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February 23, 2021

Have You Been Dreaming Of A Dead Person Talking To You? UYT275

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Are You Seeing Deceased Loved Ones In Dreams?

If you are dreaming of a dead person talking to you, there is no need to panic. It means that your psychic ability of mediumship has been activated. You are a medium. You have begun using your Clairvoyance, one of the main 4 psychic abilities. So please take a deep breath and relax as I clarify it all for you.

Have You Been Dreaming Of A Dead Person Talking To You?

What Is A Medium?

The word Medium in general day-to-day conversation may have to do with the size of a garment or maybe a piazza. The first thing that springs to the mind of most people is definitely not talking to the dead. A spiritual medium is basically a conduit, a channel for the departed in the afterworld.

I help people activate and develop their psychic abilities. This usually starts with you having a question. One that no one can seem to answer for you. Occasionally you may even be classified as a little strange. As a Clairvoyant, you have experienced such things as:

  • Having a dream of dead person talking to you.
  • Receiving what seem to be messages from heaven.
  • Dreaming of a dead person you never met.

Again there is no need for you to panic.

Why Are You Communing With The Dead?

As I mentioned earlier, the reason you are having interactions with spirits is not that youwhat do clairvoyants see are going mad. It is a psychic ability, and that is not all that unusual. Everyone is born with these special gifts. Twenty-two or so, to be exact. However, they tend to go dormant at an early age or unrecognized for many different reasons: peer or societal pressures being the most common. “You cannot possibly be seeing an invisible friend,” as so many young children are told.

The least of these gifts is not necessarily the ability to communicate with the deceased. But they can be the scariest if you are not aware of what is happening.

These visitations can occur in different ways. You could experience a vision, and that would make you a Clairvoyant. You may hear them, which would preclude that you are a Clairaudient. You may be feeling their presence which is the gift of Clairsentience. You may even smell a spirit that is more unusual and is called Clairsalience. Dreaming of a dead person talking to you is a combination of a couple of these abilities.

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Everyone Can Communicate With Spirit

Here is an interesting fact. Mediumship or channeling occurs not only about experiencing how to talk to dead loved ones. There is a little more to it. There is another form of this psychic ability. It is called Trance Mediumship. Trance mediumship is just the ability to allow Spirit to enter the corporeal form, your body. You understand that you are Spirit having a physical experience. Basically, you are not your body. But do you fully grasp that fact?

how do you talk to the deadA spiritual Channel allows the spirit to enter their body and to take it over. You are channeling your Spirit. You use your trance mediumship at all times to bring your true consciousness into this material universe.

Are You Missing Someone In Heaven?

Is there someone on the other side of the veil that you are missing? If you were not aware, everything has a form. This means animals as well as people. This means that you can receive messages from your precious pets who are no longer in this world.

Some Tips A Spirit Is Around You:

  • Feathers may appear out of nowhere.
  • Seeing copious amounts of butterflies. This may mean that an individual special to you has made the transfer to the spirit side.
  • Hearing specific musical pieces or songs.
  • Seeing particular numbers or series of numbers or letters in many places will stimulate a recall of a loved one who has passed.
  • Seeing Orbs in pictures or images.
  • The sudden stopping of mechanical devices like clocks and watches for no reason.
  • Flickering lights or bulbs blowing out for no reason.
  • Sudden drastic room temperature shifts.
  • Detecting shadows that move across your range of vision.

Regardless of why or how contact is being made, there is no need to be afraid or worried. As you begin this voyage, one of the best ways to stay peaceful and calm is to create a regular meditation practice. Meditation allows you to energetically ground and also connect to your higher self, that of Spirit. Many of my students come to me to help them along this voyage into the professedly unknown. Calling on a guide, human or otherwise, to help you is a good way to go as well.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Have You Been Dreaming Of A Dead Person Talking To You, and relax into your gift of mediumship.

Open Your Intuition Meditation

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Use Automatic Writing For Simple Writing Prompts And Art :

  • This happened to me the other day during a distance Reiki session. A door popped into my vision and an outline of a man. What do you do next to receive messages from them?
  • When our family moved into a new house, I saw my deceased grandparents in our family room through the window when I was outside. This experience is what started me on my spiritual journey.
  • Ghosts talk to me in dreams. They bring me to the place where they died or show me what happened in the past. Is this a psychic ability? Though it’s not frequent when I open up and allow them to come in, it happens.
  • I also saw a heavenly portal. It was so beautiful, white light with heavenly hymns and songs. Once I saw it, I did not want to be back on earth. It was so beautiful. Yeah, I’m about to go in, but somebody has stopped me from going in. I don’t know who that was. It’s so difficult to wake up. I saw my surroundings. I yelled out but can’t, to say them, to wake me up. Thanks to my wife, who, seeing iI was in great ordeal she woke me up.
  • Is there a way to manifest quicker with your spirit guides or tap into your abilities to manifest, for example, wealth
  • Can you see if I will be more in tune with my intuition/psychic/medium abilities within this next year?

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