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March 5, 2019

How To Ask Your Spirit Guides For Help UYT194

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Who Or What Is My Spirit Guide?

Discovering that you have Spirit Guides is one thing. Learning how to ask your spirit guides for help is another. The name itself, Spirit Guide, indicates that these forces are spiritual and genuine, and good in nature. The term Guide also denotes that their focus is to assist us in different ways, to find answers, or choose paths.

How To Ask Your Spirit Guides For Help;

Have you ever had something positive happen for you at just the instant you needed it and put it down to coincidence? Have you had trials that you were going through and had a sense of comfort come over you for no reason at all? Maybe you were trying to find something, and you hear a small voice inside of you say, “look there,’ and you find what you are searching for. We have all had some form of these experiences.

These are all examples of Spirit Guides lining up to help you out. We all have these wonderful entities that care for us. I have a list of Spirit Guides that help me with different aspects of my life. Some help me with healing, some with learning, some with emotional issues I have to deal with. It is all about getting to know your Spirit Guides and their main focus in regards to you.

Types Of Spirit Guides

There are many beings available to help us at this time. The Earth is in transition. Our species is waking up. We are the best show in creation right now. Just as the world population is bigger than ever before, the amount of benevolent beings wanting to assist is also beyond precedent.

As humans, we like to label and categorize things. When discussing Spirit Guides, we follow our nature. We have different names for different types of guides and different categories they fall under. Here are just some of these classes:

  • Angels – servants and messengers of God
  • Devas – Beings who tend to forms of life on Earth
  • Galactic Beings – our parents and grandparents
  • Inter-Dimensional Beings – in service to humanity, operating at higher dimensional levels.
  • Ascended Masters – enlightened teachers who serve our evolvement

We designated specific types of Spirit Guides within these categories as Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels and Guides, Goddesses, Ascended Masters and Enlightened Beings, Ancestors, Animal Spirit Guides, Elemental Energies (Sylphs, Undines, Salamanders, and Gnomes). Actually, something residing upon the earth such as a tree, mountain, or body of water can hold energy and has the ability to use that energy to communicate impressions, feelings, thoughts, and healing.

We could write a book on each of these groups. In fact, people have written books about them, including myself. My book ‘The Midas Tree,’ a spiritual adventure story, has various entities that can be classed as Spirit Guides and the such. Suffice it to say that you have many choices about who to interact with. You will feel an affinity in your heart and know which ones are most attractive to you.

They are in a non-physical state. They do not have the same barriers to the perception that we have. Even though you may not sense them, they are always aware of you and will never ignore a call for help.

How To See Your Spirit Guide?

You don’t have to engage in a ritual to see your Spirit Guides, have a special alter, or make offerings dedicated to them.what is my spirit guide trying to tell me You don’t need to please them so they will feel benevolent toward you. Or be ordained into a special order of followers.

How Do I Know If I Have A Spirit Guide?

You don’t even have to be consciously aware of who they are. They know who they are and who you are. It helps if you are receptive and able to receive help when it comes. If you resist or take on a victim mentality or do not believe you can be helped, it makes it harder for them to reach you.

How To Talk To Spirit Guides And Angels

But if you do wish to be aware and learn how to communicate with your Spirit Guide, then the first thing you can do is develop your intuition.
Developing your intuition helps you validate who your Spirit Guides are and to perceive your interactions with them.

Energy is the language they use to communicate. It is also the way we communicate when we are in the non-physical. Your psychic abilities can be viewed as energy languages. They are multi-dimensional and are much less limited than our physical communication systems, such as the spoken word and body language.

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Spirit Guide Communication Signs

You use physical communication because you are embedded in the physical world. Sometimes your guides do find a way to get through on that level. Examples of spirit guide signs are things like feathers, strings of numbers, synchronicities, being saved from catastrophic events (e.g., I remember reading about a lady who was saved from being run over by being lifted to the other side of the street).

