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how do you talk to the dead

Signs From A Deceased Loved One

Are you looking for signs from a loved one in heaven? So how do you talk to the dead? Are you worried about being possessed? First of all, it is not necessarily a bad thing to be possessed. When you become possessed it is called channeling or mediumship both of which are actually psychic abilities. Other names you may hear are spiritual clairvoyance or spiritual telepathy. I have even heard the term spiritual talk radio used to describe speaking to spirits or having spirits speak through you.

How Do You Talk To The Dead?

One of the most common times when people communicate with the dead is when they channel signs from a loved one in heaven using a channelhigher beings like when you communicate with your spirit guide. You can even ask your spirit guides for help in exactly the best way to hear spirits. You can even channel spirits and spirit guides by using automatic writing. One of the requests I receive frequently from my students is to learn how to communicate with spirits like a medium. Learning to channel spirits of dead loved ones is basically the same when you channel spirit guides. This is very interesting.

Channeling means different things to different people. You can channel your energy, divine energy or non-self energy, which can be positive or even harmful. This why it is important to remove all the dangers of communicating with the dead and learn how to channel spirits safely. All human beings channel in a very special way, very specific to their humanity.

You are spirit and you have created a physical body to channel that specific energy through. That energy which is truly you. When you are born and become a human being you channel a spirit into your body. You channel your higher self and this a form of spiritual evolvement  Famous examples of channels include J.Z. Knight and Ramtha; Jane Roberts and Seth and Esther Hicks and Abraham.

How To Contact A Loved One Who Has Passed Away

How do you talk to the dead, the spirits of loved ones? the best way is to develop your psychic abilities. The best way to do that is to learn from a spiritual teacher. Someone like myself can how do you talk to the deadteach you how to contact the spirit world safely.

Another way to contact the dead is to have a reading with someone again like me. They can help you with how to call upon a deceased loved one, and even have them contact them for you. These are mediums. However, it is not a really ‘special’ ability. We all have this wonderful gift. Just learn how to activate it. Meditation really helps,

Join us for this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How Do You Talk To The Dead, and here what we have to say about ways to talk to spirits, medium readings and how to see spirits of loved ones.

In this podcast How Do You Talk To The Dead you will learn about:

  • Different ways to talk to the dead.
  • Automatic writing, art, and music.
  • Channeling your own consciousness.

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