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Do Hear, See, Feel Or Smell Unusual Things That Don’t Seem To Exist? Maybe You Are Psychic!

Do ghosts smell? Is it possible that I am smelling spirits? It just may be that you are doing just that. The ability of psychic smelling or Clairolfaction is less common but yet can be experienced. There are lots of cases of people experiencing paranormal odors like something burning, smelling flowers when there are none around, smelling perfume out of nowhere and much more.

All Mediums are psychic, however, that does not hold true for everyone that exhibits psychic abilities. Some have not awakened their mediumship capabilities. Everyone is born with psychic abilities, also known as intuitive abilities. Most of the gifts we come into the world with will weaken as society tells us that they just do not exist. Hearing voices is a great example. Children hear voices or even music in their heads. They are scolded and reared out of this after time as they grow older. They are actually very strong Clairaudients.

Some, however, are allowed to follow their psychic path and develop their gift or gifts to a greater degree. These spiritual gifts come in varies flavors. The main areas of intuitive abilities are sight, hearing, touch, taste and last but not least smell. The gift of smelling things that do not exist on this plane is called Clairolfaction.

smelling flowers when there are none aroundAm I Smelling Ghosts And Other Spooky Odors?

Clairolfaction is the sense of psychic smelling which enables the psychic, the medium or empath to experience many sensations. Everything in the universe is comprised of energy which vibrates at specific frequencies including our bodies, this and all other planets even odors. It stands to reason that if a psychic who is able to pick up spiritual frequencies such as a medium that they can also sense the frequency of odors associated with spirits.

Do Ghosts Smell?

The phenomenon of sensing or smelling someone who has recently passed or a specific odor associated with them such as burning cigarettes, pipe tobacco or their favorite flowers is not wholly uncommon.

Clairolfaction can also occur when someone or something is noxious or not good for them. An example of this would be in the case of an odor of a contaminant being sensed in food or beverages. They may even have a sense that is difficult to catch a proper breathe because the immediate environment is contaminated.

Things like diseases or illnesses have a certain frequency and a particular smell. Many animals, such as dogs, can pick this up. Through the same way vitamin, mineral, and nutritional deficiencies can be sensed.

Clairolfaction refers to a documented form of intuition that involves smells that aren’t really there. But are spooky smells true spiritual phenomena; or are they imagined? Do psychic mediums have a sense of smell or is there another equally intriguing explanation?

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Top 10 signs you have experienced spooky smells.
  • Explanation of what causes these phenomena.
  • Medical conditions that create imagined smells.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Do Ghosts Smell and learn about one of the more unusual psychic abilities Clairolfaction.

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    1. What it looks like to me is that a spirit is attempting to communicate with you. However it doesn’t know how to do it politely so its not being very polite. You don’t have to put up with it & can mentally ask it to leave.

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