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February 14, 2017

Aura Colors And What They Mean! UYT056

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One of the most common questions I receive as an intuitive is about how to see auras, aura colors, and their meanings. When most people ask me questions, along these lines, it is because they have seen a Hindu Chakra color chart and liken it to auras and certain effects on the individual. These two are not quite the same. Aura color meanings reflect your spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental well being. They are the litmus paper of your life.

What Color Is My Aura?

So why can your auras and their colors differ? The answer is simple. The color of your aura changes on a continuous basisolor of your aura changes continuously reflecting exactly who you are at that particle time in your existence. Many factors come into play. Your mood will vary the color. Your emotional state will also vary the color.

You can, however, change the color with your will. You are in control at all times. It is a bit like a game. Your auric colors denote your present state of being. You can change the state that you are in which changes the colors of your auras. It is very similar to having a palm reading. The lines in your hands denote your current state. They actually will change as your life situations alter.

With aura colors and meanings if you focus on your present state and just change how you feel about it the color of your aura automatically alters. This is why no one color means anything specific. It is quite simple yet very complex. This is why you should always have an experienced practitioner give you an aura reading.

A Free Aura Card Reading

Get Your Free Aura Reading With Dr. Lesley

Aura Colors And You

These color definitions are drawn from some of the most common aspects of the aura concerning their vibrations. Aura colors do not represent bad things. They can, however, express areas that require attention in your life at that specific time.

Darker hues of any color may indicate some form of blockage of your chakras, your energy centers. Brighter hues tend to represent some form of spiritual vibration. I must state once again that the colors of your auras are not stagnant. They are constantly changing because you are. They can, however, help in diagnosing issues that need attention.

Keeping this in mind here are some aura colors and their general meanings:

  • Dark Yellow… You are feeling under pressure.
  • Lemony Yellow… You fear loss.
  • Soft Yellow… You are on a new spiritual path which may include an awakening of psychic abilities.
  • Bright Orange… Good health and vitality in different areas of your life.
  • Crimson Orange… You are self-assured and confident.
  • Yellowish Orange… You tend to be more logical, scientific.
  • Dark Crimson… You are grounded and centered.
  • Smoky Red… You are expressing angry emotions.
  • Pink… You have love in your heart.
  • Dark Pink… You lean towards being dishonest.
  • Blue Aura… CAn mean that you are a strong intuitive.
  • Dark Blue... You have control issues.
  • Light Blue… You are content and patient.
  • Green Aura… You are heart focused and strive for the general good.
  • Dark Green… You have ties to Gaia and nature.
  • Dark Green… The green-eyed monster of jealousy lurks in your being.
  • Purple/Violet… You have strong ideas on how to heal the environment.
  • Gold/Silver… You are positive in nature and abundant.
  • Black… Is a sign that you may have negative emotions haunting you.
  • Grey… Blocked energy.
  • Brightly Colored Stripes (one of the more interesting variations)… This may denote a healer. You would see this color variance around their hands and head of the individual. If the colors are pale this may be a new healer or someone that is awakening to an enlightened state.

    A Free Aura Card Reading

    Get Your Free Aura Reading With Dr. Lesley

    How To See My Aura Colors

    If you are really interested in aura colors and their meanings the best way to tell what color is your aura is to have an aura reading. Psychic readers and intuitive readers know how to how to read auras and determine their meaning. They will be able to psychcics can read your aura colors and density and meaningstranslate your aura colors and density as well as their meanings. They know how to see aura colors and meanings and how it all relates to your health and well being.

    You can also learn how to see your aura. Reading energy and auras takes some practice but everyone can do it. When I first learned how to read people’s auras it was amazing. The energy I received personally was exhilarating. So whether you want to know what color your aura is or even how to learn to see auras of other people and animals and objects, yes objects, find a mentor, a spiritual teacher, that will run you through how to see auras for beginners. They will show you things like how to see your aura on your hand or how to see your aura in the mirror. Regardless the first thing I would teach you is how to meditate properly to open your intuitive psychic abilities.

    One thing I will assure is that you will have fun.

    In this podcast, you will learn:

    Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Aura Colors, And What They Mean, and learn more about the colors of auras and their meanings as well as other important facts about your aura.

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