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April 6, 2021

Awakening Your Psychic Powers, The Four Clairs And More UYT285

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Is Developing Psychic Abilities Possible?

Did you know you are psychic? Well, you are. It is not about whether or not you are gifted. The idea is simply about awakening your psychic powers and, in particular, the Four Claires. What are the four Claires? They are the four basic psychic abilities most people speak about when discussing the topic.

Awakening Your Psychic Powers, The Four Clairs, And More

Types Of Psychic Abilities

The four Clairs include:

  • Clairvoyance – seeing what cannot be seen by the human eye.
  • Clairaudience – hearing what cannot be heard by the human ear.
  • Clairsentience – is the sense of clear-feeling. It is clearly, feeling the feelings of others as in empathy.
  • Claircognizance – clearly knowing without needing to use the physical mind. You just know things.

The meanings of these terms originate from the french. Somehow the french nomenclature regarding these psychic names has been adopted. Clairvoyance is from the french clear-seeing. Clairvoyance is your spiritual psychic vision, your ability to see a spirit with your third eye, from your sixth chakra.

How To Tap Into Clairvoyance And The Other Claires

It also gives you the ability to see energy. Using your Clairvoyance, you can see energy fields. You can see spiritual beings and entities, including your spirit guides. You can also see all sorts of other things as well so for example, a person’s aura, which is like their spiritual, energetic fingerprint. It contains all types of information about them stored in symbols and pictures, and other organized energy structures. Your Clairvoyance allows you to see and read and interpret all of those things.

A Free Spirit Guide Psychic Reading

Get Your Free Spirit Guide Psychic Reading With Dr. Lesley

Clairaudienceis the psychic gift of clear-hearing. Your Clairaudience is your ability to hear Spirit. It enables you to hear things like the music of the spheres, the music of the angelic realm. It also allows you to hear your spirit guides. You may even be able to hear other people using your Clairaudience. Possibly you could hear your friend across distances.learn about your psychic powers list

Clairsentience next ability and the word comes from the French term clear-feeling. It is the ability to tune into the body’s emotions. The primary purpose of this psychic ability is for you, the high vibration consciousness of the Spirit that you are, to tune into your physical body and its emotional signals. It plays a role in the body spirit alignment, the body spirit partnership. Clairsentience can also be used to tune into how other people are feeling. This gift can also be described as those gut feelings you get. This type of gut feeling can happen when you walk into a room. You sense the sentiment in the room or that everyone is afraid, or that person is angry. Often you may feel that spooky weird feeling about a specific person.

The last of the four Claires is Claircognizance. Another word for this psychic ability would be knowingness. Claircognizance is the ability to know your higher information, spiritual information. This ability is a knowingness that merely occurs. You just instantly know things you did not know previously. Why you know this particle piece of information is an enigma. You don’t know how you know, but you just know it so.

A classic example would be when driving to work. An awareness comes about you, suggesting that you should take an alternate route, a route other than your usual way. Then you hear on the radio, or when you get to work there was a traffic jam, or there was an accident which would have hindered your travels. Somehow you became aware even though you did not know it with your intellect. You knew it intuitively.

How To Get In Touch With Your Psychic Abilities

Does everybody have all four Claires? Yes! Everyone does. However, the different abilities might be emphasized more within a person’s unique psychic ability blueprint profile. This emphasis would depend onlearn about your psychic ability blueprint their purpose this lifetime.

For example, if your purpose is a spiritual messenger, you might focus on all of them or maybe more of a focus on your Clairvoyance. The belief is that everybody has all four Claires, although you might have preferences and tendencies to emphasize certain ones. There might be a reason for this. You may, in your natural spiritual awakening, start to be more aware of one of these abilities over some of the others because each of you awakens in your unique sequence. This awakening is according to your particular personal path. You all are not the same. It does not happen in the same order for everyone.

