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November 8, 2022

Aura Energy Colors Make Up Your Coat of Many Colors UYT351

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Auras, Chakras, And Your Psychic Abilities

My unique point of view about aura energy colors is this week’s topic on the series depicting ‘my perspective on psychic development.’ Obviously, you have your unique perspective on anything and everything as well. And one of the things that I aim to do in our psychic development training programs is help people access their unique perspectives. Help you access your unique information because every one of you is different. You are sparks of divine consciousness. You are each a fragment of the overall whole, whether your name for that is God, divine source energy, Supreme Being, or any other name that might be used. You’re a part of it. And each has an array of human energy fields. Otherwise, colloquially known as the aura, the aura community.

Aura Energy Colors Make Up Your Coat of Many Colors

What Is Your Aura?

Your aura is your coat of many colors. So, what exactly is the aura? There are different ways to look at this specific topic. The central concept, and most accepted, is that the aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds all living things. This includes you. You have an aura, a very specific energy field.

One of the things that you can do when you learn to develop your Clairvoyance is you can read the aura. The aura is one of the things about a person that you can read and get information about that individual.

So, the aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds you. Where does it come from? Well, it emanates from you. And to some degree, the physical atoms and molecules that make up your body emanate an electromagnetic energy field. But also, in a spiritual sense, you have these information conduits known as chakras. And you have many of these energy centers all over your body, major and minor.

They are spinning vortices of energy, and they emanate energy fields. There are seven main chakras in your energy system. Each one emanates its own energy field. And you can learn to see and read the individual layers of those energy fields again using your Clairvoyance.

Aura And Chakra Energyaura energy colors change like the colors of cuttlefish

A Cuttlefish is an interesting analogy or metaphor to describe the human energy field. Have you ever seen a cuttlefish? It is a cephalopod, and it’s related to things like octopi and squid. But this fantastic creature’s skin is multicolored and is constantly shifting and changing. It’s full of these different pigments. So when you look at a cuttlefish in the wild, you’ll see that the colors on its skin are rippling and undulating. They shift and change. It is beautiful and mesmerizing.

They can use this as a kind of camouflage. So they might blend into the ocean or the ocean floor with the ripples of the waves. But if they do different things, like foraging for food, they’ll have a particular array and set of colors and patterns. Or if they’re seeking a mate, they’ll have another different array of patterns. Their skin is constantly a kaleidoscope of colors. For example, if they’re being aggressive and having some kind of confrontational exchange with another Cuttlefish, they will change color. Or if they’re afraid because there’s a predator, their skin will alter. The exciting thing is that you can learn to read and understand the different patterns and what they signify.

This is a really great metaphor for the energy field called your aura. Because you can see the cutter cuttlefish doing this metamorphosis with your physical eyes, it’s like what the auric energy field looks like.

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This metaphor helps to introduce the concept that your auric field is constantly changing, just like the cuttlefish. One of the most common questions regarding auras is, “What is your aura color.” However, it is not solely one color. It’s many colors. And it’s mainly constantly shifting and changing colors. There is a misconception about aura energy colors. Many people think that they had their aura read weeks, months, or years ago, and at that time, it was purple. And now it is still purple.

Well, maybe it was purple. Your aura color energy had a purple aspect to it at that time, but you didn’t stay the same. You don’t stay the same from one minute to the next or even from one second to the next. And your energy field reflects everything you do, just like the Cuttlefish. So, if you’re seeking a mate, your aura color might look quite different than if you’re in the grocery store foraging for your dinner. Or, you know, if you’re afraid, angry, or any other number of things, your energy field entirely reflects you and your state of being. That is why it has been sometimes called the fingerprint of God.

Your Aura, Your Energetic Spiritual Fingerprint how can seeing auras be helpful to your well being

Really, it is a fingerprint of you in your entirety. But unlike the fingerprint on your fingers, it changes. Your aura changes because you change as your energy changes. So, this is why it’s such an excellent tool for the psychic to read.

It is the reason aura readings are so powerful. Because just as the adage goes, you wear your emotions on your sleeve. Your aura represents your emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health and well-being. It is all evident in your energy field and decipherable by the ability to read your aura energy colors. Developing your Clairvoyance allows you to see it.

You can see what’s going on within somebody by looking through their energy field. And you can get information about someone’s past or present. You can even obtain data regarding their future because you can start to see the direction that their energy is heading.

You can see records of events that have happened to you in life, all the way back to your childhood. You can see what people truly believe. You can see where the energy is flowing and where it is blocked.

There’s so much that you can determine from a person’s aura. The aura provides a snapshot in time of you as you are in this moment, everything that’s going on with you. What you’re thinking, how you’re feeling, all levels of your reality. Think about that for a moment. Imagine a world where everyone was Clairvoyant. Nobody could hide anything from anybody else.

You know, somebody might say to you today, “Oh, what’s wrong with you? You look sad? Oh, no, you are fine.” If you’re sad, in a world where everyone is Clairvoyant, they would know that you’re sad. They would know that you’re angry or working on issues to do with feeling controlled by your boss because it’s all there in your energy field for all to see Clairvoyantly.

