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May 31, 2022

More Of The Chakra System And Your Psychic Gifts | Deep Dive Part 2 UYT333

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The Chakra System And Your Crown Chakra Characteristics

We have covered the first chakra on our last adventure. The first chakra, the root chakra, has the lowest vibration of the standard chakra system because it relates to your connection to the physical and earth plane realities. Whereas the crown chakra is at the other end of the spectrum of the chakra system. The crown chakra, the seventh chakra, is the energy center on the top of your head. It is the gateway to higher consciousness. It is also the tie to all spirituality and the Universe.

More Of The Chakra System And Your Psychic Gifts | Deep Dive Part 2

The Seventh Chakra And Your Spirituality And Higher Consciousness

So the idea is that you can experience your consciousness through your crown chakra. And by doing that, you can get to know yourself as Spirit. You can experience yourself as a spiritually centered being, a spiritual being that is beyond the limits of the body. Basically, Spirit is not tied to the time or space realities of the physical world. This energy enables you to encounter yourself more fully as sheer consciousness. This chakra is also the energy center where you bring in your spiritual energies.

So when you can flow cosmic energies through the crown chakra, it’s rechanneling your true spiritual nature into your physical body. You might not realize it, but this is how the crown chakra relates to your psychic abilities. There are two of the leading psychic abilities that this energy center channels. One of these is called Claircognizance or also known as clear-knowing.

Intuition Blueprint

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Your Chakra System’s Energy Centers Are Ties To Your Psychic Abilities

Claircognizance is your ability to know as Spirit. It is the ability to simply “just know” things. You may think it’s a fairly common experience for people to have a sense of knowing, and this is true. However, the knowingness that we are speaking of is that of knowing with no physical proof. This knowing is not coming through the intellect.

You just profoundly intuitively know it. You don’t know why or how you know it. You just know because your Claircognizance, your sense of knowingness, is active.

Chakra System And Trance Mediumship, what is clairvoyance and how does it work

And the other ability is trance mediumship. So trance mediumship is different than mediumship. This psychic power is the ability to channel Spirit. So you are all trance mediums because each of you was a spirit with a higher consciousness. But you have created your body as a vehicle. So that body is meant to be animated with your spirit energy.

And so, you channel your energy through your crown chakra into your physical system. While it’s a good idea for you to channel your own spirit energy because your body was created to house you, you can channel other energies as well. So trance mediumship can be used not only to channel your energy but also to other beings’ energy.

So channeling is a word that you may find occasionally used for the word possession. This term tends to be used when it’s a nonbenevolent being wreaking havoc with the person’s life. Channeling tends to be used when it refers to communicating with a benevolent being bringing wonderful information through. These are both forms of possession.

An Example Of Channeling Spirit

You have all had the experience where you say something or do something. Then you recognize that that expression, or even the sound and tone of your voice, was precisely that of a deceased relative like a parent. It can be because you are channeling, in part, that relative’s energy. You all do that. It’s widespread, especially in a family situation where people blend and merge their energies.

Controlling your Crown Chakra And Negative Possession

You can also channel beings other than past relatives and loved ones. But suppose you are not in control of your trance mediumship. In that case, you can also be manipulated and affected by other beings, dead or alive.

There are plenty of examples of that in your history. If you take somebody like Hitler and Jim Jones of the Jonestown Massacre. These gurus have followers that do unbelievable things because their guru asks them to. This is often a case of someone using their trance mediumship in a controlling or even destructive way.

Whether To Open Or Close Your Chakra System’s Energies unblocking sacral chakra and root chakra imbalance

So it’s crucial as you are developing psychic abilities that you learn to be in charge of the energy of your chakra system, especially that of your crown chakra. Another important chakra is your root chakra when working with your intuitive abilities.

As a quick review, your root chakra is responsible for grounding to the earth’s center. You must be grounded. This will deplete negative energy and allow good earth energy to enter your system. Once again, at the other end of the chakra system spectrum, you want to be aware of how open your crown chakra is.

So people are often under the impression that to develop your psychic abilities, you must open your chakras wide. And it’s really not about that. It’s about what experience of consciousness do you want? What experience of consciousness do you get if you open the chakra super-wide or close the chakra down somewhat.

So the more open your crown chakra is, the more you may lose touch with reality. Remember, this energy center is a gateway to higher consciousness. It is a way for you to connect with the great All That Is, and the great All That Is is not just enormous. It’s infinite. So there are infinite planes of reality, infinite experiences, and possibilities. And some of these infinite experiences and possibilities might be very far from what appears to be the common experience when you are in a body on Earth.

Open Your Intuition Meditation

Free Open Your Intuition Meditation

Chakra Meditation Benefits

So, if you open your crown chakra too much, and your first chakra is closed off, and you are ungrounded, you may have negative results. You may potentially end up out there in the form of la-la land. So it’s essential to be aware of your crown chakra and how open it is.

You don’t really need it very wide open to connect with yourself and God. And from my perspective, the name of the game here on planet Earth is for you to channel yourself to bring your vibration into this planetary reality. And that is how you then start to enlighten yourself and change the world. So the best place to begin is with a grounding and centering meditation practice.

I have included a link below to a short guided meditation script I have created for this purpose. A few minutes a day will truly help you on your path to controlling the energies from your chakra system. Also, my book, Intuition, And Chakras is an introduction to psychic abilities and chakras for beginners book which can really help.

Learn More About Your Energy

Get Your Copy Of Intuition And Chakras

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, More Of The Chakra System And Your Psychic Gifts | Deep Dive Part 2, and learn the secrets to developing your psychic abilities in conjunction with your chakra system.

Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of More Of The Chakra System And Your Psychic Gifts | Deep Dive Part 2:

  • Brian – I wanted to share because we talked about it a couple of weeks ago, about dreams and visitations. I had this dream last week that my mom came to visit me here. It was so clear and easy to remember that I casually messaged her the next day to see how she was doing. Right off the bat, she told me she had been thinking about me for the last few days. Great validation! Just wanted to share!
  • Carol – It’s so interesting you picked crown chakra today. When I did my blueprint with you, you were taken to read from my crown chakra first. What a coincidence!
  • Katie – I sometimes meditate in bed at night and fall asleep. If I open my crown chakra during meditation and fall asleep, should I be “closing” it when I wake? Or does it auto-adjust during sleep or something?
  • C Man – How can you distinguish between angelic realms, spirit guides, ascended masters, or galactic through the crown chakra?
  • Susan – I used to see auras when looking at people. Still, I lost it as I grew, so I thought of learning that skill again, but I am currently self-teaching tarot, which is so overwhelming. Should I stick with one thing at a time, or do you believe I can learn auras and tarot simultaneously? Or can you see me reading auras in the future? Or tarot, maybe?
  • C M – I love the global meditation you did a while back.
  • Tracy – I want to take your Trance Mediumship course but am currently taking your MI course. I wondered if it would be too much to handle taking both courses?
  • Misty – Can you help someone adjust their crown Chakra if it’s too open? When’s your live course for mediumship?
  • Carol – I can feel my crown chakra buzzing throughout the show. I thought it was the funky energy, but I wonder who is knocking on my crown chakra door?
  • BC – There was something about solar flares a couple of weeks ago that also affected us and fluctuations in the earth’s Schumann resonance/earth’s heartbeat. Can the Kundalini accidentally be awakened and energized, and how would you know?

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