While awakening your psychic powers, you might be somebody who is having experiences hearing things. Somebody else has their awakening with more clear-seeing or more clear-knowing. Often come to me to discover which of these abilities they should focus on developing. The answer is all of them. This awakening is because your Claires, these psychic senses, are how you communicate as Spirit. They belong to you, the spiritual being. Your body has a set of physical senses; it can see, it can hear, it has its intellect. You as Spirit also have a set of sensory apparatus.

And when you are no longer in your body either because you are astral traveling. It may be because you have passed on from this lifetime. Either way, you will still have those abilities. You still will be able to see a spirit and hear a spirit and all of those things. It can be more beneficial to you to look at your entire psychic spiritual ability blueprint than look at all of these abilities independently.

Examine how they fit into your system and how they relate to your life purpose. This examination will give you more of a clue of where to focus first.

How To Tap Into Your Psychic Abilities

Often there may be one psychic gift that you are just naturally experiencing more than others. That could be an excellent place to start because that is the one that is familiar to you. That is the one that you can quickly validate.

This voyage can be fun, but often it can be frustrating or even a bit scary at first. My recommendation is to find a spiritual mentor, like myself, that can walk you through this garden of wonders — a personal guide to show the incredible power behind all of these fantastic gifts.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Awakening Your Psychic Powers, The Four Clairs, And More to understand your psychic senses and how to develop psychic abilities.

Take A Psychic Ability Quiz

Your Free Psychic Ability Quiz

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of HAwakening Your Psychic Powers, The Four Clairs, And More:

  • I’ve read your book – I love it, I’ve wanted to listen live, but the time zone is hard. My question is: I’ve been running earth and cosmic energy for a year now. Lots of remarkable positive changes have happened, but my Clairvoyance is slower to happen. I do see colors and random pictures, but I am knocked out of my third eye often. Something karmic, past fear is happening. Was I hurt from exposing my psychic gift in the past? Please take a look. Thank you.
  • Hi there! I have been on the path of self-discovery and where I receive messages from Spirit. It’s in so many different ways, all of the Clairs. I have just been letting it be what it is and just love and accept each intuitive hit as it comes in different ways. The question I have is about growing that channel stronger. Should I work on every single Clair that I receive info from and build and grow and focus my energy? Or would it be beneficial to pick one and allow that to flourish? I am wondering if it’s also possible to have all of the Clairs?
  • Is there a way we can strengthen our Claire’s?
  • If we all have these abilities, why is it that some people their gift is wide open and available for them to use, and others have to work on it really hard?
  • If we are aware of your spiritual side and the clairs, chakras, etc., why is it still so difficult for several of us to access any of it?
  • Can you talk about how to set emotional boundaries? Thank you. I feel their emotions like their my own.
  • Hi Dr. Lesley! I act on all the Clairs I have them all. Can you tell me why I don’t get or understand the messages I get coming in? I get images, hear thoughts, and get overwhelming feelings.
  • The intuition abilities test says I’m 40% clairsentience, 40% claircognizance, 20% clairvoyance. Since I started discovering my abilities over the past two months, I have tuned into my Clairaudience the most. I think. Hearing ringing, a few voices, clicking/tapping as I go to sleep, etc. How can I tune in more to claircognizance?
  • Omg, Thank you, thank you, thank you. You hit on all my fears. That’s precisely what I’m feeling; I have been afraid of being ostracized for the last four months. Whenever I meditate, I see that one evil eye, and I said somebody is staring at me and it looks mean.
  • I also wanted to ask; I often wake up from sleep hearing words or phrases. It wakes me up as clear as a bell. Is this clairaudience?
  • How do I heal from so much damage, both physical and non? I know I am a spirit in a physical, but I am drained beyond belief, and I long for that which has been lost. I believe in true love.
  • I recently had a past life regression session. This reading suggested that I had been persecuted for using my abilities. I think this fear may be blocking me. Can you confirm this for me?
  • I asked by email about tapping into crystal energy that apparently was available at other times ( Lemuria, Atlantis, etc.). Which one of Claires is most helpful to get into that energy?
  • How difficult is awakening your psychic powers?

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