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June 25, 2016

How to Communicate With Your Spirit Guides – UYT004

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Getting To Know Your Spirit Guides…

Learning how to communicate with your spirit guides is not all that difficult. You have already done so in some manner but probably are not aware of it or getting to know your spirit guideshave forgotten. The two most common questions I receive when discussing these wonderful entities are “Do I have Spirit Guides too” and “how do I know if I have a Spirit Guide?” The answer to that is a definite yes.

The next step is to learn more about them and to get in touch. Basically, contacting spirit guides is very simple. All you really need to do is ask your spirit guides for help. They will show up. However, let’s look into exactly what Spirit Guides are and how to connect with them, the dos and don’ts.

You may be wondering Why. Why do I want to learn how to talk to spirit guides and angels. You may wish to do so because it will receive truthful, helpful advice and guidance from them. Their sole focus is to help you in all the aspects of your life.

Understanding Spirit Guides

Each of us has specific Spirit Guides. These guides can be family members that have passed, or they also can be unrelated to us. They can also be what you can consider an angel. Although, rarely, our guide may also be the spirit of someone who is living.

Remember that we are all Spirit. We are having a human experience. But at the core of who we are is our spiritual being, our higher self. As Spirit, we are not bound by space or time, which is true with our Spirit Guides. They can source information from anywhere and from any time in the past, present, or future.

Spirit Guides Names

When you first learn how to communicate with your spirit guides, you may not know who they are. After a while, though, you will learn more bout them. I know the names of most of my guides but not each one of them. Names are slightly irrelevant because each Spirit Guide knows who you are trying to contact. You may even find that several of your guides work under the same name.

You may also find that certain guides have certain functions. I have guides for healing others, healing myself, for when I write, for astral travel, for guidance with tough life questions, and other functions. This is not necessary, but I enjoy being able to contact specific Spirit Guides for specific reasons.

Whether you have had a Spirit Guide connection or not, learning how to communicate with your Spirit Guide and how to ask your Spirit Guide for help can be one of the most fulfilling experiences. Being a human being, you all look for love and understanding from other people.

When faced with a challenge, we can’t contend with; we look for answers outside of ourselves. As silly as it may sound, even when we can’t find our keys, we will ask someone available for help. Seeking help and advice are aspects of our human nature.

Your Spirit Guides are compassionate and sage. They are pure love and light. They never question why. Again their main focus is to help you with anything that you may need.

How to Communicate With Your Spirit Guides And Spirit Guides Signs

I have been in contact with my Spirit Guides since I was young. Many of you what is my spirit guide trying to tell mehave also had these experiences but did not understand. Their presence could be understood to be that of your invisible friends. Of course, what happens with most young children experiencing their Spirit Guides in this manner is that adults pressure them to stop ‘playing makebelieve.’

What Is My Spirit Guide Trying To Tell Me

Later on in life, as I started becoming more aware of my Spiritual Journey, these wonderful spirits returned, and yes, I recognized them from my youth. They had always been with me even though I wasn’t tuned in. Now they are with me constantly.

No matter how bleak or desperate a situation, maybe I know that I can turn to them for help in spiritual guidance for comfort. I have specific Spirit Guide communication signs I receive from different entities when they want to let me know they are around.

Asking Spirit Guides For Signs

Once you begin communicating with your guides, they will do the same with you. Interpreting Messages from spirit guides may be different for everyone. There are various manners in which you may experience their attendance.

What Does My Spirit Guide Look Like

Most people hear their guides within their minds. Not everyone actually sees them. I do. There is no benefit to doing so, so don’t feel that your experience is lessened in any way.

Spirit guides will give you signs that there are around. A couple of these are books falling off shelves or even sparks of light. You may not experience them in this manner, but again this doe not reduce your relationship.

One of the areas that I found my guides helpful in is my writing and drawing. They have literally dictated my first book, The Midas Tree, for me. It just came out of my fingers onto the keyboard of my computer. It was amazing.

Also, I was guided to sit down one day years ago to start drawing. I created hundreds of pictures in watercolors. I didn’t know that my guide would also download the meanings for many of them later on and advise me to create a Card Deck., Portico Cards. This card deck, not unlike Tarot Cards, helps activate and develop your intuition.

Here are a few ways to contact your spirit guide:what is my spirit guide trying to tell me

  • First, you need to change your mind, your belief systems if you would, set from wanting to believe that they actually exist:
  • The easiest way of getting to know your spirit guides is to do a specific meditation to meet them. During this meditation, you ask for your spirit guide’s name and how your spirit guides communicate.
  • Ask for signs that your spirit guide is contacting you. Let them know you are open.
  • When you want to talk to spirit guides, and angels go somewhere quiet and spiritually connected like in nature.
  • Another way of interpreting messages from spirit guides is to activate your sixth chakra, your third eye, so to speak. This can be accomplished using a chakra meditation.
  • There are other ways that you can open a channel for spirit guide communication. You can go to a psychic reader who can introduce you to them. You can try automatic writing. You can seek out the help of a channel.

Regardless of what types of spirit guides you have connected with once you have created a communication, there are some tips that you can use to keep the connection strong.

Ask, And You Shall Receive…This is a bible verse, but it also holds in regards to your Spirit guide communications. They are waiting for you to ask whatever you may need. They are available 24/7, but they do not act without your will.

