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June 29, 2016

Empathy Is More Than Just An Emotion UYT008

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What Is True Empathy?

It may come as a surprise to some that we all display empathy traits. Which of you do not haveare you an empathic person some form of understanding, and empathy synonym, of another person’s emotional state without being told in words what they are feeling? If you are in a relationship I am certain that you have felt the love another has for you. This empathy should not be mistaken for sympathy which can be experienced as a feeling of pity or sorrow for someone else’s disappointment or worry.

Why Is Empathy Important

Now here is an interesting fact, empathy is actually a psychic ability. It is known as Clairsentience. You and everyone else, with the rarest of exceptions, are an intuitive empath. This empathic psychic ability, or gift, allows us to feel, understand, relate and just plain get along with others. The opposite of empathy is apathy and you are most assuredly aware of what happens when some displays an apathetic attitude towards you. The human race would be a very unhappy brotherhood if we were void of this wonderful gift. I use the word gift because this exactly what it is. It is a spiritual gift. Our true nature is Spirit and these abilities such as empathy are inherent in each of us.

Now there are different levels of this wonderful gift. We are going to look at some of the differences between a normally empathic person and someone who has a deeper psychic awareness. Someone who is a true Clairsentient. You are probably reading this because you have wondered “am I an empath or just sensitive” or maybe if you are aware that you’re an empath, “are empaths psychic?”

intuitive empaths feel all emotionsFirst; yes empaths are psychic. We are all born with a variety of psychic abilities. More than 20 actually. These mostly go dormant for various reasons. However Empathy, Clairsentience, generally remains active to a point. There are also different varieties of empathic abilities. Here are some of the varieties:

  • Psychometric Empath,
  • Geomantic Empath,
  • Fauna Empath,
  • Moon Goddess Empath.

Each of these is an intuitive ability and can fall under the general category of Clairsentience. Each of these specific gifts allows information to be intuited through emotions without knowing any particulars about the other individual. It is sometimes called Emotional Intuition or Emotionally Receptive Empath, Clear Feeling. The actual purpose of this ability is body-spirit communication. As stated earlier it is

10 Clues That You Are An Empath

There are some specific qualities and characteristics that an empath would display.why is empathy important

  • High sensitivity.
  • They love to give.
  • People’s emotions affect them.
  • They can be used emotionally.
  • They live by intuition.
  • They enjoy solitude.
  • Nature restores them.
  • Intimate relationships are a bit scary for them.
  • They tend to be introverts.
  • They do not like specific odors, noises, too much talking.

Empaths And Relationships

Can empathy and relationships abide each other? The challenges of emotional intuition have brought many an empath to me with complaints like “Help me! Being an empath is killing me.” They need to know that being an empath is not a personality disorder however empaths and depression often go hand in hand because as an untrained empath you can occasionally have trouble discerning your emotions from those of others. Being an empath in a relationship can be challenging for both parties.

Empaths need to protect themselves from energy vampires and narcissists. I teach them how to use empath protection tools. It is very important for them to totally learn how to embrace being an empath.

A Free Psychic Reading

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In this podcast, you will learn:

  • What are the top 10 clues that you are an empath?
  • What does it mean to be an empath?
  • Main challenges and benefits of emotional intuition
  • How to deal with being an empath.
  • How clairsentience (i.e. feeling) differs from other forms of intuition (e.g. seeing, hearing, knowing).

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Empathy Is More Than Just An Emotion, we answer the questions like “what are empaths capable of.”

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