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June 14, 2022

Heart Chakra Healing And Related Psychic Gifts – Deep Dive Part 4 UYT335

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What Is Heart Chakra?

How is your heart chakra doing? Do you need a heart chakra healing? Actually, the question might be better put, “how do you know you need a heart chakra healing?” Well, in this edition of the deep dive of Dr. Lesley Phillips’s book,  Intuition And Chakras, the topic will be aspects of the fourth chakra, the Heart Chakra. The first thing that will come to your mind will be love, of course. But there is more to it.

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Heart Chakra Healing And Related Psychic Gifts – Deep Dive Part 4 

Heart Chakra Symptoms And Qualities

The Sanskrit word for the heart chakra is “Anahata .”The translation is unstruckunhurt and unbeaten. This primary chakra is the fourth of seven in the chakra system. The central aspect of this energy center is that It acts as the center of love for oneself and others. Some of the qualities and concerns of the heart chakra are:

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Oneness
  • Affinity
  • Forgiveness
  • Unconditional love
  • Joy

Of all the beautiful qualities of the heart chakra, love may be the primary. However, there is more to it from the perspective of intuition and psychic abilities. Because that is really what you are about and what my Intuition And Chakras reveal. 

So, if you are interested, do an internet search about the chakras or go into your local metaphysical bookstore. You’ll find a lot of information about chakras. But they mainly involve chakra healing, cleansing, and clearing. The goal is mentalemotionalphysical, and spiritual health. And that is a very valid approach to learning about the chakras. But few people, if anyone, have written about psychic abilities related to the chakras and how all of the chakras channel different psychic abilities

Heart Chakra Symptoms And Psychic Abilitieshow to know when your intuition is talking to you

The heart chakra relates to two primary psychic abilities, which are relatively unspoken in the metaphysical community. The two aspects of the heart chakra being referred to are Oneness and Affinity. So how do Oneness and Affinity impact you and your life? 

The Heart Chakra Healing And Oneness

Another way of saying Oneness is the interconnectedness of all things. Well, that is a short phrase, the interconnectedness of all things. But what does interconnectedness mean? It means all things in the universe, known and unknown, literally all things, everything. Everything that you can comprehend, everything that you can’t comprehend, everything that you can think of, and everything you can’t. Everything is all things; all people, animals, plants, minerals, planets, universes, beings, everything. So interconnectedness means all these things and more are interconnected. 

And you can experience that interconnectedness, that feeling of connection to all that exists. You can do so through this aspect of Oneness and your heart chakra. This is important to understand. The concept of Oneness can be misunderstood. Much of the time, even in spiritual and religious circles, there is a defined concept. This is this idea that your goal is to merge into the Oneness. This idea is that we start off as a separate entity from the Oneness and are seeking a merge. Untrue. 

Also, many people are afraid of losing their identity. They are afraid to merge into the Oneness. After all, who would they be? And my definition of Oneness is that it helps you understand who you are and where you fit. So as a human being in a physical body, you have a unique identity as a soul in the cosmos. You have a unique energy frequency. And even as an individual, you are still part of everything. And without you, the entire universes would collapse. So you are an integral part of all that is and, and you are unique, and so is everybody else. So if you think about Oneness in the context of humanity, the human species, it is a crucial concept to comprehend and receive.

The Heart Chakra Puzzleyour oneness and how you fit into the universe

An example of an excellent metaphor for this concept of Ones is that of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. And every person is a piece in the jigsaw puzzle. There are no two pieces of the puzzle the same. And the jigsaw puzzle cannot be completed without all the pieces occupying the place where they fit amongst the whole. So if you try to squeeze your piece, your corner piece, into the middle, it will not go very well. And so Oneness and your understanding of your place within the Oneness helps you understand your purpose, your identity. You will understand who you are and how you relate to the other pieces and the entire cosmic consciousness. 

The Heart Chakra Healing And Affinity

The other aspect of the heart chakra you rarely hear about is Affinity. Affinity, in some senses, is equated to your internal compass. So what is Affinity? 

So think about some of the personal attributes of a person. In life, when you think of Affinity, it can be considered an attraction to something like a particular food or pastime. I can be considered to be such things as; magnetic attraction, passion, enthusiasm, or affection. 

You also learned about Affinity in school when you learned about chemistry and chemical bonds. You were taught how different atoms come together to make molecules. In physics, it is the cohesive force of the universe. It holds things together. It is also found in love. 

Suppose you think about the forces of cohesion and repulsion. In that case, you can see how every object in the universe is poised in a particular position or fit. And so the Affinity, your hearts’ Affinity, your hearts’ passion, can be a significant internal compass. 

