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August 22, 2023

Out-Of-Body Experiences And How To Astral Project Safely UYT385

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Should I Fear Astral Travel?

Are you aware of how to astral project safely? This topic was stimulated by a question from one of our listeners:

“Mark – Since 2016, I have been curious about astral travel. At the same time, I tend to be apprehensive about it. I am a Christian. My wife is nervous about me trying it. I understand where she’s coming from. What worries me is the chance of my experience being a negative one. Is this normal?”

He is not the only person out there that voiced concern or felt frightened of what kind of trouble they could get into in astral traveling. Asking for advice or guidance about how to safely astral travel is not uncommon.

Out-Of-Body Experiences And How To Astral Project Safely

What Is Astral Travel?

Not everyone knows exactly what astral travel, also known as astral projection, is. So what is astral travel? Astral travel is a term that is synonymous with the idea of astral projection. Both terms and forms are the same thing. They are a form of O.B.E. or out-of-body experience.

You are mainly used to having your consciousness housed in your physical body. That’s your general experience of yourself, but it’s actually not the only body that you have. You have another one which is called your astral body. And your astral body is something that you tend to use at night time when you are asleep. This is when you move into a state of expanded consciousness and awareness beyond the physical aspect of the earth-plane reality into the astral realm.

So, astral travel or astral projection is the idea that you can learn to consciously leave the body and have an expanded experience while using your astral body.

Your astral body sits inside the physical body. Think about those stacked Russian dolls. How there’s a series of dolls stacked within the other. One doll within another and in another doll, and so on. Personally, you have these different vehicles, these different bodies that enable you to travel in consciousness through different realms. So the astral body is the one that helps you travel in the astral realm.

Anchoring Your Astral Bodyhow do you recognise your astral body

Is astral travel safe? In astral travel, how to return to your physical reality is a significant fear for beginners. Have you heard of the etheric silver cord? It is a topic of interest in the area of astral projection.

Occasionally you can become conscious inside your astral body. When you do, you may have an astral vision of a silver cord connecting your astral body to your physical body. And there’s this idea, or rumor, that if that silver cord is severed, then that means that you don’t come back to your physical body, and you die.

And that can be the central concept within the realm of astral travel that frightens people. What if you can’t get back into your physical body? What if, for some reason, your silver cord is severed, and you are stuck in this etheric realm? Emphatically, you don’t need to worry about that.

Your silver cord, in a manner, is just a way of you perceiving the connection that exists between your soul or higher being and the projected expressions of yourself on Earth while in the astral plane. And no one dies before your time until you and your higher self agree. You are perfectly safe during astral projection.

The Astral Realm

So, the astral body and the physical body have been looked at. Let’s talk about the astral realm. What is the astral realm? The astral realm tends to be where you go when you astral travel. There are a few different ways that you might look at it.

One of the ways to envision the astral realm, for example, is to cross to the other side of the veil that separates you from the spirit realm. Or the veil that separates you from God and your higher being.

You can think that the astral realm is the layer between you and the levels of your higher consciousness. You can also think about it as a veil of forgetting. One side of this veil is where you are experiencing yourself as a human. And perhaps the other side of it, or even within it, you are an expanded version of much more than that.

So in some senses, it’s a realm that separates you from or is perceived to separate you from your higher being.

The Astral Plane and Human Mass Consciousness

The other thing you might think about as what’s on the astral realm is that it is a layer of existence that corresponds with human mass consciousness. And that includes the good, the bad, and the ugly of human mass consciousness.

Anything you ponder, everything you can think up, your thoughts, your energies as human beings on this planet, it’s all there in the astral realm, the human mass consciousness, and the human mass unconsciousness.

And some mentally separate the astral realm into the lower middle and upper astral realms. And that’s another way of saying what was just said, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You find the depths of evil, despair, and wickedness at one end of human mass consciousness. And at the other end, there are the heights of joy, love, sharing, acceptance, and peaceful coexistence. All of the high-vibration desires and aspirations that you have, you can find all of them on the astral realm.

