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June 1, 2021

You Too Can Learn How To See Auras And Aura Colors UYT294

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What Is My Aura?

Are you aware you too can acquire the know-how to see auras? What is the aura of a person? Mainly an aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds a physical object, not only a person. Everything in the physical world has one, and you see it at the periphery or the edge of that person or object.

You, Too, Can Learn How To See Auras And Aura Colors

The Human Aura

Auras have an electromagnetic field of energy that emanates beyond those hard physical edges that you might overlook. People tend to think about an aura as something around a living animated human or animal, or plant. But actually, you can see auras around rocks and other inanimate objects as well.

It’s an electromagnetic energy field that is emanating from something that appears in the physical realm. This electromagnetic energy field is infused with all sorts of information about you. It’s sometimes referred to as the fingerprint of God. And actually, it’s more like the fingerprint of you.

What Color Is My Aura And What Does It Meanolor of your aura changes on a continuous basis

It is like your personal mobile Akashic Record. It contains all the information about what you are experiencing right now. Things that you have retained from your past, your emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and the spiritual growth you’re going through. There is an electromagnetic signature, which contains all of that information.

So in a world where you were all in touch with your psychic ability of Clairvoyance, you could easily see auras. This ability would enable you to tell when people lie to each other or tell the truth. You would be able to look right at them, and they at you and read everything about each other all the time.

Behind The Aura

The Auric energy field emanates from the chakra system. You have seven major chakras. Each one of the chakras is a different window of perception into a different aspect of your reality. And each one of them emanates a unique energy field that surrounds you. By isolating and observing those energy layers, you can tell specific things about a person on that particular aspect or level of their reality.

Aura Photography And Kirlian Photography

This electromagnetic energy field is constantly in motion; it’s constantly changing; it’s not static. If you were to have somebody take a photograph of your aura, it would be a particular snapshot in time. This occurrence is just like if somebody took a photograph of your physical body. It is a picture of you at a particular moment in time. You are not stuck like that forever.

So when you get a picture of your aura taken, it is also just a snapshot in time. The next moment, your aura is different, and you are different. It’s highly dynamic. It shifts and changes in response to what is going on for you right now. If you are pretty happy right now, that part of your energy field will reflect that. But if you get angry the next minute, your aura will change and reflect that anger coming up in your system.

Aura Reading

When you have your aura photographed or receive an aura reading, it will not stay that way. Many feel that once they get an aura reading, that is it. It will hold forever. They don’t want or feel they need another aura reading because they know what their aura looks like. Just like a regular photograph of you taken 10 years ago, you have changed.

A Free Aura Reading

Get Your Free Aura Reading With Dr. Lesley

What Color Is My Aura

Your aura is a multi-layered, dynamic, constantly shifting, and changing energy field. It changes in response to what’s going on in your life. What you’re encountering, what growth you’re going through, and so on. Each of these events will alter the density and color of your aura. It is a misconception that aura remains the same color throughout your life.

So there are seven significant layers, and each one emanates from one of the seven chakras. And so when you have an aura reading, generally you are looking at the overall auric field., However, each of your chakras will give off a different color.

When you isolate the individual layers and looking at them one at a time, you will notice the difference. The first layer that emanates from the first chakra will have a specific hue, as will the second layer that emanates from the second chakra, and so on throughout the seven chakras. As you look at each of those layers, you’re also looking at what is stored on that layer. truths and myths about chakras

You store your life experiences, memories, beliefs, behavior patterns in electromagnetic units in each chakra. These can be translated into meaning and reflected at somebody to help them understand what they are going through. What it is that they are learning.

Each layer represents a particular thing that shows up and relates to a particular aspect of that person. So something that shows up on the fifth layer of the energy field might relate more to the idea of communication. Something that shows up on the first layer of the energy field might relate more to the idea of survival. And on the seventh layer might relate more to your connection with divine source energy, and so on.

An aura reading is beyond a snapshot of you in time. It’s reflecting at you the growth you are going through this lifetime on multiple levels and layers of your reality. It can relate to your physical health; it can relate to your mental health, your emotional health. It can relate to spiritual aspects as well.

Aura Colors Meanings

When you look at the energy field, you want to look at the totality of the color and color vibrations. You want to see that the energies are moving. It may be faster moving energy which is more healthy than sluggish, slow-moving energy. Bright, vibrant aura color is more healthy than a dark, dense, tainted, dirty-looking vibration.

How To Use Aura Information For Aura Energy Healing

Through aura readings, you can see how healthy somebody is. You can see how stuck they are in their life, and so on just by looking at the auric field. Then, by reflecting on what you are seeing, you can help them make changes and shift their awareness and energy. You can easily understand how cleansing and balancing auras and chakras will help you clear your life of unwanted issues and reactions at many levels. Aura Health is critical.

Take A Psychic Ability Quiz

Your Free Psychic Ability Quiz

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth; You Too Can Learn How To See Auras And Aura Colors as we discuss topics relating to a good aura, bad aura, and aura color.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of You Too Can Learn How To See Auras And Aura Colors :

  • Can you be a rainbow aura? I remember when I went through Kundalini, the angels kept saying I was a rainbow. And rainbow flashes would show up when I would close my eyes.
  • Can everybody see auras?
  • How do we know which layer we’re seeing?
  • If I can see the color of my aura is blue, will someone else who can see auras see my aura as blue, too? If not, is one of us “wrong”? Can color blind people see aura colors?
  • When you do a chakra reading, are you looking at the corresponding aura layer or at the chakra itself? I am trying to understand the relationship between the chakras and the aura.
  • How do we cleanse and clear our aura naturally, Selenite, right?
  • How do you cleanse your auric field?
  • what are auras?
  • Since this is new to my awareness, what are the initial steps in clearing your aura?
  • Is it true you can see a person’s intention through their aura? I.E., people with darker aura may not have the best intentions.
  • I have been able to see my aura on my hand. But anywhere else, when looking at a mirror, it seems to be the same color or close to it; whenever I can see it, that is. Is seeing my aura only on my hand enough to read my aura accurately? Also, which chakra am I reading on my hands?
  • I find dried lavender and rose dried petals, and Epsom salt clears my aura
  • Is an aura always a color? Usually, I can see the energy coming from things in nature, my body, and in the air, but instead of color, I see textures, movement, patterns, etc., radiating from the object(s). What does this mean? How can I “read” this energy I see? I’m trying to figure out the purpose of this ability I discovered only a couple of months ago.
  • I see auras all the time. I can see people’s auras on their skin. Is that weird? Like I saw this one lady was green when she was sick, and I see white outline things all the time as a shadow. What’s that about?
  • Dr. Lesley! I don’t mean to change from the aura topic, but I want to ask you about my bad dream. I’ve had a couple of possession dreams over the years, but this particular one was possession of a loved one. I told him to say yes to accept the healing from Jesus Christ when I asked to take the demon out of him ( I am a Reiki master). I woke up with intense shivers all over my body. I prayed for him immediately and supposed it was linked to not following my intuition. But I would love your thoughts.
  • I pick up emotions along with aura when I read them. I am not sure if that comes from the person I read or me. The feelings can be a bit overwhelming sometimes when it’s sad or exhausting.
  • What about the aura of someone on their deathbed or in a hospice situation? Would the aura be dimmer or disappear the closer they are to death?

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