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December 24, 2019

How To Develop Your Intuition And Trust Your Gut UYT226

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Are You Listening To What Is Your Gut Telling You?

Learning how to develop your intuition can be a challenge to some of you. It really is not all that trusting intuition is key to how to awaken your intuitionhard to discover and hone these gifts. It is far more about trusting your intuition, your gut feelings, than learning how to strengthen your intuition because in trusting you begin to strengthen your intuitive capabilities. Intuition is instinctive.

What Is Sixth Sense?

You have heard of the term ” sixth sense” referred to as psychic abilities or intuition. You most probably have thought and wondered who has this. As I have said often each Psychic ability is a spiritual gift and a very unique sense of perception that you all can download today. Even though we tend to lump all of these gifts under one name and that each can seem to be identical they can differ greatly for each of you.;

As James Van Praagh has stated about intuition “Everyone is intuitive in one sense or another. ‘Intuition’ means into the soul, so it’s really the language of the soul. Every person is born with that sixth sense, but not everyone listens to it. Not everyone is a medium, but everyone has an ability.

Tips And Techniques On How To Unlock Your Psychic Powers And Intuition?

Before we discuss awakening your psychic powers and show you how to activate or enhance them let’s look a little more at what they actually are. The first thing I would like to impress upon you is that as the human-animal that you are, not only are you psychic you have had these abilities from birth and beyond. As I mentioned earlier these abilities are gifts of the Spirit. You had all these gifts before you came to this life. Spirit is eternal. You are Spirit, and as I am sure you understand you remain Spirit, just in human form. So these gifts remain available to you as well. It is almost as easy as making the decision and changing your life.

When we talk about how to develop your intuition we are speaking about over 20 different psychic abilities that you have access to. Yet four main ones appear quite commonly within individuals. These are called the four Clair’s in the metaphysical circle.learn how to unlock your psychic powers

  • Claircognizance… This is the ability of “clear knowing”. If you are experiencing the knowledge of people or situations that you have no previous knowledge of then your Claircognizance is active. One example of this is premonitions.
  • Clairaudience… This the ability gift of “clear hearing”. If you are experiencing this you will most presumably be hearing voices or sounds those around you cannot. One aspect of this gift is the ability to listen to the voices ear the spirits of people who have passed on.
  • Clairsentience… This is the gift of “clear feeling” and what most people will refer to as Intuition. This ability is what you call empathic. You can and will sense what people are feeling. This can be from their emotional, physical, or spiritual body. People who display this ability are called Empaths.
  • Clairvoyance… This is the marvelous gift of “clear seeing”. When this gift is active you will be seeing that is just not visible to the human eye. This will involve a bit of time travel in a sense because you shall be able to visualize things such as events, people, or places from the future and past. Spirit and spiritual gifts are not bound by the physical concept of time or space.

You can read more about the four Clairs and much more on my Psychic Abilities Blueprint page.

How To Make Your Intuition Stronger

To become effective and sharpen your intuition and any other of your psychic gifts, you must recognize that you possess them. We have already discussed this but if you wish you can also take a psychic quiz that can further pinpoint which abilities are strongest within you.

Take A Psychic Ability Quiz

Your Free Psychic Ability Quiz

Once you have done this then, intuition just as with any other new skill you have acquired during your life, exercise is a crucial key that will impact your success and build a full understanding, and releasing your potential. This is essential and also the reason trust comes into play so strongly. Remember when you first learned how to ride a bicycle or any other skill you have acquired. Just sitting there placidly in your lives won’t do it in most cases. There are simple exercises you can do.

The fact is that you needed to have the faith you could do it. Often the flame of this faith was sparked by someone else such as a parent. Once you have begun here it will open the door for you to connect with your higher self and begin communicating with the natural knowingness of your Spiritual essence.

How To Access Your Intuition?how to unlock your psychic powers

So how do you begin accessing and trusting intuition? There are some simple steps you can take. Let’s look at some ways of how to awaken your intuition.

Listen To The Soft Voice Of Spirit… You may have noticed that you have two voices that are ever-present in your mind as Eckhart Tolle has mentioned in his book ” The Power Of Now”. One is the powerful ego or logical self which speaks to you almost constantly. This is the loud, commanding, and domineering aspect of your inner being that can fill you with dread always holding you back from achieving a plethora of the good and wonderful things that are available for you in your life. Answers to those pesky so-called unanswerable questions.

Using Meditation For Intuition Awakening…Your intuition or spiritual voice is just the opposite. It is virtually voiceless. As opposed to loud and abrasive it is quiet and soft, barely audible but it is there. The best way to learn how to hear it is through meditation. If you dedicate yourself to daily meditation, a few minutes a day will get you to tap into your higher self.

Emotional Control… You are a human being as well as Spirit. The human part of you is filled with negativity, doubt, self-judgment, and most of all fear. When you are experiencing any of these you will be holding back that connection to your highest self.

Become Vigilant… Monitor your thoughts, words, and emotions. As you do you will begin to identify the negativity that will creep in. As you do allow it and then release it. This habit can be difficult to perfect. Again meditation can help and specifically a spiritually guided meditation for grounding and eliminating this negative energy.

Find A Mentor… Just like all the knowledge of the worldly skills you possess most are acquired through some form of learning from another. Mentors, teachers, or trainers are certainly a boon to help you move along your path of learning.

Their experience will help you gain and improve the self-assurance you need to believe in yourself and begin trusting your intuition. Most importantly they will have not only experienced the blocks you will run into they will also know how to overcome them.

Be Here Now… You will often receive intuitive information as you go about your everyday life. If you are not present you could miss these important bits of information. Sometimes you ask for guidance and occasionally it just comes on its own. Regardless you need to be present to hear, see, or feel them.

Intuition is not a magical talent but a fundamental sense. There is no trick to it nor is it overly complicated. Intuition doesn’t require you to jump through any specific unnatural hoops or testing. All it is is an immediate glimpse into the world of Spirit and Truth. However, you should be available.

Practice … I am sure you have heard the term “use it or lose it” when referring to muscles. The same holds for learning how to develop your intuition and maintaining it. After all what use is a gift if you do not use it? Turn on your confidence and follow your intuitive messages. You can start small and work your way up to helping others with psychic readings. One way is to use tools such as card decks that have been created especially for this purpose. They are not required but they can be an aid. Look to your mentor for advice on them. Don’t be afraid of experimentation

Give Thanks… Psychic abilities are a gift. Be thankful. Express gratitude for these wonderful blessings. The more gratitude you feel the stronger the gifts will become.

Remember that these are gifts of the Spirit. Gifts from and connected to “The Universe”. You will find the more you use them the more you will appreciate them. And the more you appreciate them the more you will use them.

How to Develop Your Intuition

Regardless of how deep into this realm, you travel you will find that learning how to develop your intuition and psychic abilities will be a constant wonder a never-ending source of wisdom. Enjoy the road ahead because it will offer many joyful and fun experiences along the way. After all the years and the thousands of readings I have given, and I am still awed by the wonderful nature of my spiritual gifts.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Develop Your Intuition And Trust Your Gut and learn about how to activate your Clairsentience and much more.

A Free Psychic Reading

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In this podcast, How To Develop Your Intuition And Trust Your Gut you will learn:

  • How people block their intuition.
  • Difference between intellect and intuition.
  • How to develop psychic abilities.

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