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February 6, 2021

Using Your Foot Chakra To Connect To The Earth Energy UYT273

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How Many Chakras Are There?

Your Chakra System, mostly know as being 7 main chakras, is a channel through which energy moves into and out of the spiritual and physical body. One of the lesser-known chakras is the hand and foot chakra. Not unlike all of the other energy centers, your hand and feet chakras, come from the Universal Source, Spirit. We all have them and have had them since birth through no physical effort on our part.

Using Your Foot Chakra To Connect To The Earth Energy

Physically the foot chakra is a severed energy center, which has each half located in the ball of each foot. Whether or not your feet are together or apart, these two halves of a whole are continuously linked and make up a complete and important energy center.

How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy In Your Body

Now, the foot chakra and first chakra or root chakra purposes are often confused with each other. the root chakra is the grounding point for your energy to flow back and forth into the earth to help cleanse negative energy. Because your root chakra in essence is the last place that you feel the transfer of energy many assume that this is the last of the chakras that interact with earth energy. Not true.

Just as each of the other seven main energy centers your foot chakras have very specific functions geared towards positivity in life so do the feet chakras. They connect you to the earth’s energy as a whole. Your body needs to connect to the earth’s energy for its health and well being. Your personal cellular and spiritual makeup pull from the earth to create health within you.

Grounding Therapy

Connecting your foot chakras to the earth allows you to connect to the earth’s energy reality matrix. In essence, what you are doing is creating an exchange, a conversation if you would, between you and the planet.

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Health interchange between you and the planet allows you to be in the here and now. Which in turn permits you to keep up with all the shifts happening through local andrelease negative energy meditation world events and shifts. This is a great life therapy.

With open balanced unblocked foot chakras, you remain balanced as well. This allows you to be in sync with the planet and run your earth’s energy and make the most of your creativity. This includes your manifestations. Anything you manifest will be in tune and in balance with earth energy.

Another factor of being balanced and running earth energy no matter where you are on the planet you will receive this marvelous exchange including the earth receiving your energy signature as well. The earth uses your energy to create, maintain and evolve the natural environment.

How To Balance Your Chakras And Your Life

When you use the feet chakras and the root chakra in conjunction it creates what you may consider a tripod. This tripod creates great balance in your life not only energetically but also physically and spiritually. When you think about it everything on the earth is cast from the same substances. We are made up of minerals as the earth itself. It stands to reason that resonance can occur between humanity and the planet if we just tune in and exchange our energy with it.

As spiritual beings, you look to share your light with all. This is because you are the light of the world as Jesus said. You not only share your light with other beings but also with the earth. When you run the spiritual energy that you receive from your crown chakra through your body and ground it into the earth, the earth itself will receive this spiritual energy helping to balance it.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Using Your Foot Chakra To Connect To The Earth Energy. Balancing all your chakras is a wonderful practice for a happy healthy life. Don’t forget to include your foot chakras as well.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Using Your Foot Chakra To Connect To The Earth Energy :

  • I try to ground myself every day. Can you tell me if I am grounded and if it is working, please?
  • How do you tell if you are grounded?
  • I’ve been going through Kundalini. Can you look into my energy, Dr. Lesley?
  • Dr. Lesley, I want to ask, what is the chilly electric sensation I get? I seem to be able to bring it on and intensify it, but I have no idea what its utility is. It almost feels like my aura radiating inwards. ​lasts only a second.
  • How do I know if I’m grounded?
    Are you able to tap into my energy and tell me anything I may need to know as I continue on my journey of becoming an energy healer?
  • I try to practice grounding every day. Is there any other way I can use the earth’s energy to help me in my spiritual growth?
  • When trying to meditate/ground while sitting I start spinning in circles or rocking back & forth. Is that normal? How can I focus more and get rid of the thoughts in my head?
  • ​ I keep seeing flashes or sparks of light. Can you explain what seeing these flashes of light means?
  • ​Hello Corry and Dr. Lesley. I’m working with a group daily and enjoying it. We are working with Earth energy. Could you take a look at us as a group and give your overall opinion?
  • I get a wave of uplifting energy, tingly, tearfully happy rush either from heaven and earth. What is that? This first happened as a little girl.
  • ​Dr. Lesley, can you tell me what’s happening with my leg?
  • How do you know if it’s cosmic energy or not? Sometimes I feel stuck in a place.
  • You mentioned the term Matrix. What is the Matrix you are talking about?
  • What is the difference between the root chakra and the foot chakras in regards to energy work?

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