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July 14, 2022

How To See Aura Clarity And Healing Aura Issues You May Have UYT340

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How Important Is The Human Aura?

One of the most common topics in the metaphysical realm is the aura. Yet, the importance of things like how to see aura issues, dirty auras, or even holes in your aura is underestimated. Your aura reflects much about your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychic health. Therefore, understanding and monitoring your aura can be a real asset for staying on track in your life.

How To See Aura Clarity And Healing Aura Issues You May Have UYT340

What Is The Aura Of A Person?

What is an aura, and what does it do? Let’s look at it as a window through which you see reality. And also the window through which reality sees you. If your window is clean and clear, you will have a clearer view of reality. And other people will be able to see you more clearly.

If, on the other hand, the window of your aura is not clean. Suppose it’s all dirty, just like if the windows in your house were not very clean, it’s harder for you to see through the dirty glass.

This is a straightforward analogy. Yet it conveys the idea that your energy field should be kept clean and transparent if you like to monitor certain aspects of your overall health and welfare. But it is also vital if you want to develop your psychic abilities and use your intuition. So this is a dual path. One side of the path is self-healing. And the other side of the path is learning to activate and use your psychic abilities.

But if you don’t do the self-healing part, you won’t be as successful at the psychic part.

Why Could You Have A Dirty Aura?what do the colors of an aura mean

So what might your aura be dirty? Why might it not be clear? Why might it be like the dirty window? What kinds of muck might be present clouding your window? But the most important question needing answering is why is it important to know the answer to these questions?

Ultimately there are a few different answers. As a general response, the aura reflects who you are, your physical energy levels, and those of your Higher Being, Spirit. There can be things stored in your energy field which can cause you to be out of alignment. So one of those things could be what you call foreign energy. And that term just means any energy that’s not you.

Auric Field Energy

Let’s look at this auric field energy. If you think about Planet Earth and its electromagnetic field flowing from the north to south poles. If you have ever seen a diagram of this energy flow, it’s like the toroidal field of a magnet. This toroidal shape is like a figure eight or a strange doughnut shape. And the human energy field is very, very similar to that and, in general, moves in a similar way.

Any energy that’s not you in your auric field is foreign energy in your system. This energy does not match your unique vibration and will dirty your aura. There could be past experiences that were unpleasant or traumatic. And you may have stored the memory of those past traumatic experiences in your energy field.

If you have done that, you are looking at reality through that filter of trauma. When you do that, it colors your reality and the way you see the world. It can also result in recreating the events and produce more trauma. This is because that is the lens through which you are looking at the world. And more importantly, that is the vibration that you are carrying.

Another Bad Aura State Cause

So past time experiences trauma can cloud your aura. Another example of something detrimental to your aura health and clarity is negative emotions. So often, you will store your past experiences, together with the emotions you felt at the time. And if the emotions were fear, sadness, pain, or hate, you carry those dense vibrations in your energy field. And they are out of alignment with your true vibration. Your true vibration is more like the vibration of love.

So those low vibration or bad feeling emotions in your energy field can be part of the dirty window effect. And thoughts, thought patterns, negative thinking and beliefs, and self-limiting beliefs can all be part of generating low vibratory states.

Negative Spiritual Energyspiritual energy

So you are not good enough is low vibration belief, which is out of alignment with your higher being and can cause a state of negative spiritual energy. Repetitive negative thinking, thoughts like something isn’t going to work or not being successful, has the same effect. This kind of thinking definitely impacts your overall spiritual vibration. This behavior impacts how you view reality and, in turn, can contribute to this dirty aura window effect.

Aura Energy Healing And Psychic Development

The goal of psychic development is to provide the tools to aid in healing aura issues and then cleaning the dirty window. You can clear all of these foreign energies, past time energies, unsupportive beliefs, negative emotions, and so on, from your system. The result is that you reflect more of a vibration in alignment with your higher being. You are observing your actual reality and therefore creating your reality through that clear window of the soul. Your aura is the window of the soul and has been referred to as the fingerprint of God.

Your aura is your unique energy signature. It’s your book of you and contains all the information about you. What you think and feel determines what kind of growth is going on in your reality. And that can either be a spotless, clear glass view or a dirty, mucky, messed-up panorama. It all depends on the vibrations you have in your system.

One of the psychic abilities is Clairvoyance. This is the ability to see things that cannot be seen by the human eye. An aura reading is an excellent way to judge whether or not there is an issue with your auric energy field. From that point, you can make the required adjustments necessary to change your vibration.

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What To Look For In An Aura Reading

How would you know if your aura is healthy? As mentioned, a psychic aura reading is an excellent way to determine any issues and if anything is out of alignment with your higher being. There can be some other things that you can look at in determining if you have a healthy aura or not. One of them is to monitor the motion of the energy.

Is the energy in your auric field moving? A sign of a healthy aura is that the energy is in motion. It’s moving. It’s not stuck. There’s flow happening.

