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July 12, 2022

What Are The Properties Of Your Hand Chakras And Foot Chakras – Deep Dive Part 8 UYT339

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The Lesser-Known Hand And Feet Chakras

Are you aware that within the chakra system, you have hand chakras and foot chakras? Well, you do, and they are very multi-tasking. So let’s investigate these interesting energy centers as part of the deep dive into the material presented in the book Intuition And Chakras, authored by Dr. Lesley Phillips.

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What Are The Properties Of Your Hand Chakras And Foot Chakras – Deep Dive Part 8

Psychic Abilities and Your Hand And Foot Chakras

So what might your hand chakras and foot chakras have to do with your psychic abilities? Maybe these lesser-known chakras don’t sound as sexy to people as the third eye, but in a way, they are as psychically active, if not more so.

Think about your handshake. How often do you shake hands with people or touch them somehow? For many of you, these touches can be very sensitive to energy. The reason for this is the marvelous psychic gift of Clairtangency. Several different psychic abilities are contained under the umbrella of the psychic sense of Clairtangency, the ability to feel universal energy.

Psychic Abilities Of Your Hand Chakraspsychic abilities that your hand chakras

There are four different psychic abilities that your hand chakras are involved with:


Psychometry is the ability to feel and sense the energy stored within an object with your hands. Most commonly, people who practice psychometry read a piece of jewelry regularly worn by an individual. The energy of that piece of jewelry will tell you things about that person.

The reason for this is that all objects store energy. For example, if one wears a piece of jewelry often enough, it absorbs the individual’s energy. The energy tells a tale of that object and the person wearing it.

A Psychometrician is a person who performs psychometry. They do so by holding it in their hands and using their hand chakras to sense the energy in that object. They can read and translate the information of that individual.

So, for example, if you were holding this ring I am wearing, you could read the energy of three generations of my family that is stored in it. It was worn by my grandmother, my mother, and now worn by me. My grandfather purchased it while stationed in North Korea and smuggled it into the UK in his socks. So it has a tale to tell.

So the idea is that one can read the energy using the hand chakras, whether it’s jewelry, an item of clothing, or some other treasured belonging.

Another example of Clairtangency could be working with crystals and stones. Crystals will absorb energy and store energy. So you can actually program crystals with energy and information. This energy or information can be read using your hand chakras.

Dowsingdowsing rods and pendulums are tools in psychometry

Another example of using the hand chakras in sensing energy and this general component of psychometry is dowsing.

So hopefully, you have seen the idea of dowsing. Dowsing for water is traditional in England and also the USA. Typically a dowser will find a Hazelwood twig, usually one that looks like an elongated slingshot. It has a straight part and then two long handles. They hold it in their hands. The dowsing branch twitches or bends when water is sensed under the surface.

You can also use copper rods. They will move to demonstrate the edges of the auric field.

Finally, working with the pendulum is a form of psychometry. And so you all know that the old midwives. They would take a necklace and hold it over the tummy of a pregnant lady, and they could tell if it were a girl or a boy.

All these examples of psychometry, Clairtangency, relate to using the sensitivity of the chakras in the center of your palms to feel and read energy.

Energy Healing

So psychic ability number one associated with the hand chakras is psychometry. But you can extend that to some other things. For example, you may also use this psychic sensitivity in your hand chakras in energy healing.

And so, the hand chakras can be very much involved in the idea of healing because you can use them to feel the auric field. Everything is made up of electromagnetic energy. And everything is emitting and circulating electromagnetic energy through energy fields. So you can feel the auric field of anything, whether it’s a living creature or even an inanimate object. And so, using the Clairtangency aspect of your hand chakras, you can sense energy and the energy blocks where the energy is moving freely and clearly.

You can also read what type of energy is present. For example, you can learn the difference between fear, anger, or different things just by feeling how it feels through your hand chakras. energy healing using healing hands

You can also extend how you use your hand chakras during an energy healing. You can also transmit healing energy. You can direct the transmission of healing energy using your palm chakras.

Also, if you’re healing a chakra, you can sense the energy of the chakra and where it might be blocked.

So your hand chakras are important energy centers. Very important indeed. And can be applied in many, many ways.


Another related psychic ability is telekinesis. I must add that there aren’t many people you meet who have a powerful version of this psychic power.