So when you feel drawn toward something or someone, that is a form of intuition. Your intuition can compel you or draw you in a particular direction. That is your Affinity. 

Heart Chakra Blockageheart chakra blocks

So if you have a heart chakra blockage, you will have problems understanding or feeling that specific Affinity. So if you get your heart chakra clear, you can listen to that guidance, and you will always be taken in the direction of your highest excitement. You can then follow your path in the most vibrational alignment with who you are. 

Heart Chakra Healing And An Open Heart Chakra

Another well-known concept related to your heart chakra is unconditional love. What is unconditional love? The shortest definition I feel is absolute acceptance. This means that you have no judgment whatsoever. In unconditional love, there’s no requirement for forgiveness because there was no judgment in the first place. This means judgment of yourself as well as others. 

Heart Chakra Healing can include growth cycles and challenges in those areas. So if you are judgmental of others, your heart chakra is out of alignment. It is out of balance in those times and moments where you are being judgmental. Suppose you are stuck and unable to forgive somebody. In that case, that is also out of alignment with your higher self and with the underlying principle of the universe, which is unconditional love. 

Heart Chakra Location

The heart chakra location is in the middle of the seven main chakras. So in a way, it’s connected between heaven and earth. And it’s also a balancing point for other things. And one of these is giving and receiving. And you find most people you meet in the world are unbalanced in their giving and receiving. The spiritual people are more giving than receiving. Worldy-based individuals are more receiving than giving. So many of you need to balance your giving and receiving. learn how to clear blocked chakras

There is a fundamental dichotomy between giving and receiving and being in balance in your giving and receiving. A lot of people are out of balance between giving and receiving. Examples of this are people pleasers. A people pleaser always puts everybody else first and themselves last. Their focus is on keeping other people happy. If this represents how you are, you are out of balance on a heart chakra level. Because a balanced heart chakra would allow you to value and validate yourself. You would then be able to put yourself first and fill yourself up with love and appreciation. You could allow yourself to receive so that when you are giving, it’s from a position of overflowing. This would be opposed to a position of lack and exhaustion or because you’ve emptied your emotional tanks. 

So the heart chakra is about love, appreciation, and acceptance of yourself and others. And the acceptance of self and others is a big one. Most people are not fully accepting of themselves, nor are you fully accepting of others. Often you are judged or judging and criticizing yourself and others. And that is not unconditional love in any way, shape, or form. Also, that is not aligned with the Universe, God, and your higher being. It’s out of alignment state. 

How To Heal Heart Chakra Issues

Whether it is an overactive heart chakra or a blocked heart chakra, it takes conviction and patience to clear. You will probably experience heart chakra opening pain and much self-judgment when you first go down that path. However, suppose it is genuinely your conviction to do so. In that case, one of the basic formulas is to create a daily heart chakra meditation practice. You can find a heart chakra meditation script below to help guide you to a place of peace and balance.

Learn To Heal Using Your Intuitive Gifts, Free Healing Power Of Intuition Course

Complimentary Healing And Intuition Course With Dr. Lesley

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Heart Chakra Healing, And Related Psychic Gifts – Deep Dive Part 4, and how a balanced clear heart chakra can change your life. Also learn the secrets to using your chakra energy in developing your psychic abilities in conjunction with your chakra system.

Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Heart Chakra Healing And Related Psychic Gifts – Deep Dive Part 4:

  • Katie – One could argue that giving is receiving and that this rule applies to love, compassion, kindness, etc. But do you think this is only the case when what we give is RECEIVED by who we are giving or expressing it to? What happens when what we give is not received?
  • Shannon – Hi, lovely Lesley – and – Mr. Corry. I’ve been intending to give to my clients and team with all my heart in my real estate profession. May you check my energy around my career 🙂 thank you!! I do like to help people get what they want and need. Thank you both so much!
  • Andarini – Can you check if my current job aligns with my heart chakra.
  • Brian – Dr. Lesley, can you take a quick look at my heart chakra and see if there’s anything I need to know, this is an area that has been opening more and more for me in recent years.
  • Cole – One fantastic thing I’ve found ALOT lately. When we give, even if it’s not received the way we think it could or should. Because we put that energy out there, the universe somehow does something with it, and extraordinary manifestations happen for both the giver and receiver. I’ve found that‘s especially true if the giving is intuitive, and I don’t always understand why. It doesn’t always make sense to me!
  • George – How do you clear a blocked heart chakra?
  • Lori – I have to disagree with Corry. There are games etc., that come with the workplace that does not always work for everyone except the game players.

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