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July 13, 2021

Did You Know You Astral Travel In Dreams Every Night UYT300

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How To Astral Project For Beginners

Many of you are searching for new astral projection experiences, but Astral Projection for beginners can be challenging. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or newcomer, astral travel in dreams is one of the easiest astral projection techniques that you can master. This form of astral body projection is not only the easiest but also the most common. Every one of you does it almost every night.

Did You Know You Astral Travel In Dreams Every Night?

How To Astral Project Tonight

There are two basic astral projection techniques for beginners that are available. One will start you off immediately with almost zero requirements or training. The second takes a little more effort. These two ways could, however, put you into two different astral realms.

The first technique is to learn how to become lucid when you are in the dream state, also known as lucid dreaming. There is a great fascination with dreams and the meaning of dreams and exploring the dream state. Lucid dreaming is to be awake, in a sense, aware and conscious while you are dreaming?

The second form of astral travel is to be consciously aware of your astral body. To be consciously able to use your astral body without being asleep and without dreaming. To become conscious of your astral body, from your waking consciousness.

Easy Astral Projection Techniques And Dreaminglearn about astral travel

Some of the astral travel techniques really start as you’re falling asleep. And some of the techniques teach you how to wake up while you’re already asleep. So if you take the second one first, the idea is that there are specific cues that if you can become conscious of them while you’re dreaming. You can use them to pull yourself into a state of conscious awareness and so forth. These occur just as you are nodding off.

One of the things you can look for while you fall asleep is seeing a number sequence, or maybe you’re looking at a clock, maybe you’re looking at a telephone number or a house address in your dream. If you do a double-take, and you look at that number, again, it’s changed. It’s always different. In physical reality, these numbers are always the same.

For example, a clock will tick over as the next minute comes. But in the astral plane, it is very typical for that not to be the case. So before you go to sleep, set the intention that you will be really aware of signs within the dream state that alert you to the fact that you are dreaming.

Free Guided Meditation

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Another way to recognize you are dreaming is by visualizing a staircase with a door at the end. And so, as you’re falling to sleep, you’re stepping up the staircase. Then you’re stepping through the door into the dream state, and that is the astral plane. So as you do that, you allow yourself to fall out of consciousness in the physical realm and into consciousness in the astral realm.

Another technique has to do with how you see your body. For example, in the physical realm, your physical body is of certain proportions and solid. Whereas, as you fall asleep in the astral realm, your astral body is a bit more pliable. . There are probably hundreds of different versions of this.

One version is when you imagine that your legs are stretching. Your legs are stretching, and your feet are touching the wall opposite the bed.

Maybe your arms are stretching so that they are touching the wall at the other end of the room. Suddenly now you are in this stretchy body that’s different from your physical body.

Another technique to enter the astral realm is to swing on a swing. Keep going higher until, eventually, you leap off.

Dangers Of Astral Projectionastral projection techniques for beginners

Many people wonder if there are astral projection dangers. Can you get hurt while you’re astral traveling? For example, you could revisit your death in a past life, but that would not mean that you’ve died in your current life. There is no truth to these fears.

Another fear is that you leave your physical body and then can’t return to it. The short answer to that is, is No. Getting back into your physical body after you were astral traveling is a natural and automatic occurrence. There have been cases that were a bit of a challenge, but only because they really did not want to return.

But you would say that that’s very, very, rare.

You can encounter all sorts of things on the astral plane. For example, you can experience bullying or an attack. Some people may tend to put up with it or get beaten up. There are no ethics there in the way that there is here in the physical realm. So you punch back. It’s like a cartoon. You can flatten them with the steamroller, and then they get back up because you’re not in your physical body.

Astral Projection Stories Of Attaching Entities

When you are astral projecting or traveling, you are not in your physical body. You are in a completely different vehicle. What may happen is that you can possibly pick up some kind of negative influence or entity that you bring back into the physical body. So you might wake up in your physical body feeling not so good in some way.

The fix for that is to clean up the third chakra. The third chakra is the energy center that relates to an out-of-body experience. It’s the location of the astral memory or the out-of-body memory. And so that is when you bring in those astral memories through the third chakra. If you wake up after a nightmare and you’re not feeling good, it can be a good idea to clean out your third chakra, which might help you feel better. All right, so you’re talking about easy ways to astral travel. And you talked about becoming lucid in the dream state. Water

Remembering Dreams And Signs Of Astral Travel In Dreamswhat are the dangers of astral projection

It’s one thing to become awakened, aware, while you’re having the dream, but then what happens when you wake up in your physical body? How do you remember it, then? You do not always remember everything that’s happened on the astral plane. So it can be a good idea to have a dream journal by the side of your bed. You can write your experiences down. Or you could even have a recording device or the little voice recorder on your phone and use that before you completely wake up to dictate your experiences. This will really enhance your astral travel experiences.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Did You Know You Astral Travel In Dreams Every Night. Astral projection benefits can be fun and rewarding. Listen in and get more information on what is astral projection like and how to maximize your benefits.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Did You Know You Astral Travel In Dreams Every Night:

  • Can we astral travel into the future? I want to communicate with myself during these dreams, where I seem to be traveling around in the future.
  • Is there anything that can be done when you don’t remember your dreams? I am a seer but have not remembered much of my dreams for several years.
  • How do you become consciously aware of your astral body and direct it?
  • Can you get hurt physically in the astral plane?
  • When I was a kid, I often felt like my legs were stretching. It was always accompanied by a heavy sinking feeling. I was very much so still awake but Also drowsy. It felt so neat. I was never scared. Eventually, I would fall asleep. Now, as an adult, I wonder more about that and if it was more than just an odd thing that happened from time to time.
  • Is astral traveling when I floated up to the top of my ceiling in my bedroom? I keep hitting my ceiling.
  • Yes, I don’t know if I will come back.
  • Do our Astral bodies need healing too?
  • How do we know if we have an entity problem? I’m a reiki master, but not sure if I have an entity. Sometimes I wonder.
  • Is the astral body different than the energetic body?
  • Do we need to meditate on healing the Astral plane, just like when we meditate on healing the Earth?
  • When we come back into our body, are we to go through our 7th chakra or 3rd chakra?
  • Why do Starseeds look different in their astral bodies? Yes, that is what I have observed. We have different bodies depending on what planet we came from. But if we were re-incarnated into the human body, why do we not look human but look like a Starseed.
  • I tried Astral Travel, but I was always afraid to continue once I felt my body taking flight. I don’t feel I would be able to return. However, my mother was always able to travel and return.
  • Sometimes when I’ve traveled to another dimension, I have trouble functioning in my body when I return. It feels like I’m moving in slow motion, and I’m speaking very slowly even though people around me say that I seem to be behaving normally. Is this a common phenomenon?
  • I had a dream about colorful phoenix birds flying from the trees and present everywhere in the sky. A green and orange bird landing on my shoulder. Could you tell me what this dream meant?

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  1. To tell the truth, I have always wanted to understand and explore myself more. Your article is the best way to do it because I learned so many new things which became a basis for self-knowledge. I didn't even think that our dream is astral travelling but it is absolutely incredible. What amazes me more is that you can use several techniques to perform this travelling and I think that all are fascinating and all have their own special advantages. To tell the truth, I have heard about the third chakra and I think that the best way to feel better is to clear it because this chakra is responsible for optimism, willpower, the importance of yourself in the world and it is so meaningful to pay attention to it. From my point of view, advantages from astral projection are immense and we only need to deepen into this theme, becoming closer to ourselves.

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