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chakras and their meaning
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Have You Ever Wondered Why You Are Not Feeling Fulfilled?

You like many people wonder are chakras real and if they are you may be curious about chakras and their meaning. They are and the awareness of these energy centers has been around a long time. The word itself comes from the Sanskrit language and roughly translated it means wheel. When observing the Chakras as people with this ability can do, you will see wheels of energy that are continuously spinning or revolving. The psychic ability to see these emanations is Clairvoyance. Clairvoyants will see them as differently colored wheels or vortexes. The seven chakras run along your body beginning at the first chakra, or Root Chakra, at the base of the spine and end with the seventh chakra, the Crown Chakra, at the top of the head. These energy centers are set along the central spinal column and are found both in the back and the front, where they are mostly seen, of your body. Each of your chakras vibrates and rotates at different frequencies and speeds depending on how well balanced you are in that area of your life. Normally the root chakra turns or vibrates the slowest of the seven and the crown chakra will be the fastest.

Chakras And Their Meaning: Chakra Colors Meaning!

You may have heard or seen pictures depicting that chakras have different colors. These learn about chakra colors meaningparticular colors represent specific things in relation to the effectiveness of the individual energy center in relation to its function within your being. The chakra colors generally run the along the main seven colors of a rainbow but do fluctuate depending on things like whether the specific chakra is blocked or spinning at its proper speed or the function it represents is not performing at a proper level. Some of the things that affect these characteristics of each of the individual chakra sizes and brightness and speed are; physical health, personal energy levels, illness or disease, and stress as well. If one, or any, of your chakra energy centers, are blocked or unbalanced your essential life force will be affected. You may feel varies discomforts ranging from feeling sluggish, fatigued, out of sorts, or sad and depressed. Balancing chakras is very important for your natural bodily functions and disease prevention, as well as your thinking and mental acuity. Negative emotions and attitudes of fear, self-doubt, anger and even rage may raise their ugly heads in the individual.

Chakras And Their Meaning: A Constant Balance Between The Chakras Promotes Health And A Sense Of Well Being!

One of the interesting things about chakras is that they are connected to your life purpose. There are very specific meaning that each of these energy centers has with regard to living your best life. Each of the seven major chakras channels spiritual information relating to a different aspect of your reality as well as governing your psychic abilities. By tuning into them you can receive your guidance, be aware of your current reality, and your higher purpose. By mastering them you can live your purpose. The chakras process your life experiences and help you respond accordingly. By exploring them, you can learn to access your intuition to guide your life journey. Listening to the wisdom of your chakras, helps you make decisions that align with your growth and higher purpose.

What Are The 7 Chakras And Their Meanings In Relation To Your Life Purpose?

  • First Chakra provides support for living in physical reality. It channels your information on the survival of your body.
  • Second Chakra channels information on emotions, sexuality, and body to spirit communication.
  • The third Chakra contains information about energy distribution, including how you focus energy to create your life experiences.
  • Fourth Chakra channels information on oneness and affinity.
  • The fifth Chakra helps you communicate with your higher self, body,
  • Sixth Chakra channels your information on clairvoyance and abstract intuition.
  • Seventh Chakra is the place where you, the spiritual being, can enter your body and where you can know your higher information.

If any of your chakras are too open or closed you could throw your life off-kilter affecting your search for fulfillment of your reason for being. Chakras and their energy flow work in reverse as well. As human beings, we have a tendency to respond to disagreeable experiences by checking our feeling and staying a large portion of our natural energy flow. This can affect the chakras and in turn your life. Whenever you block whatever experience you are having, you, in turn, block your chakras, and ultimately your physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic lives can become distorted. Learning how to unblock chakras and keep them healed and healthy is critical to your happiness and growth along this life path you have chosen.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

  • Understanding chakra and your life purpose relationship
  • The 7 chakras and their meanings
  • How to unblock chakras

Join us in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Chakras And Their Meaning And Your Life Purpose, how your chakras and life purpose are connected.

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