Another example of good aura health is the quality of vibration. Is the vibration high, bright, vibrant, dull, dreary, or heavy? Okay, the brighter and the higher the vibration, the healthier the energy field is.

Aura Colors And Aura Color Meaningswhat color is my aura

Well, one of the things that can expose whether your aura is healthy is aura color. Everybody talks about aura colors. However, many people persist that an aura should be a specific color. The color may be essential, but it is not constant. The colors of the rainbows differ because of the length of the light energy wave so does the aura color. It is the result of the frequency of the vibration.

Also, it’s not necessarily the color of the aura. Still, it can be the density, the opaqueness, the clarity, or how dark or light it may be.

Sometimes you meet people who say, “Well, my aura is blue,” and it turns out they went to a psychic ten years ago. At that time, they were told that their aura was blue. And then that’s what they believe about their aura. But your aura is not just one color. It’s changing all the time. In fact, your aura emanates from your chakra system.

Your aura is your coat of many colors. It is made up of layers of interpenetrating energy that emanate from the chakras. So each layer is a different vibration. And sometimes, each layer has more than one vibration within it. And so, it’s not just one permanent color. Just as your mood changes during the day, the colors in your energy field also change.

Learn More About Your Intuitive Energy

Get Your Copy Of Intuition And Chakras

Your aura reflects what you’re going through, what situation you’re in, what you are processing, how you are feeling, and what you are thinking. So, for example, if somebody feels aggressive towards somebody else, that’s a particular energy pattern. Then you may see particular colors in their auric field that reflect that this person is now angry. You will see different colors if somebody is feeling sad. And so on, depending on the emotional state that they are in, depending on what they’re thinking.

Your energy field shifts and changes. The color of your aura also depends on what spiritual growth cycle you are experiencing. You are always learning new things. You are always learning on the level of your life experience and expanding on the level of that experience. And your energy field reflects the growth and learning that you are undergoing. And so somebody who is a competent aura reader can look at you and give you information. They can explain information about what growth you are going through on all levels of your reality.

Aura Energy Layerswhat are auras

Your auric energy is more than just colors and vibrational frequency. The human aura is multi-layered. Each layer of the aura relates to a different aspect of your life.

So the first layer relates more to survival, the physical world, physical reality, and so on. The second layer relates more to emotions, sexuality, and relationships. Finally, the third layer relates to energy distribution, out-of-body experience, and astral travel. And so, by learning to focus on different aspects of your auric energy field, a Clairvoyant can give you an aura reading. They can give you information that reflects those different aspects of your life.

How you work on the changes you need to make concerning the issue found during a reading is up to you. You may work on the issues on your own. You can even take psychic development classes to aid you in fine-tuning your requirements or monitoring your growth. On the other hand, you can work with a spiritual guide or mentor like me. Either way works. It is all about your choice and circumstances. The important part is taking action. Doing nothing changes nothing.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To See Aura Clarity And Healing Aura Issues You May Have, and understand the importance of your aura and how they help you create your reality and stay on track in your life.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How To See Aura Clarity And Healing Aura Issues You May Have :

  • Lori – I would like an aura reading, please.
  • Prasad – Under the flame of a coconut oil lamp, I saw a heart field in which I saw my image. I took photographs. What is the reading of it?
  • Carol – When you say if the aura has a healthy flow, would you say it has a continuous flow around the toroidal field?
  • Brian – I’ve heard that people involved in regular recreational drinking/drugs can create holes in their auras. And entities out of vibration can get through and influence behavior or consciousness. I would love to hear your thoughts on that.
  • Cole – How can you tell if the energy in your aura is flowing?
  • Mrs. F – Dr. Lesley, I think I need my aura cleansed. I am psychically gifted. I have Clairsentience, and it can be a curse sometimes. I need direction, please! I would like an aura reading as I have been through so much loss. Please & thank you. Thank you so much for being here for all of us!
  • Chynwe – Hi Dr. Lesley, I would like an aura reading, please.
  • Taylor – What about if you don’t see the color as your humans would see it? But you get the name of the color by hearing it. Or just knowing the color associated with the aura by some kind of just knowing the color without seeing it. Is that still reading the aura?
  • Brydie – I have had a couple of complete readings with Dr. Lesley Phillips over the years. They were very relative, insightful, practical, and on point. Highly recommend. Would love an updated general mini aura reading if time allows, please.
  • Taylor – They have, as you encouraged me to take the shaman into the city, it’s this week happened. I’ve relocated and stepped into disability work for the first time. So many changes, every area is having a makeover, so new. Spot on resonates.. no baby, but I’m hoping to be really open to dating, lol. Thank you for validating my sense. I’ve taken from it that those sometimes anxious feelings with adaption are nothing to get attached to.
  • Tracy – Can I have a mini aura reading, please?

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