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August 15, 2017

How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy Attached To You – UYT123

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Your Negative Energy May Not Stem From You!

Do you know how to get rid of the negative energy attached to you? Negative energy is often associated with a psychic attack. This can come from a person or some form of a spiritual entity , there are types of parasitic entities that can psychically attack yougenerally some form of parasitic entities. Before we discuss how to deal with psychic attack let’s take a look at what is a psychic attack? A psychic attack is when someone or something else such as one of the various types of parasitic entities deliberately throws energy at you with the intent to cause you harm. Yes, it causes harm and not in a small way so learning how to deal with a psychic attack is important. There are many different psychic attack symptoms. Some of these will invalidate you, or even cause physical injury. They can also insight fear within you and make your emotion run rampant. Sometimes they are meant to shut you up or to just shut you down. You can experience psychic attacks while sleeping. Some people even note that they have had psychic attacks while sleeping.

These invasions of your inner being can be a result of one person or a group combining their energy. Many times it is can happen consciously or unconsciously. People actually may not have a handle on the power that they, truly all of us have. In these cases, it can be uncontrollable because the attacker does not necessarily know it is happening.

Why do psychic attacks happen? This can happen when another person is disturbed, such as feeling hateful, unworthy, afraid, and angry, or being in judgment of you. Psychic attack jealousy! Or it can be caused by the individual being egotistical and being in competition with you. As a consequence, they seek to control you.

How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy Attached To You

Deal With Psychic Attack!

Negative psychic energy can invade anyone whether you delve into the realm or not. There are ways you can recognize when this is happening. Have you ever been in a situation where someone you were with got really angry or extremely negative? Then for some strange reason, you started feeling the same way. A psychic attack is very much like this. It occurs when someone is directing the negative energy of any sort straight at you.
This can happen through the energy of someone’s

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Negative energy, or low vibratory energy, doesn’t necessarily have to come from a person’s words; it can come from someone’s demeanor towards, their thoughts about you, or their emotions towards you. This can basically be any low energy directed towards you. Also, the individual does not have to be doing anything on purpose.

Empaths And Psychic Attack

It can hit you or anyone, no matter how emotionally secure you are, whenever and can fully and quickly alter your emotional state. We are all empathic. Some of us more than others. These people are especially susceptible.

Here are a few of the more recognizable signs of negative energy and psychic attack that may give you a hint that something is happening:signs of negative energy

  • Headaches that occur out of the blue.
  • Feeling depressed or extremely sullen for no reason.
  • Feeling stomach cramps or nausea.
  • Sensing negative energy or negative emotions that are affecting you but have no basis for occurring.
  • Feeling testy or quickly upset for no real reason.
  • Having strange sensations of anger, nervousness, or awkwardness that come on quickly and needlessly.
  • Sometimes the effects of a psychic attack can be physical like pains in the neck and shoulder areas.

Occasionally people who are feeling emotionally or mentally disturbed become channels for unpleasant energies to flow through them. It has also has occurred that an individual who dislikes you becomes a ringleader who can and does energetically control a group of people and again uses these individuals to create a psychic attack against you. If a group matches in their feelings of hate they can channel harmful energies on mass. This can happen when you leave yourself open to low vibration energy for some reason. Question: is dark energy and negative energy the same?

How To Deal With Psychic Attacks

A couple of the main faculties to deal with Psychic attack that you will need to add to your psychic tool belt, as you begin to enhance your intuitive abilities, is how to know if you are under psychic attack and how to defend yourself against psychic attack. Understanding how to stop a psychic attack or neutralizing psychic attacks is a very important area of expertise for you and those who come to you for help. Some of the things you will also need to know:

  • How do you clear negative energy?
  • What are the symptoms of a psychic attack?
  • What is spiritual protection?
  • How do you do a spiritual cleansing?
  • What is the negative energy around attacks?
  • How do you cleanse your house?
  • What is effective against psychic attack?
  • How to detect negative energy in houses.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth with Dr. Lesley, How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy Attached To You, when we discuss 10 tips to deal with psychic attack and protection against psychic attack. Come and learn what they are.

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Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips is the founder of the School of Intuition, where she teaches online psychic development classes. She is the host of the Unlocking your Truth Radio Show and Podcast. She has also written quite a few spiritual books.

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  1. I’ve been having some problems with some evil people harrassing me. I’ve tried everything I could to make them leave me alone..they wouldn’t and did a psychic attack on me…they made threats on my kids and myself, slandered my name all around my city, and then things started happening to me … everywhere I went…these are some of their names [NAMES HAVE BEEN DELETED], and their are more of them that got together and did a psychic attack against me ….please help I fear for my Life…they need to be stopped immediately…

  2. Hi, I’ve been having a psychic attack. I’ve had negative energy around me for a few months now. It has affected my mind, body, and spirit.

    I’ve lost my job. I lost an opportunity to get a car. I had my money and job opportunities taken away and/or kept away.

    I’ve gotten depressed. I lost my motivation. I lost my energy. I lost my passion. I lost myself. I feel ungrounded. I can’t eat.

    I felt the energy around me. I’ve heard it speak to me. My friend came in my room and left because she felt negative energy in there.

    It messed up me and my life. I pray, I go to nature, I smudge. It hasn’t left yet. What should I do?

    1. Please review this information on entity clearing and decide if you would like to book a session with me to help you take care of this

  3. Hello Jacqueline,

    If you are still interested I can share what has helped me…There is one word when sung that no negative person or entity can stand…It is the word “HU”…Pronounced like the word “hue”, sung for 3 minutes to start and eventually up to 20 minutes. It is the most powerful mantra or prayer I know.

    Be Well,

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