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May 18, 2017

Learn How To Follow Your Intuition

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Do You Know How To Tune Into Your Intuition And Your Other Psychic Abilities?

Learning how to follow your intuition can seem quite daunting a task. It doesn’t have to be. One thing for certain though, is when you learn how to awaken your intuition interesting things can happen. Did you ever have the feeling that someone was about to call you just before they did? Or did you or a friend ever see a spirit or have a dream or premonition that came true? Stories like this abound because every one of you has spiritual senses and intuitive abilities.

Unfortunately, most of you have forgotten how to get in touch with your intuition. It is no wonder because your education and culture mostly value your intelligence, and so this is where you focus your attention. One way to make your intuition stronger and further develop your psychic abilities is to find a mentor.

How To Awaken Your Intuition Webinar And Learn The 7 Blocks To Psychic Development!

Most mentors can be quite expensive, even in the metaphysical community. There is another way, however. You can attend online training. Awaken Your Intuition Webinar is just that. In this 2-hour webinar, including the Q&A session, you will learn how to unlock your psychic powers. The best part it is free.

As I have said earlier and many times before, you, yes, you, have special gifts called psychic abilities. We are born with over twenty of these spiritual gifts. You still have them. The issue is that you haven’t used these psychic muscles, and they get a little soft, just like your physical muscles. The interesting thing is that it is much easier to restore your psychic physique than your physical one.

Learn How To Follow Your Intuition

The easiest and the most simple of all psychic development exercises is actually doing nothing in essence. It is meditation. Through meditation, you can reconnect with your true nature, that of Spirit. Spirit is not bound by time or space. You can easily recognize that if you were not retrained by these two laws of physics, you could do all sorts of things like time travel, go to other parts of the world instantly, travel beyond our world, and even communicate across the boundary of life, death, with spirits on the other side.

Mediation can also help you reveal the blocks you have toward many different aspects of your life, including being able to trust your intuition. Once you become aware of these roadblocks, it just makes sense that you can unpack them brick by brick, even if you need the aid of a master masonry expert a psychic mentor like myself.

The reason that I say that is because, occasionally, these blocks can be quite intense. Like any habit, they can be hard to break. Habits, like locating your spiritual intuition, basically understanding how to access your intuition, can be challenging because of the intense nature of the block itself. There are, however, some common blocks that I have run into regularly with my students.

A Free Psychic Reading

Get Your Free Psychic Reading

Blocks Regarding How To Follow Your Intuitionlearn how to access your intuition

Blocks preventing you from connecting to your spiritual intuition:

Self-Limiting Beliefs… First and foremost, how can you possibly do something that you don’t believe exists? You may “think” you believe, but do you?

Peer Pressures… You have been on this planet in this lifetime for a certain number of years. During that time, everyone was always telling you how great psychic abilities are and that it is great that “you can see dead people” or ” hear sounds that are not there. Of course not. Just the opposite has happened. So you will bend towards following the norm so you will be accepted by your friends and families.

Fear Itself... You, as do most of the population of this beautiful green planet, experience fear. One of the biggest fears is the fear of the unknown. It is difficult to jump into something when the outcome is almost impossible to determine. Diving into your spiritual intuitive nature can be one of these fears. After all, do have any real experience with anyone in your life who is a psychic and has shared the wonder of it with you? Probably not. Would you take swimming lessons from someone who couldn’t swim? Of course not. However, we believe naysayers regarding anything psychic.

How Do I Know My Intuition Is Right?

You may not. That is why you need to work on it with an outside source. These are just a sampling of some of the issues you may face while experimenting with how to awaken your intuition. We work on these blocks and many more during our webinar.

Intuitive Discoveries:

Did you know that many of the great discoveries in history came from intuition? Albert Einstein is a great example. His theory of relativity was inspired by a dream where he was going down a mountainside ever faster and watching the appearance of the stars change as he approached the speed of light. He said:

“What I say is more often felt through intuition than thought through the intellect.”

“It is not intellect, but intuition which advances humanity.” Albert Einstein

Other examples of discoveries and inventions made in the dream state include August Kekule, who discovered the structure of the benzene ring. Elias Howe, who invented the sewing machine. Nils Bohr, who came up with the theory of atomic structure, and the Nobel Prize winner Otto Loewi, who developed the concept of how nerve impulses are transmitted. There are many more examples like this, including famous novelists, poets, and composers whose creative works came to them intuitively.

How To Follow Your Intuition And Tap Into Your Psychic Abilities:

These famous individuals were also intuitives that needed to be asleep to tap into your psychic intuition, how do i know my intuition is right because their intellectual mind was more dominant in their awareness than when they were awake. Meditation can help you learn to consciously access your intuition. When you meditate, you quiet your busy intellectual mind and tune out all distractions of the external world. Instead, you turn within to focus on the world inside yourself, and you enter a space where information flows freely and can be simply known instead of having to be figured out.

Every human being has a sixth sense and is intuitive in nature. Each of us can learn to receive subtle messages and apply this ability in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, most people block these signals. We do so for many reasons, some of which are expectations, fear, judgment, or just because life gets too busy. Find out how you block your intuition and how to tune into your psychic intuition! You will be able to uncover the 7 Blocks preventing you from unlocking your intuition. You can test your intuition and take a brief psychic ability quiz here.

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

What You’ll Discover On The Interactive Live “Awaken Your Intuition Webinar “:

  • 7 Steps You Need To Take To Awaken Your Intuition.
  • 4 Ways To tap into your inner power.
  • 3 Types Of Intuition and Your Unique Intuition Style.
  • Common Challenges To Opening Your Intuition.
  • How To Listen To Your Heart and Awaken Your Intuition…

A Free Psychic Reading

Get Your Free Psychic Reading

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