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October 24, 2013

How To Know If You Have Claircognizance – Psychic Knowingness Or Inner Knowing

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Do You Have Claircognizance Abilities?

What is Claircognizance? It is one of the main four Psychic abilities accessible to everyone. Each ability can be developed to strengthen your connection with source energy and your higher consciousness or Spirit. We use psychic abilities, also known as intuitive abilities, all the time, without recognizing them. It can be experienced as a simple intuitive sense or a knowing that is received automatically. You might not have even asked to tune into it. Maybe you refer to it as a “gut feeling”. Your psychic senses are present all the time and can easily be accessed.metaphysical abilities

Claircognizance Symptoms

There are some clear clues that you are Claircognizant. Here are just a few:

  • You would make a great researcher. Reading and studying are your preferred ways of learning.
  • You spend lots of time writing or thinking
  • You intrude in conversations to share your ideas or opinions because you can’t stop from doing it.
  • You have loads of impromptu ideas that may even keep you awake at night.
  • You truly relish logic and working out problems. You are the go-to person for help with issues and queries.
  • You get the answers to problems but sometimes not until quite later on.
  • You inexplicably can recognize whether a persona can be trusted or if they are being honest and real.

As we open our hearts, minds, and our chakras we open to universal energy and ignite our creative nature and spiritual gifts. This nature is actually your essence, and you are Spirit, you are consciousness itself. You have heard the term before ‘you are not a physical being having a spiritual experience but a spiritual being having a physical experience’. As Spirit, you are Source Energy and can experience God by following your intuitive, psychic, path. By intensifying your senses, you can open up to a world that moves far beyond perceived reality, the physical world, the spiritual realm where so much more is conceivable and possible. You begin to see, hear, feel, sense, and interpret things from a wider outlook that you cannot achieve with your human senses alone.

We discover that we can permit answers to our challenges to appear before us effortlessly, rather than needing to chase them or trying to force them to resolve issues.

What Is Psychic Power?

In short, Psychic abilities is the capacity to intuit something without any rational, logical connection or decision making or intellectual processes of any kind. It can be anything from a disembodied voice you hear, to a vibration you feel; it can be a glimmer of just knowing without any reason. It is different from your five physical senses. Your extrasensory perception ( ESP) is channeled through your chakras: such as your sixth sense in your third eye, also called your sixth chakra or brow chakra; or through your crown chakra / the seventh chakra.

What is Claircognizance – Spiritual Information of the Seventh spiritual information of the seventh chakra about knowingnessChakra

Claircognizance is the spiritual ability to receive information through the seventh chakra and is one of the 4 types of Clairs, the four basic psychic abilities, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, and Clairaudience. It is sometimes called knowingness or inner knowing and is the capacity to be still and instantly know your spiritual information. A claircognizance trait is the aptitude to simply know something to be true without any supporting external information, logic, or reason. You “just know it.”

Everyone can know what they need to know when they need to know it. The information is accessed through the crown chakra. It is not stored there, as we store it in many places, including all of the other chakras and higher levels of consciousness. However, the seventh chakra holds the information on how to access this wisdom and knowledge.

Here are some examples of claircognizance to help you get more familiar with it:

  • Have you ever had the experience where you became inexplicably certain about something?
    • “I just knew I shouldn’t take that flight. I knew there would be an accident. I don’t know how I knew, I just knew.”
  • Or have you instantly received clear and accurate information that you say aloud or act upon before you can analyze it?
    • “By all appearances, he looked like a nice guy, but I just knew he was a crook and so I didn’t do business with him.”

Both of these are claircognizance characteristics. There may be no rhyme or reason for it, no logic, no information you can point to; just pure unquestionable knowledge, with no interpretation required, and no room for misunderstanding. That is why this ability helps us transcend the intellect and take a spiritual perspective on life.

How Can I Develop Claircognizance Superpowers?

You can access your inner knowing by focusing your conscious awareness on the crown chakra and by sitting in stillness. As you tune out the outer world and connect with the inner world from this vantage point, you will raise your awareness and be able to simply know. I have a meditation that may help you do this. The link is just below.

Free Guided Meditation

Get Your Free Grounding Meditation

Remember to watch your experiences and develop an awareness of when you are experiencing your inner knowing. Then train yourself to trust and act upon this information, rather than passing it through your analyzer; and don’t give in to your doubts. Like any spiritual ability, it will improve and develop the more you practice and use it.

How Is It Possible For Me To Know So Much?

Each of us has access to all information we need to meet all of our life challenges and create a happy, healthy, fulfilled, and enjoyable life. To put claircognizance in context, it can help to focus on a “soul level” of understanding human consciousness. We are not our physical bodies. In fact, we are multi-dimensional eternal spiritual beings. Most of us have had thousands of physical bodies and millennia of learning experiences relevant to life on earth. All this wisdom can be accessed via the crown chakra using claircognizance.

So we each have an enormous amount of wisdom to draw from. The seventh chakra through the psychic sense of inner knowing allows us to access the knowledge which is most useful to us during the current set of life circumstances.

What Are The Benefits Of Claircognizancedeveloping claircognizance has many benefits

Other benefits of developing claircognizance include:

  • Helps cultivate a sense of well-being and faith in yourself and your higher directives.
  • Increases open-mindedness as we have a wide scope of experience to draw from.
  • Develops an understanding of the unity of all life (we are one with the world)
  • Improves peace of mind to listen to our Higher Self more frequently.
  • Re-program your mind to integrate your divinity.

Help Activating Your Seventh Chakra

My Soul Seed Sessions are great for assisting you to activate your spiritual abilities. So if this sounds like you and you’d like some help removing blocks to the flow of energy through your seventh chakra contact me here.

Alternatively my book “The Midas Tree” covers many tools and techniques that you can use to heal your seventh chakra. Regardless of how you get there, awakening your institution is well worth the effort.

Intuition Myths Busted

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