What Does Astral Projection Feel Like?astral projection techniques for beginners

What you feel like when you astral travel and where you end up when you travel in the astral realm is partially based on your frequency. So in some senses, if you go there in a state of fear, you’ll end up in the lower astral realm. If you go there in more of a state of love, you will end up in the upper astral realm. So part of the answer to how to astral project safely depends on your personal frequency and vibration.

Just as you strive to keep your vibration high during your physical waking life, the same thing applies in the astral realm. The Law of Attraction holds true on the astral plane. You attract what you are. You attract the vibration of what you are, and you will encounter the same during your astral travel experiences in the astral realm.

So you might have heard of books like The Egyptian Book of the Dead or The Tibetan Book of the Dead. They talk about this journey of when you pass away and travel through the different realms of consciousness, rising above and beyond the earth plane reality through these levels of the astral realm.

And so for example, the Tibetan Book of the Dead talks about the realm of the “hungry ghosts,” and the Egyptian Book of the Dead has a similar notion. There’s this common thread you encounter these particular sorts of stages or vibrational fields in the etheric plane. The base concept is that part of the astral realm contains the unresolved parts of individuals that have passed on and of humanity as a whole.

So consider somebody who passed away and has done an excellent job of healing themselves. It’s easy for these individuals to separate from the physical realm and move to the higher realms of consciousness. On the other hand, think about somebody who had a lot of pain, hate, fear, and unresolved issues within themselves. In that case, they do not move on to the higher realms but leave that as a place for everyone to enjoy.

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On visiting the lower levels of the astral realm, you will encounter the seedy husks of humanity. Just like some people may pollute their personal oceans, in a way, they pollute their astral realm with unresolved and out-of-alignment energy.

And these astral travelers are sometimes what people call dark beings or entities. But, more accurately, you will only perceive them as dark beings or entities. So these are the kinds of things that you can encounter in the astral realm that may frighten people. But more often than not, this unresolved baggage has become such a strong negative vibration that it’s almost personified.

Rules Of The Astral Realm

You can experience the physical plane and then the astral realm beyond that. In your waking life, in your physical body, in your earth-plane reality, there are what you can call laws. These laws are general guidelines, a framework that exists, which includes time and space. It also includes density and physical matter.

And so you tend to have your consciousness associated with this fleshy body thing that you have. You are positioned in time and space and move around in time and space. And to move around in time and space, you use effort. You use energy. So it takes a lot of energy to be here. When you move out of the physical realm, into your astral body, entering the astral realm, things get less intense.

Your experience of time and space is very different. Indeed, most of you have had a dream where youhow to astral project safely became consciously aware that you were dreaming. This is called a lucid dream. That’s another name that you have for labeling astral travel. So if you become conscious in a dream, and the dream is lucid, you are astral traveling. Has that ever happened to you? If so, you will have noticed that you just have to think about where you want to be, and you are instantaneously in that experience, in that place, or with that person as you think of them.

In the physical realm, if you wanted to visit your friend who lives down the street, you’d have to get up, get out of the house, walk down the street, knock on their door, and physically go into it. In the astral realm, all you need to do is to think of them, and kazzam, you are right there. Instant connectivity. So the same rules of time and space do not apply, and the rules about density don’t apply in your physical body either.

If you said, “Well, now I am going to walk through a wall,” and you tried it, you would go smack. Unless you are the equivalent of an evolved Master, you will go smack. In the astral realm, you can easily glide through a wall, travel above the Earth like Superman, or under the waves without a breathing apparatus like Aquaman. You could do all those things you can’t necessarily do in your physical body. Maybe some of those superheroes were inspired by astral travel. Who knows?

How To Leave Your Body When You Sleep And Do It Safely

So So, back to this, the original question was, how to astral project safely? So first of all, you do it all the time.