However, if you can develop your non-physical senses, you may have a much richer conscious relationship with your guides. You will have a window to the non-physical world they occupy, which is not bound by time or space. The form that this takes depends on you and your personal level of awareness. As well as which specific abilities, you are attuned to. If your strongest ability is

What Does My Spirit Guide Look Like?

In my experience, the communication tends to be focused on the upper chakras because asking spirit guides for signsthose are the ones that connect you with non-physical reality, so the throat, brow, and crown chakras. You may sense you are being supported and feel an amazing amount of love (fourth chakra).

If you are using Clairvoyance (Sixth Chakra) as your main psychic ability, then you will see your guide and will be able to observe them. They may show you colors, symbols, or act out scenarios to convey information to you. It is also possible for them to write or draw pictures for you on an imaginary screen.

If you are using your ability of Clairaudience (Fifth Chakra), then you will hear your guide. They will talk in your ear, even though there will be no sound. They will use language that you can understand. It is also possible to hear sweet music and other sounds.

If Claircognizance (Seventh Chakra) is your main intuitive gift, you will instantly know the information. They will plant information in your consciousness. It will happen so quickly you may not even realize there has been communication. You might think you have had a bright idea.

Meditation To Connect With Spirit Guides

Meditation is the best way to develop your intuition. By turning within, you quiet your mind, and you turn down the physical world so you can sense the non-physical world. Meditation also helps you raise your vibration. Your guide has a very high frequency compared to you and your physical reality. You can narrow the energy gap by raising your frequency. This is done by healing yourself and dropping the denser energies you have stored in your body.

Depending on the form of meditation you use and having a teacher, this can happen more quickly or more slowly. There are specific meditation techniques that I teach that work very well. The guidance of a teacher is so important because there are so many misconceptions about what intuition is. The other reason a teacher is essential is to help you discern your intuition from your intellect, ego, mind, and emotions and help you be discerning about which energy beings you choose to work with.

Understanding Spirit Guides

Be aware of whom you are asking for help and who shows up to do so. Just as there are many types of humans, there are many types of energy beings. Some of them have your highest good in mind, and some do not and can masquerade as a helper when really this is not what they are. They are trying to attack you in some way. I have a few guidelines for working with your guides.getting to know your spirit guides

  1. Know who you are talking to. Develop some private signals that help you verify your guide. Learn to recognize their unique energy signature.
  2. Never give up seniority. You should remain in charge and think of your guide as a helper rather than an authority telling you what to do.
  3. Please don’t allow them to enter use your body. This is an invasion of your personal creative space, and the highest guides will not do this. There are exceptions to this, but it is best to steer clear if you are starting.
  4. Be neutral. Don’t get attached. Some guides stay with you for lifetimes. Others come and go depending on what you are focused on. Your paths may cross for a lifetime or a couple of hours.
  5. Stay Open. Understand that these Guides are there to help. Allow them to do so. You can’t read a closed book.

What Is My Spirit Guide Trying To Tell Me

One thing you should be aware of is your motivation. Look at where you are coming from. What kind of help are you asking for? You get what you put out. So if you want help manipulating a situation or punishing someone for a way they wronged you, or making someone fall in love with you, you will attract a lower-level entity that is operating as disrespectfully as you are.

Basically, if you wish to communicate with Source, increase the vibration of love in your life, or find your purpose. When you come from a genuine place of wanting to evolve in consciousness, you will attract a being with the appropriate perspective.

Now that you are aware of these wonderful entities learning about how to ask your spirit guides for help, asking spirit guides for signs, and how to see your spirit guide can all be accomplished without too much effort. The main thing is not to be shy. Keep yourself open to their messages. They are there for you, and their whole purpose is to be of assistance.

In this podcast, How To Ask Your Spirit Guides For Help, you will learn:

  • Interpreting Messages from spirit guides.
  • How to see your spirit guide.
  • Signs a spirit is around you.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Ask Your Spirit Guides For Help, and discover the wonderful source of help for you along your life journey. You are not alone!

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