Do Not Abuse… Your Spirit Guides are not there for your amusement, even though they may seem to have a sense of humor. Treat them with respect; they deserve calling on them with sincerity in your heart.

Be Attentive… Listen for direction once you have created your connection with your guides. Regardless of how they will communicate with you, listen for the answer. It is useless asking for help and then ignoring the answer. Meditation is the best way to create this link between you and your guides, especially as a novice.

Don’t Be Shy… Your Spirit Guides are there for your use. That is their mission. They also want to let you know that they are listening, so asking for a sign is not out of order, but don’t be dependant on one. And remember, some of them do have a sense of humor.

Take Heed… This communication with your Spirit Guide is an extraordinary connection. When they speak, listen. Please pay attention to their advice. They have only the highest good meant for you. If you ignore them, it may cause them not to show up, which can be considered a lesson.

Be Thankful… Gratitude is a wonderful attribute that you can take on even spirit guide communication signswhen it comes to being thankful for the guidance from the Spirit side. Gratitude shows that you are appreciative, and your guide will accept this with more and more communications for you because, in essence, they have a sense of gratitude.

Trust… Don’t second guess everything that may give you. You may not immediately understand the significance of some of the directions they will give you. Do not let that stop you. You may not ee far enough down the road, but they do, so don’t get attached to YOUR outcome.

Be Personable… Get to know your Spirit Guides, what they do, how they help you, their names, and always thank them as if you were dealing with a human being. Guides will tell you about themselves. Take the time to find out.

The more often you communicate with your Spirit Guides, the better you will recognize each of the different spirits you are in contact with and how they like to operate with you.

If you travel in the Metaphysical circles whatsoever, you have heard of Spirit guides! What are these invisible creatures? Do you know how to communicate with your spirit guides? If you have ever wondered if you have a spirit guide or just fascinated by angels and ascended masters, or even had invisible friends as a child, this episode of Unlocking Your Truth provides an in-depth exploration of this fascinated subject. It will set you on the road to understanding how to communicate with your Spirit Guides staying in touch and how they can help.

In this podcast, How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides, you will learn:

  • Truth and myths about spirit guides.
  • How spirit guides can help you.
  • How to see your spirit guide see them.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How to Communicate With Your Spirit Guides, and learn all about the wonderful world of the spirit guides that are around you and are willing to do almost anything to help you.

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  1. Is it possible to hear a voice that sounds like talking but doesn’t seem to be forming any words that you can understand? When I am alone (this only happens at home and in the same room) I have heard a woman’s laughter, always the same way, followed by what sounds like her speaking a sentence but no matter how loud it is, I can’t make out the words which sounds odd but is true. It has all the ups and downs of a voice speaking but no words forming. I have also heard a female voice humming a tune which sounds almost gospel like but quite honestly sounded beautiful and – I have no idea what the tune was. Also, the odd little sighs and cries. My name is never called but I just hear these sounds…there is no one in the flat above me (it’s been vacant for a while since the previous tenant, an old woman, passed away). It’s hard to tell where they are coming from – they are in various spots, sometimes sounding close, sometimes further away and mostly at night. The other day I was washing dishes and I started to hum a tune which then became a song that I was singing with words which went on for 5 minutes whilst I was doing other things. Again, I didn’t know the song or tune, I was just singing it but with such conviction and it sounded almost gospel/hymn like. I felt compelled to write some of the words down i.e. ‘Come on, come on, just you….’ and ‘we’ve got to find a way’ etc. This sounds pretty crazy but all true and a bit scary as it’s not something that has ever happened to me i.e. I don’t just sing random songs to myself for no reason. What could this all mean? Is this a spirit message?

    1. It sounds to me that you are experiencing your clairaudience. Everything you described is consistent with that – hearing voices, music, having songs pop into your head. It doesn’t sound crazy to me at all. It could be a spirit message. However, think of it rather like your sense of hearing. Just because someone says something to you, you do not have to listen to it. Just because it is coming from spirit doesn’t necessarily mean it is an important message you need to pay heed to. When my clairaudience first opened up I heard beautiful angelic music. It comforted me and made me feel supported when I hurt my back. I also heard the life of a man I had never met playing constantly in my head until I realized I could just change the channel and get some peace and quiet. I hope that helps. There are lots of podcasts on the website about clairaudience. You also might want to consider getting your psychic ability blueprint done.

  2. Rich Martini who has done studies for years on the spirit world found that Spirit Guides actually will not help us at all! He says his research proves we are all here to suffer and that we choose the ways we suffer and that our guides are aware of this and will not change a thing! Well that sure explains why every time I call on my guides not only do they ignore me but often things get worse!!

  3. I have had many religious experiences with the spirit I thought of as my guide. The problem is, this spirit led me on for years so that I would think it was a being of light and love. When my path turned very dark and I began to be “haunted” I realized I had been tricked. The spirit had made me think it was good, but it was very bad. It isn’t hard for them to deceive us. Asking Jesus for help was what saved me.

  4. I lost my wife in mid February this year 2021. I cant love anyone tje way I love her. Is it possible to connect with her while i still live in this earth? I miss her and I want to feel her Does she see me?

  5. Is it possible to experience several modalities of psychic abilities? I have had several appear throughout my life. If so, why?

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