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July 17, 2018

How To Read Auras, Aura Colors And Meanings! UYT166

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What Is The Best Way To Read Auras?

Before we discuss how to read auras let’s look at what they are. Everything in the universe is made up of energy. Everything has an aura and I mean everything. The aura is the field of energy that encompasses all ofaura colors and meanings are important these things and creatures including you. The spiritual aura is seen as a field of colored energy that is emitted by and surrounds everything in the Universe. Most people when they begin discovering auras the first question they always ask is ‘what color is my aura”. This important but more important to understand is that these auras contain all kinds of important information about your state of being.

However in saying that the spiritual aura is seen as a field of colored energy that is emitted by and surrounds everything in the Universe.

One of the reasons it is a good idea to learn about auras and even how to read them is that it can allow you to discover a physical problem before any symptoms arise. This holds for your spiritual body as well. Sometimes along the path to conscious awareness awakening, it is great to be able to analyze some of your roadblocks. Your aura exposes these as well.

The capability of reading energy and auras is considered a psychic or intuitive gift. Individuals with the ability to detect auras say that they appear to be bands of light that wrap around what is being scanned but mostly people. Each particular band can be seen as different colors.

In the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the different colors of people’s auras relate to Kundalini energy, or chi, and each of the seven chakras which are the energy centers of the body.

Aura Colors And Meanings

Experienced Psychic readers declare that each aura and the specific color of that aura at that time supply valuable information about the individual’s emotional, physical, and even spiritual states.

How To Read Auras!

The ability to read auras comes naturally with conscious commitment and devotion to your spiritual path. All the great spiritual masters have developed their healing abilities and their psychic senses. These gifts were unwrapped through their desire to know their inner truth and by spiritual training delivered by great teachers. It needn’t take long to learn to read an aura, but usually, it is a process that requires patience and commitment. You should learn to read your own aura first. This can be such a useful tool. All the mystery schools have stressed that the first step on the spiritual path is to know yourself. If you can read your aura you have yourself in full view.

The 10 Steps Of How To See Auras For Beginners:how to see aura colors

1. Learn to Meditate
2. Develop Your Clairvoyance
3. Understand the difference between operating as Body and Spirit
4. Heal Yourself
5. Learn to Clear Interference
6. Enter an Altered State of Consciousness
7. Know Yourself
8. Learn to See and Translate color into a meaning
9. Learn to See and Translate Symbols
10. Learn to be Neutral, Loving, Non-Judgemental

We discuss all of the above in quite a bit more detail during the show. Also, we do a short aura reading live on air.

One of the best ways to learn how to see auras colors and actually be able to read their meaning is to study with a trained intuitive coach like myself. We can show you the ins and outs of reading but at the same time allow you to do so in your own personalized way.

Things You Will Learn In This Podcast:

  • Why learn how to read auras?
  • What individual colors of people’s auras mean?
  • How to see auras for beginners.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Read Auras, where we discuss some of the beginning points of how to see auras for beginners.

A Free Aura Card Reading

Get Your Free Aura Reading With Dr. Lesley

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