences.

  • Expanding your aura out and in and see what it feels like.
  • Sense how it affects your aura when other people being uncomfortably are close at hand.
  • Notice how different people have different comfort zones in regards to auras.
  • Notice your aura when driving, in elevators, out in nature, in different types of rooms, at work, etc.

One of the gifts of understanding your aura is that it will allow you to take control of your own space and to stay in charge of your reality. You can find out what is stored in your aura, clear those things that are holding you back. You can then clear them and live the life you choose. You create your reality through your energy. Whatever is in your aura is being beamed out at the cosmos and the Law of Attraction is delivering a match. Think of it as a reality filter – meaning you see the world and the world sees you through it.

One thing to keep in mind however is no matter how much you would like to this gift it is not meant to create through anyone else’s space.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Why Is Learning How To See My Aura Important, as we explore the hows and whys of your auras.

In this podcast, we will also answer some specific questions about auras from our listeners:

  • “Will one glass of wine negatively impact the aura?”
  • “How do you make your aura strong?”
  • “How do I learn to both accept and Iove where I am, while creating something new because I have outgrown where I am…so I attract the healthy change (consciously create), instead of feeling trapped where I am and hoping for a change, which reflects and creates a “stuck” situation and more of the same. It’s hard not to get in a low, kind of desperate state and stay in a creative and hopeful state. It seems this is really connected to my aura.”
  • “Hi Dr. Lesley, I am enjoying your work and wonder if you can comment on the following in light of recent global events- we can wash our hands, etc to practice proper hygiene to keep viruses, etc at bay; what kinds of things would you suggest to cleanse and strengthen our auric fields and transmute negative energy (violet flame) regularly? Attunement of our frequency to a vibration of love vs fear is very important at this time of Awakening. The Universe has mysterious ways of helping us tune into our higher frequencies and remember our Oneness. I’m writing on this topic and would love your input. “
  • “Does, aura photography, Kirlian photography work?”

Learn More About Your Aura And Chakras

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