So is it normal out? Yes, you are just being a normal human being. But people it’s pretty common for people to have concerns about this. And one of the concerns is, will you be able to get back into your physical body? And you think one of the fears is of the unknown. Something you don’t know may come up, and you will need to figure out what to do or how to handle it. Or you may have a fear you might run into some evil monster. Or get yourself into some situation that’s just like a horror movie.

Yet, even with those questions unanswered, you would still love to astral travel. So how do you astral project or travel? You are all doing it all the time but don’t recognize that you are. Every night when you go to sleep, you astral traveling in dreams. There is a type of dream, which is just your body processing stuff, but mostly you are astral traveling.

You also can be astral traveling and not know it when you are awake. I remember a friend telling me she was driving in England past a field of sheep. And all of a sudden, she found herself in the field with the sheep. Her physical body was still driving the car, but she just popped out to visit sheep in her astral body. So you can bi-locate as well. Be in both bodies at the same time. And many of the spiritual masters, like Jesus, were thought to have been able to bi-locate and consciously operate both bodies at the same time. But it isn’t recommended unless you are at their level.

So the question is not, how do you astral travel safely? It is how you become conscious of the astral traveling that you are already doing. And then, how do you ensure that your experience is positive? So, maybe in a way, there’s a similar answer to both of those. The answer is, “It is all intentional and vibrational.”

Intentional in that you intend to become consciously awake and aware of your astral experience while in the astral experience. And you intend it to be a positive experience. And you go into it with a sense of adventure, excitement, passion, and expectation of that positive experience. If you are bringing a positive, higher vibrational frequency, you will naturally be like the oil that floats on the water into the higher realms of experience. But if you bring fear, hatred, and other negative densities, you’ll sink like a rock. So how to be safe? Ultimately, work on yourself, and heal yourself. Clear the density from your system so you can go into it with that positive expectation.

Lucid Dreaming And How To Astral Project Safely is astral projection real

How can you become conscious, have lucid dreaming, and experience conscious astral travel? There are many techniques to do it. There are books that have been written about that. One of the simple ones that can work for you is to set your intention to be conscious while you are dreaming. Also, you can keep a dream diary so your focus is very much on your dream life, your dream experience, and what is happening in it. Remember, what you focus on expands. You can increase your chances if you can manage to wake yourself up and go back to sleep in the middle of a REM cycle. And then, if you manage to become awake in your astral experience, there are clues you can look for that tell you what’s happening.

One of these clues is looking at a clock or some number sequence. Because in your reality world, when you look at a clock or a number sequence, it’s the same every time you look at it. But on the astral plane, it will be drastically different every time you look at it. Again this is because time doesn’t operate the same in that realm. Mathematics doesn’t operate the same. So that can be a clue, oh, you are astral traveling. If you find yourself flying, that can be a clue that you are astral traveling.

Anyone can learn how to astral travel. Yet, some people have locks on their belief systems that stop them from realizing their goals. This is where you get to work on yourself. An astral projection meditation can help as well. Also, a grounding and centering meditation can work wonders. You can check out the link below for a guided meditation to help eliminate any negative energy you may be experiencing. And remember, just like anything else in life, patience is a virtue and will help you on the road to success.

Free Guided Meditation

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Out-Of-Body Experiences, And How To Astral Project Safely and discover the world of the astral realm.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Out-Of-Body Experiences And How To Astral Project Safely:

  • CK – Do you have to be magic to learn astral travel?
  • CK – How difficult is it for somebody to go from scratch to becoming aware of their astral travel?
  • Lorraine – You can only travel when asleep but never when awake?
  • Brian – Why do we astral travel in our dreams/sleep? Not much to experience in the body during that time, and we get bored, or is there some higher purpose to astral travel in our sleep?
  • Denise – Very mysterious! Why Astral Travel? For what purpose?
  • BC – Or meet up with people that are still alive. Those I do remember quite clearly!
  • Cole – I’d be curious how many of us may have encountered someone in our waking life who may actually be astral traveling. I’ve read of such experiences, and perhaps it explains the whole doppelganger phenomenon.

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