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July 26, 2022

You Can Attract Abundance Into Your Life If You Truly Desire It UYT341

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Are All Your Desires Fulfilled?

Has everything you desired become fulfilled in your reality? Do you attract abundance into your life? Are you a talented manifestor? Or not? There are ways to attract abundance and get what you want and need. There are some simple rules to manifestation and opening the flood gates to your desires.

You Can Attract Abundance Into Your Life If You Truly Desire It.

Are You Creating Abundance Or Lack In Your Life?

The first rule of manifestation is to recognize where you are in life regarding your desires. So one good way to look at attracting abundance and manifestation is to think about the coaching wheel. If you are unfamiliar with a coaching wheel, it’s basically a wheel with many segments. And each segment is a different aspect of your life. So the segments may refer to aspects like career, family, friendships, spirituality, health, or wellbeing.

Meditation For Prosperity And Abundance

Generally, there are about twelve different areas. You can take the time to contemplate or meditate on each of those areas. Asking yourself questions like:

  • How fulfilled do I feel in the area of my career?
  • How fulfilled in the area of my relationships?
  • How fulfilled am I when it comes to my spiritual or personal growth.

If you do that exercise, you can break your life down into those different areas. And you will see that perhaps in some areas, you generally feel quite fulfilled. But in other areas, there may be some work for you to do, because life is not feeling as wonderful as you would hope in that particular area.

What Do You Desire?

thoughts become things through manifestationOf course, to know if your desires are fulfilled, you kind of have to know what your desires are in the first place. If you don’t know what they are, how can you ask for them? Right? So step one is answering the question, “what do you want?” And this is how the idea of the coaching wheel can come into play.

You can get out of date with your desires. What you wanted to create when you were six years old might have been a white pony or an Action figure. And now, whatever age you are as an adult, obviously, these desires have changed. It is essential to be in the present time with your desires. You can easily have your energy invested in those passed desires you have not cleared. So it’s an excellent idea to pull your energy out of past time and those desires so that you can focus on what you want in the present moment.

Do You Have An Abundance Mindset?

Are you focused on yourself and what you need or desire? Some people are not. A mindset that is really common on the subject of knowing what you want is pleasing others. This is especially common in women. You can be so focused on caring for others, pleasing others, and prioritizing the needs of other people in your life that all your energy is taken up in that. Whether it’s the needs of your parents, children, or partner, your total energy is consumed.

Indeed, you have met many women over the years, including me, at one point, when having their needs come first was a completely foreign concept. Regardless of who you are, there are things that you can actually want. And it’s not always about everybody else. And yes, of course, you do. And it’s not all about everybody else. And that is okay. But if that is where your energy is tied up, you can be entirely out of balance. You will be out of touch with yourself. You can be completely unaware of your own needs.

So you need to know what you want to ask for. And to do that, you need to focus on yourself. And you need to be in the present time with yourself. Then, once you know what you want, it’s important to actually ask for your desires and believe that you can have them.

Asking For What You Wantyou don't need a genie to manifesting financial abundance

So now you know what you desire. How and who, do you ask? There are different ways that you can ask for what you want. You could write it down in a list, use a visualization technique to visualize it, and so on. In my manifestation course, much of what we do are visualization techniques and energizing your visualizations to make them more energized, so they’re more powerful.

As a quick review regarding how to attract abundance:

  • Be sure about what you want
  • Be in the present time with your desires
  • Ask for what you need or want

Manifest the Life of Your Dreams Secrets Of Manifestation Mastery

10 Steps to Overcome Blocks to Abundance

Attracting Abundance Through your Vibration

Being in the present time also means that you visualize what you want or desire as existing right now. State it in real time as if it is happening at this time. For example, instead of hoping for a pony one-day, use statements as if your desire has come true. Use statements such as “I love my pony,” “my pony makes me so happy,” and “I feel special because I have my pony.”

By hoping for future fulfillment, you are keeping yourself stuck in the wanting. You don’t have it, but you hope you get it one day. If you do that, then you are diluting your energy. You need to be present in the body, too, because your body is the point of power. It is from your body that you are radiating matching energy and magnetizing your attraction to that which you desire. So if you’re not in the body or not in the present, then it’s not actually going to help manifest things into your life.

Feel precisely how you will feel in the situation where you have a pony. Actually feeling it. Be the vibration of it. Because you create your reality from your energy state and being in a low vibrational operational state will create a reality you do not prefer. Being in a high vibrational state will help you to align with your higher being, and you will feel better. Your emotions are part of your overall vibration.

Creating Abundance And Your Emotional Energywhat is blocking me from creating abundance

So you have an energy field made up of different things, but one of them is your emotional energy. And so manifestation is enhanced by developing your awareness of your emotions. Learn to be aware and monitor the vibrational state of your emotions on a daily, hourly, and a minute by minute basis because you can consciously shift out of the negative low-vibration emotions like fear, anger, or depression to joy, appreciation, and love. Emotional vibrations and your thoughts have an impact on your ability to manifest.

Thoughts create emotional states. Thinking things like, “I am not good enough,” “I am not worthy,” or nobody loves me” will lower your vibration. And if you think thoughts like that repeatedly, daily, it’s no wonder that you’re not manifesting the things you desire. Things will not show up in your life if they cannot match their vibratory state. Because the Law Of Attraction says, you’re going to get back whatever it is that you’re putting out.

