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December 22, 2020

Does Manifestation Work Or Is Life Just A Series Of Random Events UYT272

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Is Manifesting Your Dreams Possible?

In the realm of the metaphysical world, we all hear that if you don’t like aspects of your life, manifest something different. BUT does manifestation work, or does everything happen because it does just that, happen?

You consist of energy. Everything in the world consists of energy. Like energy attracts! Remember the adage; misery loves company. It is a fact that happy people attract other happy people and vice versa. Manifestation works in the same manner. You set your energy level to what you want to show up, and it will attract it.

Does Manifestation Work, Or Is Life Just A Series Of Random Events?

What Does It Mean To Manifest Something?

Well, the answer is quite simple. You create your reality. “Does that mean I am responsible for my reality, my life?” Yes, quite assuredly. Manifesting Reality sounds very complicated. It sounds like you have to plan every step of your existence. Not so. The choices you make lead you to specific outcomes. You all know that. Well, this is a form of manifestation. If you look back in your life, you can easily see the evidence of your selected choices and the outcomes resulting from them. After all, hindsight does have a 20/20 vision.

If you climb a ladder onto the roof, you plan to do something specific when you get there. However, if you fall off, you didn’t plan that, right? However, you did, in a way. Every time you do something, there is an infinite number of outcomes that can occur. Many are possible. There are fewer probable, and then they all meld into one specific outcome, which ends up being your reality.

Do you remember when you went up the ladder? There probably was a thought in the back of your head, or someone said, “be careful, don’t fall”? So in actuality, falling was a feasible outcome.

Manifesting Your Desires

So we saw how negative things could be outcomes. So can positive desires come to pass. occurrences, and desires. Learning how to manifest your dreams is not that difficult. There is a formula. It begins with setting an intention.

Manifestation Techniqueslearn the law of attraction steps to create your reality

Chose what you wish to occur. The first of the manifestation tips I will share with you is to be very clear about what you want to happen. Be specific in your choice but not attached to it. The example I used tonight was that of looking for a new lover. You want him to be handsome with blue eyes along with a full list of other specifics. Someone shows up and meets all the criteria except for eye color. Does this mean that it was a failure? I will leave the answer up to you.

The next item of the manifestation tips is to voice your desire. Not only quietly to yourself but share it with others. In sharing the intention, it becomes more real. It builds energy. Others are thinking about it, adding to the energy of the desire. Also, it has other people sourcing your desires. How many times have you purchased something and told a friend who then tells you, “if only I knew. I had one that I could have given you,” or “I know someone who was getting rid of one at an excellent price”?

The next of my manifestation tips is that once you have completed the previous steps, it is time to let it go. Let the Universe take over. The Universe wants you to be happy. It wants you to have everything you desire. So let it fulfill your desires. Stop grabbing and holding on to it, trying to take it back and do it on your own. Live today as if you already have received it. I mean, feel the energy you would feel if your desires were manifested in your reality. Feel how it would feel to have that special love or that new car or that psychic ability. And most importantly, be grateful right now for it.

The last of the manifestation tips is to keep your eyes open. Get ready and be ready to receive it. I have seen many individuals try to bring something into their life, and it does show up but, they do not see it. As in the blued lover example, the brown-eyed adonis shows up but, “he doesn’t have blue eyes,” so he is invisible to the person waiting. Remember, the Universe gives you not only what you want but also what you may need.

Does Manifestation Work?

And for my last point, what you want is not always what is right for you, so scrutinize your desires. Regardless, if you want to learn how to manifest money or how to manifest love, these two are some common manifestation examples. Make sure that you are ready for them and that they would be right for you.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Does Manifestation Work, Or Is Life Just A Series Of Random Events? If you’re still wondering is manifestation real, you can try some simple tests to see if it works or get in touch with me, and I can help you do so. I have a course on using your chakras to manifest your dreams as well as for healing others. Just send me a quick email info@DrLesleyPhillips.com.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Does Manifestation Work Or Is Life Just A Series Of Random Events:

  • That can be frustrating for me. Sometimes I needed to listen to this cause I need to get back on course with my self-care, love, etc.
  • It is hard to get out of that negative mind. I do notice a big difference and catch myself when I am becoming negative and correct it. I knew I was negative before but never stopped it at that moment, before now, that is.
  • I seem to be falling off course in my spiritual awakening. Maybe it comes in stages? Negativity has returned.
  • If you are in a room filled with negative energy, you give yourself space from it but, the energy surface back to you more and more every day. How can that be solved when it is in a place of work?
  • I have been a people pleaser, aka a doormat, for the majority of my life. I am learning how to be less of a peyote-pleaser and put more focus on myself.
  • Hi Lesley, I can’t find my wallet right now. Any chance you can give me some tips to help manifest it.
  • Further to that, I lose things a lot and spend a lot of time looking for my keys. Any spiritual insight into why I have this pattern?
  • How can I clear my energy in a more concentrated way? My self-esteem is very low, and my ego is interfering with everything.
  • What are the best practices for balancing and unblocking your chakras?
  • Healing guide? How do they work?
  • Hi Lesley, why is it easier for me to manifest ( get what I want) when I was younger than nowadays? While actually, I need it more now.
  • I have a broken finger bone. It’s the middle finger on the left, and it will never bend again. Does this affect my energy flow?
  • Dr. Lesley, can you see if I have any manifesting blocks?

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