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Dream Analysis And Your Life

Do you think knowing how to interpret dreams can be important in your waking life? We all dream and more often than not we all wonder what these interesting experiences mean. Most of the time we don’t even remember them. A dream journal can really help with this.

There are several hypotheses that exist that try to define just why the average person dreams. Some theorize or are unsure that there any reason or purpose behind these nightly occurrences. Some feel that interpreting the meaning of dreams is impossible and fundamentally of no use. Dreams to say the least are mostly mysterious in their nature, however understanding the significance of our these nightly fantasies can be completely confounding.

Dreams can highlight the strange and unusual aspects that can change abruptly. They can scare us or even terrify us. Learning how to overcome fear can be important to you and many others. The reality that dreams can be very intensely powerful and overwhelming is the main reason that we tend to conclude that there must be some significance to them. There are notable researchers like G. William Domhoff that imply that dreams probably possess no practical purpose.

Notwithstanding this and their interpretation have grown more prevalent in our lives and our culture. While the actual scientific investigation has not proven the purpose behind dreams, many authorities, such as noted psychologists and psychiatrists, Jung and Freud as examples, consider that dreams do have relevance in our lives.

How To Interpret Dreams

Not all agree with the researchers. If you are truly baffled by your dreams or just interested why not take a journey into the secret language of dreams to begin to understand these profound nightly experiences and the hidden messages behind them. When it comes to analysing dreams Pamela Cummins is an expert and our guest today.
Pamela will teach you to transform the nighttime messages of your dreams into daytime enlightenment. Pamela specializes in dream interpretation, spiritual growth as well as love and relationships. Pamela has authored five books and has created a card deck, Purrs for Humans (she loves cats).

You can reach her at and

how to interpret dreamsHere Are Some Of The Questions We Ask This Dream Analyzer Extraordinaire About Dream Interpretation Questions We Ask Pamela:

  • What got you into dream interpretation?
  • Do dream dictionaries help to interpret dreams?
  • How can you start to learn the secret language of dreams?
  • What are the different dream styles?
  • What do dreams mean really?
  • Can interpreting our dreams help our love relationships?
  • Can the interpretation of dreams give us answers to our problems?
  • Do deceased loved ones visit us in our dreams?
  • Does learning how to interpret our dreams to increase our intuition and/or psychic abilities?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Interpret Dreams, where we discuss some of the salient points of analyzing dreams.

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