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August 21, 2018

Astral Projection How To Travel Beyond Normality? UYT172

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Is Astral Projection Real?

You have heard about and understand the concept but yet many would like clarity around astral projection, how to go to other planes of reality. Let me ask you this where do you think you really go when you sleep? Dreamland? This is the astral plane. Let’s look at the basics.

Astral Projection How To Travel Beyond Normality

So What Is Astral Travel?

This is a wonderful spiritual phenomenon or gift, if you would, where your spiritual essenceastral projection for beginners journeys outside of your physical body. Many of us doing exactly this most night without really being aware of so you must master how to do this consciously. While we are asleep and our physical shell is in a state of rest most of us unintentionally leave our corporeal form and journey to different places within the various astral planes. This can be also considered to be the 3rd-dimensional plane. Again the vast majority of us are oblivious to this very common occurrence. When we awake we think that all it was was dreaming and well everyone dreams so it is not out of the ordinary in any way. And astral travel or astral projection experiences, as many people call them, really are not uncommon.

Astral Projection, How To Recognize Out of Body Experiences

These two terms, astral travel, and astral projection are often used interchangeably and in conjunction with an OOBE or Out of Body Experience.

However, an OOBE relates more to an unintentional or automatic event like an NDE (Near Death Experience).

Whereas Astral Projection is more often used to define the voluntary act of causing an out-of-body experience through a meditative state or another form of mind/body control. For instance, an astral travel event is considered to be an experience whereas astral projection can be deemed to be a talent but yet the event or result equally when it comes to the occurrence of the individual. You can consider the contrast between the two to be more like distinctive suggestions of consciousness but extremely similar in nature.

Astral Travel In Dreams

Astral travel is a form of out of body experience (O.O.B.E.). In truth, everyone experiences astral travel during sleep regardless of whether or not you can see signs of astral travel in dreams you have remembered. When you sleep your consciousness leaves your physical body and travels to other planes of existence. Those who remember these experiences often call them dreams; although dreams are actually different. Astral travel, astral projection, and out of body experience are all terms used to describe astral plane experiences. Shamanic journeying is also a form of astral travel.

The Astral Body

The astral body is a vehicle you use to experience astral plane reality. It is less dense and of a higher vibration than the physical body. It offers more flexibility and greater creativity. You can be anywhere in an instant; a thought can instantly transport the astral body to any time and place you conceive. It also provides more liberties when interacting with others and greater emotional freedom. The astral body is often what people see when they see a ghost.

Astral Projection, How To Negotiate The Astral Plane

Just as your physical body helps you focus on physical reality. Your astral body helps you to focus on the astral plane. The astral plane is an aspect of reality closely associated with the earth plane. It offers opportunities for you to expand your consciousness. The astral plane is not bound by the same rules as physical reality. When you are in your astral body, you can fly, walk on water and move through physical matter. The astral plane is not limited by time and space. You can travel to the past, present, and future.

Signs You Are Astral Travelling

Signs you are astral traveling include waking up inside your dreams and consciously controlling your dream-scape; having lucid dreams of flying, being under the sea, or walking through walls. Other clues can be dreams that have a timeline or a definite storyline as opposed to jumbled up thoughts or playback of the prior day’s activities. Or experiences where time is fluid, where you visit the past or future; or where space is fluid and you go to other cities or countries.

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What Is Astral Travel: Other Examples

Astral Projection How To Explain Near-Death Experiences astral projection dangers

Over and above out of body experiences there are near-death experiences to consider. There are lots of astral projection stories from people who experienced being outside of their physical body at a time of stress or trauma. Many of these accounts involve traveling down a tunnel to reach a bright light at the end. They are traveling through the dimensions of reality back to source energy. Other accounts relate to people wandering around the hospital talking to people, but nobody can see them. Near-death-experiences can occur in the astral body as in the hospital example, but they can also take place in the light body or as pure consciousness.

  • Ghosts

The astral body remains functional for a time after physical death. When you hear tales of the ghost of a deceased relative visiting a loved one a short time after death, it is the astral body that is being witnessed. Hauntings are repositories of intense emotional energy left behind by the person who passed away.

  • Deja Vu

Déjà vu is a type of astral memory. One way we use our astral plane experiences is to experiment with varying possibilities. It is very useful to play with ideas before we decide what we prefer to manifest in the physical world. If you have a Déjà vu then you are remembering an astral travel experience.

  • Bi-Location

Bi-location refers to being in two places at the same time. It is the ability to consciously operate the physical body and astral body at the same time. Beginners at this can’t make the astral body visible to ordinary sight, but spiritual masters can. When Jesus walked on water he was in his astral body. When there is a report of the same master teaching in two locations at the same time. They are distributing their energy and consciousness between the two bodies and they both teach.

Astral Projection, How To Recognize Doppelgangers

A doppelgänger is a look-alike of a living person, not biologically related to them. They are sometimes confused with the astral body when they are portrayed as a ghostly or paranormal phenomenon. Some traditions say they are harbingers of bad luck, recognizing that seeing the astral double can mean someone has died. Other traditions equate a doppelgänger with an evil twin.

5 Benefits Of Astral Travel

  • Journeying to the future.
  • Traveling to the past.
  • Visiting friends and relatives.
  • Communing with your guides.
  • Being an astral tourist.

5 Challenges Of Astral Travel

  • Fear of encountering negative entities.
  • Going into the effort and failing to do it.
  • Being overwhelmed by the choice of where to go.
  • Remembering your astral experiences.
  • Getting lost in projected realities.

Astral Travel Techniques

There are a great many easy astral projection techniques and astral travel methods. Most of them are aids to lucidastral projection stories are fun dreaming, where you consciously astral travel as the physical body sleeps. With these techniques, it is a matter of intention setting, commitment, and experimenting to find what works for you. There are advanced techniques for learning to consciously use the astral body while your physical body remains awake. To start with this is often approached in meditation, using an astral projection guided meditation. Later on, both bodies may be used and the consciousness in each body is also capable of tracking what the other is doing.
There is something that people ask me when we speak about this topic. They want to know, are there any dangers of astral projection. The answer is simple, astral projection dangers are nonexistent. Nothing to fear!

Astral Projection Guides

However, if you are still concerned you can always turn to an astral projection guide, like myself or your spirit guides, to help with your journey when first starting on this wonderful road of adventure.

Join us in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Astral Projection, How To Travel Beyond Normality, when we discuss astral travel and astral projection for beginners and veterans alike.

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