The Depth Of An Aura Readingyour aura is the book of you

So what do you think about that? That’s enormous, isn’t it? It’s massive. What an immense amount of information is available at your fingertips. Another thing that the aura has been called is the book of you. And your spiritual book of you is in a unique library. It’s part of your Akashic Record. You are a walking library. And you can pull different books off the shelf and look at them, depending on what you want to know about yourself or another.

If you want to delve into your or another’s emotional life or relationships, you can pull out a chapter of a book from this walking library. You can source what’s going on with these personal relationships. Who were they in a relationship with? How’s that going? What’s the interaction between them like? What have their past relationships been like? Who were the major relationships that they’ve had? And what are they looking at projecting into the future, based on what you are observing now?

How To Read Auras And What They Mean

So, you can start to simplify this rather complex structure by focusing on specific aspects of the aura. And one easy way to do that is to break down the aura energy field by the energetic layers. The auric field is made up of many interpenetrating layers of energy. It’s not just one thing. In a way, it’s multi-dimensional.

And so interpenetrating and interpenetrating, what does that mean? Layers. But it’s not simply layered. It is a layer on a layer on a layer, but also, the layers are interpenetrating. They coexist. This can be difficult for the intellectual mind to comprehend.

But with your Clairvoyant vision, you can pick it all apart and understand the meaning of each permeating layer. It is similar to selecting to read this book now and reading one chapter at a time. This will give you the whole plot of the story.

Would You Like An Aura Reading???

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Clairvoyance, Chakras, And Aura Energy Colors

So we can use your Clairvoyant vision to dial in to focus on specific layers. This allows you to look at the specific layer that emanates from a particular chakra. And so, by knowing and understanding the chakra system, we have, in a way, a little key.

If someone comes to you and wants to know what is going on on the level of communication, like fear of a specific conversation. You can determine that this stems from the fifth chakra, which relates to communication. So, you then hone in on that layer of the energy fields and read the energy of that layer. And that will give you some information about what’s going on. What is the evolutionary growth cycle of that person? What are they going through at the level of their fifth chakra?

Yeah, so if they come and feel cut off from their higher information, they feel cut off from God. They feel like there’s nothing they can do. So, which chakra is that? That would be the crown chakra. The crown chakra is the gateway to higher consciousness.

So you take a look and focus your clairvoyant lens on that layer of the energy fields, focusing on and seeing what’s going on with them. And you find it looks like they were brought up in a specific religion. And they learned that there must always be an intermediary between them and God. And even though they’re not in that religion anymore, some programming is still there.

Aura Readings

But knowing and understanding the chakra system gives you a little key and helps you know where you can focus. And by looking at the energy field emanating from the chakra, you can gain specific information.

learn to see the layers of the auric energy field

You can also give somebody a reading of the overall landscape of their reality. When you give an aura reading of all of these, you journey through all aspects of that person as they are. As they are growing right now on all these levels of their reality. Are they growing, or are they stuck? Whatever it is.

This works for you as well. You can receive self-reflective information, mirroring your information back at you to help that information come to your consciousness. Then, you can take the next step along your path. Whether you go to an aura reader like me or attempt a self-evaluation, you are actively helping create your reality. You are moving forward in making your life the best it can be.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Aura Energy Colors Make Up Your Coat of Many Colors and explore the world of aura energy colors and what they mean for you.

Would You Like An Aura Reading???

Book Your Psychic Aura Reading Today

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Aura Energy Colors Make Up Your Coat of Many Colors:

  • Carol – Can you explain the difference between an aura reading and a chakra reading?
  • Brian – Dr. Lesley, you mentioned relationships and communication is reflected in the aura. Lately, I’ve been getting signs reminding me of a friend. Maybe it was a potential relationship, but we parted ways over 3 years ago. Yet, a song may remind me of her. Or I notice her birthdate, besides her popping into my mind here and there. Please look at that and give me some insight into what it means. I know sometimes these things come back around. But it’s got my attention and got me wondering.
  • Sharon – Hello! Please say again what you use for dousing. I want to do so.
  • Njeri – I had a romantic connection last week that has awakened my heart and maternal instincts. I was drawn into his aura field; it felt so safe, secure, and stable. Was it me projecting my aura on him or vice versa? It was absolutely so beautiful and felt angelic!
  • Katie – Does our aura reflect our energy when we’re dreaming? Or does it work differently when we sleep?
  • Man – Would a severe issue be found in the chakra rather than the aura? Or could it be in both?
  • Amber – In regards to the copper rods in reading energy, can you expand on this? I am familiar with rods in well-witching and would like to know the correlation with your bringing it up in today’s Aura webcast.
  • Budaj – Do you need to physically see someone to read their aura? If not, could you do a quick reading for me?
  • Sarah – Do you have any recommendations for a blocked third chakra?
  • May – We used to read auras years ago, and we looked for white light around the individual. Were we just not developed enough to see the colors?

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