Telekinesis is like energy healing. It draws on a combination of chakras. So both of these abilities connect information from the crown chakra, the sixth chakra, the first chakra, and the hand chakra.

For example, when giving a healing, you need to be really grounded through your first chakra, the root chakra. And you use your sixth and seventh chakra and the hand chakras to be aware of information and direct energy. And it’s the same with telekinesis.

What Is Telekinesis?

Telekinesis is the ability to change the molecular structure of a physical object. A classic example is Uri Geller, who was world-renowned for bending spoons. Another example would be that of an Indian guru levitating off the ground.

So this psychic ability is the capability to interfere with or change the natural state of an item. And directing the energy and intention into the object, you want to create a change through your hand chakras and your intention. So it can be thought of as triangulating your hand chakras with the sixth and seventh chakra.

Hollywood is fascinated with telekinesis. There are all different blockbusters with many different versions of it:

  • Pyrokinesis, setting things on fire
  • Cryokinesis, turning things into ice
  • Hydrokinesis control of the water


The psychic energy runs down your arms and out through the palms of your hands. Because of this, the energy can be directed during healing. But it can also be energy directed to the purpose of manifestation.

Think about your hands. They are one of the most creative parts of you. All-day

long, you use them in some form of a creative way. Whether you are cooking a meal, writing notes, or painting. You use your hands to create your reality in one form or another. For example, when doing a painting, you might have a vision, and then you use your hands to bring into reality that vision.

Foot Chakras

Your feet are very close to the ground. They actually touch the ground for the best part of a day. So it stands to reason that each foot chakra does as well. The feet chakras are below the first chakra, the root chakra. And the first chakra is related to physical reality. So it deals with your information about the physical world.

This relationship includes everything about the physical world and the physical transmission and transfer of energy and information in some form between you and the planet. So everywhere you go, every step you take, an intimate relationship is happening between you and the planet. You are drawing energy and information from the planet. And you are also transmitting energy and information to the planet.

And so, tuning into the energy channels of the energy vortices and energy patterns on the planet is one of the rolls of the foot chakras. This relationship between you and the planet through your foot chakras works together with your root chakra.

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Are The Properties Of Your Hand Chakras And Foot Chakras – Deep Dive Part 8, and learn how your foot chakras and hand chakras assist you in life on a day-to-day basis as well as with your psychic abilities.

Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Are The Properties Of Your Hand Chakras And Foot Chakras – Deep Dive Part 8:

  • Christine – Wondering if there’s a deeper meaning to the partial removal of my index finger while working.
  • SG – When I pet my dog, massage babies, or do other activities, sometimes my hands feel warm, like warm energy coming from them. What is that, and why does it happen?
  • Brian – When you ground (earth) (bare feet on the ground), what role do your foot chakras play in that? What can you do with that kind of energy exchange?
  • Carol – Is automatic drawing a form of using the hand chakra?
  • Christine – I had a very itchy left palm for a few days.
  • Cole – What Corry had mentioned about injuries, can you look at my left hand? When I was 5, I cut my wrist pretty bad, and it was stitched. Still, I wonder if it interrupted the energy flow in my left hand, I’ve had issues with that entire arm healing in any way? I wonder, too, if my receiving is off. But, it‘s in my left hand, that could explain that too!
  • Katie – How are our hand chakras involved with healing ourselves or others? Does the same left/ right receiving/ giving concept apply? And can we use our feet chakras for healing others, too?
  • Curious Soul – About cutting limbs and fingers. When I was young and dumb, I did something stupid. I was being chased by some guys, so I punched a window to get out. And I got a nasty cut. It swells sometimes.
  • SG – how do I work with my hand chakras more? Learn to channel more healing energy?
  • Jesse – I’m left-handed, but I’ve trying to write with my right hand for balance. How would that affect the hand chakras?
  • Man – Do the hands and feet chakra have an energy field that emanates from it just like the 7 Chakras?
  • Budaj – I have a birthmark on my 4th toe on my right foot. Does this affect my foot chakra(s)? Or does this have any kind of particular meaning?
  • Cole – I’ve seen info on acupressure points such as; the feet can clear the kidneys, crook of your elbows I think deals with intestinal/digestive, one in the center of the chest for the heart can cause an instant calm, interesting stuff!
  • Misty – What about training for psychometry?
  • Carol Man – I love Dr. Lesley for empowering others to learn this for themselves. She really helped me develop my psychic ability in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend her and her courses!

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