Are You Feeling Someone’s Energy From A Distance?

feeling someone's energy from a distance
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The Psychic Ability Of Clear Feeling Clairsentience

If you are feeling someone’s energy from a distance you are displaying symptoms of the psychic ability of Clairsentience or clear feeling. Because of its characteristics, it can also be called the emotional receiver. This psychic ability is a spiritual gift and it is located in the clairsentience superpowersecond chakra, the sacral chakra.

Your true nature is actually that of Spirit and you have come to this earth plane of existence to have a physical experience amongst other reasons. Spirit is not bound by time nor space so it can see anything anytime including the future and the past. It can feel anything. It can hear anything. As you show up in this body you carry all of these abilities with you. All of these wonderful psychic abilities are endowed upon you at birth. Clairsentience is how we as Spirit are able to tune into the emotions expressed by our own bodies, but also by other people.

Feeling Someone’s Energy From A Distance

Although the main purpose of clairsentience is to tune into your own emotional states, from when you are very young, you use your second chakra to tune into other individual’s emotions as well. This begins with the mother-child bond that is cultivated from conception. Clairsentience development happens quickly in babies because if you are hungry you need to know how your mother is feeling because this is closely linked with your survival. Perhaps the mother will not feed you if she is angry.

The mother in turn also presents clairsentience traits in that she feels whether her baby is hungry as well as many other needs of the infant in its early stages of development and throughout its life.

Clairsentience, The Second Chakra And Relationships

Whether in childhood or as an adult you develop these metaphysical skills of knowing how others feel because it helps you know whether you are safe and what to expect from an interaction with someone. You see it in toddlers as they begin to go beyond basic survival and develop a relational place within the family; most of their communication is emotionally based or one could say empathic in nature. This living through emotional communication carries on. You are all familiar with the mood swings and raging hormones of the teenage years when the sex hormones are adjusting to adulthood.

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The Second Chakra Helps Us Form Emotional Bonds

Once you are an adult the pulls of the second chakra are still very strong. As adults, many friendships, especially between women, are based on responding and relating to each other on an emotional level. Or think about a new relationship where the bodies are getting to know one another sexually and emotionally.

The second chakra has a strong pull due to its emotional and sexual content. In fact, many people get completely swallowed up by the levels of the second chakra and operate from the second chakra their entire life or even for many lifetimes.

So when does clear feeling come into play? You may experience the physical symptoms of clairsentience or being empathic awaken within you and then you would be able to read your own emotions and those of other individuals. This allows for deeper relationships as well as being able to help others heal. Wouldn’t it be great if all doctors including those in the mental care industry had these skills from the list of metaphysical abilities especially those of the Clairsentient?

You definitely have at least a portion of this clairsentient power even though it may be inert. If you display signs you are clairsentient and one of your desires is to learn how to control clairsentience you can.

Feeling Someone’s Energy From A Distance And More Clairsentience Symptomsclairsentience symptoms

There are some very simple things to watch for to see if you have awakened this wonderful gift of clear feeling.

  • Active Intuition… Many people call intuition a gut feeling. Some of these feelings could be called instant inspiration.
    If you find that you have specific insights into an individual that has not been shared openly you are experiencing a clairsentient trait. Also, unusually instinctive emotional responses which arise out of the ether for no apparent reason are usually clairsentience in response.

All of these can be powerful unexpected emotional and physical responses. Some of the emotions that may flood in from others or even yourself are deep joy, fear or excitement. You may find yourself avoiding a certain route to work going unknowingly avoiding a traffic jam. Or you may not go into some store for no reason other than a “gut feeling” and find out later there was robbery going on or something else sinister. A surprising unexpected emotional sign may prompt you to bypass a meeting with someone without ever understanding why.

As opposed to others who have not reactivated their clairsentience you will have these emotions or feelings surge very quickly. Occasionally they assist you as an incentive to go forward or reveal to you that must take care or even avoid a certain unrealized roadblock. When you have one of these strong urges it will not subside you realize the source, your clear-feeling, and react accordingly.

  • Empathic In Nature… Empathy is definitely a gift of the Spirit. It is one of the most overlooked of the intuitive psychic gifts. Empathy is the capacity of tuning into another individual’s emotional body. A genuine empath displaying the gift of clairsentience can truly know precisely what someone else is undergoing emotionally.

Extreme sympathy can also be activated through your gift of Clairsentience. This sympathetic nature reveals itself when you sense a heightened emotional pain within another. The main signs would be experiencing powerful negative emotions which have nothing whatsoever to do with anything in your life.

  • Unusual Physical Feelings… Something that many people sense but do not understand or recognize as a clairsentient are unusual physical sensations. These feelings can be in the form of a slight pressure (sometimes not so gentle) or even a tickling sensation. An unusual tingle on your head which is the seventh chakra, the crown chakra may also be evident. These sensations can range in severity from a slight disturbance to being rather aggressive and painful.
  • Magnetic Draw… Often as a clairsentient, you may feel some form of an attraction to some individual. This can come in the form of a tap, a nudge or a pull. In many cases, this feeling is directing your awareness towards a specific individual, difficulty or resolution to a problem.
  • Emotional Ties… One of the strongest and highly unusual clairsentient traits is that of feeling an unshakable emotional devotion and attachment to another. You may even sense them when you physical not with them. This will hold true even if the relationship dissolves. You can even feel their ups and downs as they experience them. The unfortunate part fo this is that they can go on for a long time and must be dealt with. You must cut the attachment or energy connection. Generally, a chakra clearing or balancing can help with this.

The best way is to find a psychic mentor that can guide you through a regime of clairsentient training that rouses this wonderful spiritual gift within you. They will teach you all the clairsentience techniques you will need to be able to use and control your new ability. The first step would be to take a clairsentience quiz and find out if you present with signs of being clairsentient.

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Feeling Someone’s Energy From A Distance and learn more about your clairsentience superpower.

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  3. why are we given by this psychic clairsentience ability? what is the real purpose of this ability?

    1. The real purpose is body spirit communication. You are spirit and you have a body. Your body has emotions. Clairsentience is how you tune into the bodies emotional signals. Its primary purpose is to help you interface with your own body. Most people have it focussed on other peoples emotions and ignore their own though.

  4. I find a lot of things mentioned true. At the same time it can be confusing because of my faith my upbringing? There’s so more I want explained I know I am running with a lot of energy and draining of energy? I am trying to find my real purpose in all even the things that doesn’t seem logical.

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