So manifesting what you want is much easier if you transmit a positive synced signal. You can change your life by monitoring your thought patterns and changing negative thinking.

And so, eliminating sabotaging limiting thoughts and transforming negative into positive thinking will help you with your manifestation.

Manifest the Life of Your Dreams Secrets Of Manifestation Mastery

10 Steps to Overcome Blocks to Abundance

Your Belief System And Manifesting Abundance

So talking about thoughts, let’s go on to the thoughts you just keep on thinking which are called beliefs. Let me repeat that. Beliefs are thoughts that you keep on thinking over and over again. Really, that is all a belief is. You believe these beliefs, but they are just thought with an energy construct. They are the foundation of your life. That you are operating from. You may feel that they are carved into stone. But these foundation stones can be smashed and replaced with different ones.our belief systems create our reality

Many of these beliefs in your belief system, if not all, are not yours. You are programmed with them. They are downloaded into your psyche by your parents, teachers, friends, peers, culture, religion, politics, and media, to sight a few. So you need to examine your beliefs. You need to ask yourself if each belief is genuinely your belief or not.

Adjusting Your Belief System To Attract Abundance

Once you determine a belief to be yours, examine if it is a limiting belief. Why is this particular belief so important? For example, if you have been told you can’t create what you want, where does that leave you? So you need to change the belief that you can’t create what you want to the belief that you can create anything you want.

You can be really good at visualization and all the manifestation techniques. But if you don’t believe you can have it, or you don’t believe you deserve it, or you believe money runs through your fingers like water, you are still not going to be a successful manifestor.

So to successfully create your reality, you need to eliminate doubt. Because the more you doubt yourself and your ability to manifest, the more that that keeps what you want to manifest at bay. So it will take much longer, the more you doubt, for your manifestation to be created, if at all.

Blame Can Create The Opposite Of Abundance

Another common trap to hold back attracting abundance is the blame game. Blaming other people for your reality being the way it is. You believe it’s someone else’s fault. It’s their fault that your life isn’t going how you want it. When you do this, you are giving away your power if you do that, and you do not believe in yourself and your own power to manifest.

Keep Your Eyes Open For Fulfillment Of Your Desires

How to manifest someone to contact you if you have your ringer turned off? You can’t. Basically,how to apply the law of attraction setting intentions and doing all the visualization is terrific. But, if you are blind to the fulfillment aspect of manifestation, you will fail.

You need to recognize when what you have asked for arrives. So many people, when trying to manifest things, set intentions and ask for something specific they desire. And something comes to them, but not quite as they imagined it to be.

For example, you may want the freedom to travel, which means you want a car. Suddenly somebody offers you a car. But it’s just not your favorite color. You completely miss the gift. You need to be able to recognize your creations when they arrive on your doorstep. And the fulfillment of your efforts may not always look exactly like you imagined.

Another example is you may wish to attract abundance in the form of money. Basically, how to attract unexpected money. You take a walk and find a quarter. You pick it up. This is financial abundance testing you out. Are you being grateful? Do you recognize this as abundance? Don’t forget to keep your eyes and heart open when that happens. Say thank you, thank you, thank you. If you cannot be thankful for a quarter, why would the Universe fulfill your desire for wealth?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, You Can Attract Abundance Into Your Life If You Truly Desire It, and learn what it takes to attract abundance and create the life you truly desire.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of You Can Attract Abundance Into Your Life If You Truly Desire It:

  • Njeri – How do you activate the vibration you have not experienced without going in the past for reference?
  • Ginette – Hello! This is my first time joining live. Hahaha, I just bought a horse three days after I put it out to the universe. I’ve started using a pendulum to guide my decision to get the horse. With questions, I ask the pendulum. I find it seems right, but it was recently wrong about something that happened. I also feel like I’m sometimes controlling its movement with my mind. Are you able to see what’s going on with the pendulum? Is it a valuable tool to see what we’re manifesting?
  • Kent – Yes, that grounding and centering meditation is excellent, but I haven’t been able to find it recently. Thank you for the link and for taking a look. You’re right. I’m having a hard time staying neutral!
  • Lori – I noticed that I could manifest things easier when I was younger than now. Can you see what is up with that?
  • Andarini – I feel the same as Lori. I was better manifesting when I was younger.
  • Brian – Lately, I have seen flashes of light and images, for lack of a better term, in my peripheral vision. I think it might be like guides/angels. Could you confirm what I may be seeing? I suspect when I was younger, I may have been able to see these things directly, but, for some reason, blocked that off? I‘d love to know what you see with that?
  • Some of it is blue. That makes so much sense. My beliefs about multi-dimensions and timelines have expanded, so it makes sense that I could begin to see that. Amazing! I remember that story about the Indians. Only the shamans could see the ships because they had broader beliefs!
  • SG – how can I get out of being in fight or flight mode all the time?
  • Bita – A woman told my mum that she had cursed me so that I would never be with my soulmate or love interest can you tell me how the curse can be broken so that I can
  • Ginette – Are there any messages from my manifestation guide?

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