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February 4, 2020

Does My Child Have Psychic Abilities? UYT228

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Can My Child Be Psychic Without Any Training?

As parents, you have had an encounter with your child that cannot be explained by normal does my child have psychic abilities convention. You could even call it paranormal. Now you are teetering on the belief that the answer to the question “does my child have psychic abilities” may shed some light on the situation.

Is Your Kid Developing Psychic Abilities?

The answer is quite simple. First, and foremost you and everyone else as babies were open at birth and directly connected to the divine source. All of you are born with psychic abilities and during your early childhood, you displayed psychic abilities, as many as 20 different ones. These Psychic abilities include such gifts as Clairs; Clairvoyance clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Claircognizance (clear knowing), or Clairsentience (clear feeling or sensing). These are all about sourcing information from beyond your normal physical reality.

How Do I Know if my Child Has Psychic Abilities?

Since everyone also came into this world first as a tiny baby hence yes your kid has probably been displaying some symptoms of psychic abilities or spiritual gifts as they are also called during their childhood. The reason for this is because all of these psychic abilities are spiritual gifts. They are from Spirit. You are Spirit in essence. You had these powers before you came to this world and you brought them with you and you develop them as you use them.

One way to tell if your kids are developing psychic abilities is to have them take a psychic abilities test. It is simple and easy. I have developed a specific general psychic test to determine which of the gifts from the psychic powers list displays strongest in you or your child. Once you possess a rudimentary understanding of which of the types of psychics you are dealing with you can then the next part of the quiz will determine just how active the gift or gifts are within your little one.

Take A Psychic Ability Quiz

Your Free Psychic Ability Quiz

However, these powers will become dormant quickly during their childhood for a myriad of reasons. Mostly though they tend to go to sleep because of the pressure you as a parent place on them to be normal along with peer pressures that force children to just no longer believe. A strong example is an invisible friend. In many cases, these are spirit beings visiting with children who are mediums. To see hear and speak to them, the youth must exercise their bank of spiritual gifts such as the four Clairs mentioned earlier.

Telepathy And More

Psychic abilities such as telepathy among children will vary from child to child during their childhood years can be seen readily depending on their personal circumstances and how they are allowed to develop by their parent or parents. Whether your child is having a psychic event can not only be especially difficult to ascertain at any age but also difficult to deal with in general. By being open to the idea that your little one is possibly psychic can help you immensely. A healthy connection, a two-way communication practice will go a long way toward creating a healthy understanding between you both.

One of the main skills that you must acquire as parents is non-judgment and not jumping to unwarranted conclusions. In this way, you can be open to asking your child anything and they in return will feel free to answer you honestly and uninhibited as they develop. Helping them takes patience. The degree of shut down they exhibit during their childhood years will be directly proportional to your acceptance and the expectations you set for them as parents. How are they validated can directly affect them strongly.

Tips Your Child May Be Psychictips your child may be psychic

There are different signs that your child, son or daughter, may display as they develop and use their abilities as a medium or any other type of psychic. You can watch for these tips: as

  • Highly Empathic Behavior: Your son or daughter may display extraordinary empathy towards other living beings including not only people but those of the animal kingdom as well.
  • Past Life Memories: Being so close to past lives children may experience deja vu type adventures where they had a different body or family or lived in a different place and time.
  • Visions or Imaginary Friend: Often children will be visited by deceased loved ones. These are usually children displaying the abilities of a medium.
  • Astral Travel: Children may have sessions of leaving their bodies as they astral travel during their dream cycles. They may not understand this as they report meeting unusual people or visited strange places.
  • Seeing Unusual Energy Emanations Or Apparitions: Young children often can sense auras and chakra emanations from others. As a little one, these experiences can become physically straining so they may undergo bouts of unusual tiredness.

Some of the other characteristics and signs you may encounter are the “know it all attitude” and the “intensely sensitive child”.

These are only a few of the many signs that your child may be exhibiting psychic abilities and allows you the opportunity to offer a helping attitude of love.

Working with Young Psychic Children​

The degree of shut down they exhibit will be directly proportional to your acceptance of their displays and sharing as parents. The expectations you set for them can hold them back or drive them forward. How they are validated can directly strongly affect them for the positive or negative.

Learning About How To Develop Psychic Abilities In Kids

These beautiful spirits who are more inclined to have psychic experiences need love and understanding from the adults around them. Encourage open loving discussion that will allow them to freely share their experiences with you.

Education helps as well. Strive to educate yourself about the metaphysical world of psychic abilities. You can find information online, through books on the subject, or even visit spiritualist centers where you can certainly find classes. I have written a book, The Midas Tree, a spiritual adventure story for the youth on exactly this subject.

Also, provide exposure to other psychically active children will help your child grow in experience and understanding. This will help them live a positive life as they grow as individuals and mature both as gifted and well-balanced individuals.

Does My Child Have Psychic Abilities

The answer to dealing with psychic children is to realize that their practices are a normal and healthy part of life. Try not to control your child’s attitudes and concepts. Teaching them to use their powers for the betterment of all and with respect for others and their opinions.

We are in a very particular time in the spiritual history of our world. There is a Harmonic Convergence happening wherein galactic and planetary cycles are offering opportunity for ascension. As Earth travels through the photon belt it aligns with the galactic center (2012) – higher frequencies of light reaching the Earth on either side of that. The shift started in about 1987 (grid change complete 2002). Vibrations are continuing to increase.

Those born during this time are being born into higher and higher energy vibrations. Each generation lives through a shift in consciousness that creates a different foundation for the following generation, which enters at a higher vibration (& more polarization).

Generational Trends / Humans Like to Categorizedoes my child have psychic abilities

There have been several different generations in recent history regarding these cycles of personal and spiritual evolution and they can change from year to year:

As an independent spirit having a human experience each of your souls chooses its individual incarnations to suit its interests and what it wishes to explore:

  • Indigo (1970-1990) – warriors, purpose to break down conventional systems to make way for a new Earth and more awakened consciousness.
  • Crystal (2000) – harmonizers, gentle, kind, and loving, demonstrate where humanity is heading in its awakened consciousness
  • Rainbow – implementers – ready to implement changes to ensure awakened consciousness is truly born. New souls without old Earth programming. Coincide with a high incidence of autism – difficulty relating to human emotions
  • Starseeds – incarnating from evolved beings from other planets, bringing new ideas and technologies.

“This or that versus encompassing it all – all experiences explored in the oneness”

We are alive at a time of planetary awakening and as we awaken so do our children.





Spiritual Cohort

Silent Generation1928-194575-92SurvivalLittle room for spiritual focus
Baby Boomers1946-196456-74MaterialismFear of lack and accumulation
Generation X1965-198040-55Seeking AlternativesSolid base – Indigo Children (Longing for Belonging)
Millennials (Y)_1981-199624-39AwakeningIndigo Children
Post-Millennials (Z, iGen, Centennials)1997-Present0 – 23Co-creatingCrystal & Rainbow Children &Starseeds

Learning how to tell if someone is psychic can be a rough journey but when it comes to your kids there is no such thing as too hard. Patience and love are the keys.

A Free Psychic Reading

Get Your Free Reading Submission Here

In this podcast you will learn about:

  • How to tell if someone is psychic.
  • How to use psychic abilities.
  • How to recognize the awakening of psychic powers in your kids.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Does My Child Have Psychic Abilities, as we explore the wonderful world of special friends that want only the best for you, Spirit Guides.

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